The Vatican Controls America and YOU

The following information is from a research disc a book buyer sent to me that proves my theory. That the Vatican created the IRS is no longer a theory. IT IS A FACT. You see I just used analytical thinking as was taught me by research professors long ago to come to that conclusion before receiving this disc of information.

James Montgomery also found that the Pope was the very first man to institute an income tax on the Vatican employees way before the year 1546, when the black Pope came into power. The Statutes, Regulations, and Policies out there are all meaningless to Man. BUT, to the PERSON they APPLY. It was a planned myth by the Pope’s IRS that drags one to eternity and back searching for a truth that is not there. UNLESS you KNOW that TERMS are NOT WORDS in law. Unfortunately for the country, all believers of the Myth will continue to get raped by a private corporation forever, because they do not want to learn anything but the Myths taught to them all of their lives.


Of the year 1913 we ask in retrospect, “What would the Jesuits do now that they were in control of every President from Theodore Roosevelt to WoodrowWilson?” They would further develop their American Empire, and pattern it after their Reductions in Paraguay. In preparing for the Second Thirty Years' War (1914-1945) they would create a national, inquisitional police force that would implement two pillars of The Communist Manifesto.

In 1908, the very year Rome declared the American Empire no longer to be a missionary country (it was now conquered), they founded the Bureau of Investigation, later renamed the FBI. In 1913 they created their privately owned national bank, called “The Federal Reserve System", established a “heavy progressive income tax” with the Sixteenth Amendment and created the Pope’s Internal Revenue Service to collect it. Rome would now have a police state with its corporate monopolies, while destroying the White Protestant Middle Class.

Beware of the ides of April! The Titanic was sunk on April fifteenth, the same day Lincoln had called out troops on the Protestant South, the same day Lincoln died at the hand of his Jesuit-controlled assassin, and the same day all Fourteenth Amendment citizen-serfs of the Jesuit General’s “Holy Roman American" Empire make their annual “confessions” to the Pope’s privately-owned Internal Revenue Service pursuant to the Fourth Lateran Council of 1215 ruled by demon-possessed Pope Innocent III. (Indeed, the code of law governing the American Empire has been modeled after the code of law governing the Pope’s Vatican Empire!)

Chapter 36
The Jesuits 1913 – 1936
The Pope’s Private Banking Monopoly; the Federal Reserve System Financing Rome’s Crusades; the Communist Graduated Income Tax
The Pope’s Tax Collectors; the Inquisitional Internal Revenue Service
Archbishop of Baltimore, James Cardinal Gibbons — “the American Pope” Assassination of Pennsylvania Congressman Louis T. McFadden
Indeed, 1913 was “a very good year” in the words of that Catholic Mafioso and Knight of Malta, Frank Sinatra, along with his sidekick, America’s first Black Knight of Malta, Sammy Davis, Jr. The Jesuits, using the cronies of J.P. Morgan and John D. Rockefeller, Jr., sneaked through Congress the Federal Reserve Act during Christmas (Baalmas) Break on December 23, 1913. That same year, the Sixteenth (Income Tax) Amendment was declared to be “ratified” and, with the passing of the Internal Revenue Act, the Order created “the Commercial Inquisition.”

And why were these planks of The Communist Manifesto put in place? To finance the up-and-coming Crusade — the Second Thirty Years' War — to begin in 1914. This Crusade would be financed just like the Crusades of old.

We read: “In 1166 and again in 1188 the kings of England and France levied from their lay and clerical subjects for the support of a crusade a tax assessed on their incomes [ a crusade tax ] . . . The collectors . . . appointed assessors, who made the assessments themselves . . . or on the oaths of the taxpayers themselves.” {29} [Emphasis added]

Dear truth-seeker, the Federal Reserve Bank is the American Empire’s Vatican central bank requiring a Social Security (slave surveillance) Number for personal banking. The Income Tax is a Peter’s Pence, a tax to finance the Vatican’s Crusades—they being World War I, World War II, and every conflict during the Cold War.

That evil Income Tax was put upon American laborers in 1942 during World War II and was called “the Victory Tax.” That wicked Internal Revenue Service was unleashed upon a trusting public, the Service, like the Inquisitors of the Dark Ages, demanding a full “voluntary” financial confession once a year at our own time and expense.

This Disc Book squares with my deduction that, the SSN is a enemy ID to do business with the banks. 48 Stat 1, now 12 USC 95 a & b, which was the pivotal point when the FDR declared a banking holiday for 6 days to devise a scheme to license all American people who used banks.

The Private federal Reserve owned by the Pope wrote the amending Act of the Trading with the Enemy Act of 1917, to now include the American. This is in my book, The New History of America. Hoover refused to sign off on it. It’s all in the Hoover Presidential Papers from the Archives. and submitted it to President Hoover the day before he left Office and FDR took over.

FDR accepted it and on March 4/5 wrote Executive Order 2039 declaring what the Private Federal Reserve Board attorneys wrote. Then on March 9, FDR convened Congress. Under the Emergency War Powers, FDR told Congress to sign off on the executive Orders, because he said to do it. He gave them an order, and not a request. So Congress did what it was told.

You have to remember that every President is the CEO of the Vatican ’s corporation.

Next came the device which licensed the American enemy of Banking Social Security was a ideal scam to license the people under the fraudulent insurance plan which was pitched as a savings plan for their old age. A forced saving plan that requires all Americans to participate. BUT, for one aspect. They never set up a trust fund and Congress became the real beneficiaries of Social Security.

Americans received the Enemy License not knowing it was a license to do business with banking. All the money collected went into the Treasury of the Vatican (i.e., The Federal Reserve). But a problem arose, because the real independent US Treasury still existed.

So in 1921 Congress abdicated its duty to control the money and turned it over to the Vatican ’s Bank to be the Fiscal agent of the United States Treasury, which would then be eliminated.

The IRS was created in 1861. A plan to be executed when everything was ready. The Federal Reserve came to be in the mid 1890, as a test to see how Americans would accept private paper instead of coins. The Private Federal Reserve would be managed by the Black Pope. Yes he owns all banking in the world, even the Rothschild. The Federal Reserve bank is the main bank of the Vatican. So every penny that goes to income taxes goes directly to the federal Reserve, Not the Corporation of the United States.

You see, every U.S. Code statute is passed by the Pope’s Congress, Yes it is his Congress. They do not represent the people. They represent the Corporation, whose purpose is to make as much money for the corporation as they can. All of their work has to be approved by the Pontiff. That is American Canon law that everyone has lived under since 1787. It’s all laid out in Elements of Ecclesiastical Law 1894.

The Pope (Pontiff) can nullify any law he wishes. In fact in the Volume One of the Three Volumes of Elements of Ecclesiastical law on page 52 and 53, it states that the Pope authorizes every statute passed by Congress. This is Canon Law.

Civil law is canon statute laws. In Chapter Ten we find that the common law, which everyone in the patriot community wants, is Common canon law of the Church of England It is operated and owned by the Vatican and the book states, “We now come to the historical phrase of canon law in the United States . . . The United States were thus divided into six ecclesiastical provinces, including the province of Oregon, erected July 12, 1846.” It explains how and who rules the United States with names and dates. The Council of Trent is the basis under which Americans live in the United States and States. It explains all of the common law privileges you get in the United States constitution. There are no God given rights. The Pope, so called Vicar, owns everything and every one.

The Pope owns all states as they are his corporations also. This is why no one can own land in America. This fact is pointed out in my New History Book with North Carolina as an example. The way it’s done is found in Blacks' 4 th Law Dictionary. These words, Ryot Tenure is not found in any Dictionary after the 4 th Ed. To do so the States and United States would have to be added to the list. Had that been carried to the Present 8 th Ed of Blacks It would expose the real estate tax for what it really is. So being Black’s Law is a special law Dictionary. The following is the definition in Blacks 4 th Edition:

RYOT TENURE ;: A system of Land-Tenure, where the government takes the place of land owners and collects the rent by means of tax gathers. The farming is done by poor peasants, (Ryots), who find the capital, so far as there is any, and also do the work. The system exists in Turkey, Egypt, Persia, and other Eastern countries, and in a modified form in British India. After slavery, it is accounted the worst of all systems, because the government can fix the rent at what it pleases, and it is difficult to distinguish between rent and taxes.

These facts on page 204 of Vol 1 are stated, “Thus, Pope Leo XIII., in his celebrated constitution, Romanos Pontifices section (Ad regularium), issued in 1881 for England and Scotland, and extended into the United States, at the request of the Third Plernary Council of Baltimore (Conc. PL. Balt. III.,, and n 86) “ There is who rules America for the Pope. More info is on page 255 says “the Pope has direct and absolute power over the State, thus completely subordinating it to the Church, even in purely temporal things.”

If you want to know how all presidents of the United States are elected, read Ecclesiastical offices or Beneficies page 161 of Vol. 1 to page 166 and on.

On National Canon Law.
105. It may, however, be asked whether national canon law, based upon concordats or solemn agreements between the Holy See and civil governments, may be annulled by the Pope. There can be no doubt that the Holy See is bound, as a general rule, to observe these agreements." We say, as a general rule / for it is commonly held by c:anonists that the Pontiff may recede from concordats when there are just reasons for so 16 doing. In fact, it is controverted whether concordats are contracts proper or mere privileges. Again, it seems to be commonly admitted that in all agreements entered into by the 17 Sov. Pontiff this condition is understood: Nisi aliud exigat l:ausa gravis et extraordinaria propter bonum commune ecclesiae. ART. II. Of American. Canon Law, or of the National Canon Law of the United States.

106.  Q. What is meant by American canon law?
A. By the national eccl. law of this country we understand the various derogations from the" jus commune," or the different customs that exist among the churches in the United States, and are sanctioned or tolerated by the Roman Pontiff." We say, “are sanctioned or tolerated by the Roman Pontiff”, for, as was seen, no national law can become legitimate except by at least the tacit or legal" consent of the Pope. Again, the “jus particulare” of a nation always remains subject to the authority of the Holy See in such manner as to be repealable 20. at any time by it. Hence, the jus natzongle, or the exceptional ecclesiastical laws prevalent in the ' United States, may be abolished at any time by the Sovereign Pontiff. 11 Soglia, vol. i., p. II7. “Cfr. Bouix,l. c., p. 78, seq. Cfr. S. Liguori, De Priv., IS. 11 Craisson, n. 15°. ‘~Bouix, De Princip., p. 84- Cfr. Craisson, Man., n. 151. “Clr. Craisson, Man., n. 151. .. Bvuix, 1. c., p. 82. You might think that the way this is worded it only applies to Churches. NOT SO. Yes the United States and states of the Vatican are churches, which have their religion based upon the Vatican. Canon law is administered by Ecclesiastical Law.

You would have to obtain the book and read all 1400 pages to realize that The United States is Ruled by the Roman Pontiff, NOT YOU, NOT CONGRESS or LEGISLATURES OF THE STATES. You are meaningless. This is why all patriot arguments about any statute is meaningless and fails, and all go to jail or pay through the nose. You have to remember, before man started his own courts, every court was a ecclesiastical court where the church was the court to go for anything.

Since the Pope has to okay anything written in the country. He had to authorize the Constitution written by the criminals at that time, called the founding fathers. Yes they were criminals to the Vatican’s control as the King was just a front. Just like Congress is the Pope’s front now. As are the Presidents.

Yes, you already find this hard to believe, The Myths you have believed are easier to understand and that’s why the Pope instilled as many Myths he could to make it palatable. Myths like: “it’s a republic”, “Its your constitution”, “You are sovereign”, “You created government for protection”, and on and on till what? The Pontiff is sovereign, not you.

If you were sovereign, you would, AS A MAN: The exceptions for PERSONS follows freedom

If you were sovereign, you would, AS A MAN The exceptions for PERSONS follows freedom
#1 Never pay any property taxes. Unless in US / state business as Person
#2 Never have to get a DL Ditto
#3 Never have to pay any taxes at all Ditto
#4 Never come under any constitution Ditto
#5 Never come under the Law of Nations Ditto
#6 Never come under any Treaty Ditto
#7 Never have to get a marriage license Ditto you are their slave as business person
#8 Never have to get permits of any kind like Building permits, Dog permits, Hunting permits, Permits to own a gun Ditto for 10 also
#9 Never have to Vote for anyone that promises you nothing but rhetoric year after year till you die.
#10 Never be subject to the 14 th Amendment designed for PERSONS Only. For does it not open with “Section 1 All PERSONS***” Section 3 “ No PERSON shall ****”
#11 Be subject to the Lord and his covenant only, that you know his law never changes and is Common law to any Man, no matter where you go on earth.

This Nations canon law that can change at the hands of an imposter called the Pontiff and his Holy See. Has anyone reading this attained any rights here, ever,or do you know of anyone that has from the list above? Then is it your government? Your constitution? I highly doubt it after 223 years of slavery to the Vatican’s corporations called States and United States.

As the book states the Pope rules the temporal state as on page 255 it states: “We next prove our thesis FROM AUTHORITY. We refer to the famous Bull Unam Sanctam, issued by Pope Boniface VIII. In 1302. This Bull declares that there is but one true Church and therefore but one head of the Church —- The Roman Pontiff; that there are two swords— i.e., two powers— the spiritual and the temporal; the latter MUST be subject to the former. The Bull finally winds up with this definition;“ And this we declare and affirm,, define (definimus) and, pronounce, that it is necessary for the salvation of every human creature that he should be subject to the Roman Pontiff” The second or Catholic interpretation is that the Church, and therefore the Pope, has indirect authority over the state; that therefore the state is subject to the Church in temporal things. Thus the bull affirms merely that Christian rulers are subject to the Pope.”

So, Yes, the IRS is a Private collection agency of NOT the UNITED States corporation, but the Vatican Corporation. And no one has been the wiser.

However a man named Albert, succeeded in becoming a non-taxpayer in 1998 by using the material here and in other articles and books written by The Informer. No other man has done this before or since. The reason being all Americans are Persons. The artificial entity that law itself created. There are no men as this one Albert is, because he declared the Status of Man and escaped the Person Character.

The reason being that all Americans are Persons, which is the artificial entity that law itself created. There are no men as this one Albert is, because he declared the Status of Man and escaped the Person Character.

There is also a man named Harper in Canada who also understood PERSON and has used it in other ways to escape the Canadian authorities power over his travel. The attorneys of the law school wrote it, I didn’t. So blame them for writing it at a level any 8 th grade school kid of 1895 era can understand it. The education system was designed to make people dumb and dumber every generation. Now you have the average reading adult at a 4 th grade level of 1895 standards

I suggest reading PERSON, As many times as the Canadian man did, 20 times, with checking law and everything combined till he Fully understood. Both Harper and Albert are now as they should be, man. In law. For man is not mentioned in any statute, but PERSON always is. PERSON is the subject of the statute. That is subject to what ever the statute directs.

Such as tax law “Every PERSON required” or any PERSON liable, Or in Traveling as in

New Jersey statute “39:3-10 No PERSON shall Drive a ****” “39:3-10.8 Any PERSON who is guilty ***” The key word in any statute that addresses the artificial entity is PERSON. The definition in all statutes is the term PERSON. The Term PERSON is defined as stated in 26 U.S.C. 7701 (a) as all corporate entities.

The Term PERSON is defined as stated in 26 U.S.C. 7701 (a) as all corporate entities. Some time more subtle as in NJ definitions in “39:1-1 person includes natural persons, forms, co partnerships, associations, and corporations. As the Person article, states there can never be a “NATURAL “person. That is a legal impossibility. The people I see using the other words of the statute like “liable” or” required” totally miss the key word PERSON. But the Corporations (States and United States) have so dumbed down the people in America, that have no understanding who they are; who they really should be. The Statute can never say Man. Because the State is a corporation, a fiction, they cannot interact with a Man. But they can interact with a PERSON when you read the article on Person. They have created a fiction of law, PERSON. Then created the straw man of the Man, Namely the person with the same name only in all capital letters. Your Secretary of State requires all corporations that incorporate to do business to take the capital name. This is true in Georgia and all 50 states and United States.

They can and do create the straw man and MAN himself has no clue what they are doing. That is why in the Uniform Commercial Code, Or rather this source, which states:


man of straw

Alternative term for straw man.

Straw man

Definition 1
Outline or draft copy circulated for comments or suggestions.

Definition 2
Third-party set up to serve as a cover (to conceal the identity of the actual party) in accomplishing a shady deal or something not legally permitted.

You did not create the straw man. Some one else did. You never want to take over what you did not create. It is illegal to use a strawman for fraudulent purposes. Who is using the strawman for illegal gain? And Yet the Majority of PERSONS argue the capital letters of a name mean nothing. Ok then why do all statutes of a corporation never contain MAN? Ask yourself this. Can a corporation give you Rights as did the Lord, the maker of Man? Why did the lord say he created MAN? Why did he not say he created PERSONS? I suggest you read the article Terms not Words, and don’t forget PERSON. I would say a read of 20 times is correct, to just begin to understand.

The reason being that all Americans are Persons, which is the artificial entity that law itself created. There are no men as this one Albert is, because he declared the Status of Man and escaped the Person Character to become a NONRESIDENT ALIEN. That is explained in Which One Are You, Published back in 1990. And what the Solicitor General said in 1864 in his war Powers book that no alien is subject to this country statutes, regulations, constitution, Policy, Treaties. The Source is The Legal Classics Library War Powers under The Constitution of the United States 1864 tenth Ed Entered by Act of Congress In the Clerk’s Office of the District Court of the District of Massachusetts Special Edition 1997.

If one comes to understand the legal definition of the word, PERSON, then they will have the key to open the door to Freedom. Much the same as the back Door left to use NONRESIDENT ALIEN to get out, This information is posted in the article entitled, Person.


The Informer
June 2010

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