Cannon Law in America Applies to All Citizens

Since the Vatican actually created the United States and all of the States, it is paramount for you to understand that this entire country is under Ecclesiastical Law.

Yes, the States and United States came from the Virginia Land Company (VLC). The VLC was a company that encompassed the land from Maine to Georgia and as far west as the Ohio- Pennsylvania border. It was owned by the Vatican, according to the 1215 treaty with the King of the British Empire. The Vatican allowed the King to be the front man for everything that the Vatican did. The Vatican chose to stay as far away from the Public eye as possible. Therefore, all the land that belonged to the Virginia Land Company was under Ecclesiastical Law/cannon law, long before the colonies fractured from the Virginia Land company.

This fact might sound impossible to the reader, so for verification, please reference the Three Volumes of Elements of Ecclesiastical Law by S.B. Smith, published by Banziger Bros, in1893. ALSO, This following book was used as American text books in schools until it was pulled from the shelves by the corporation called “ United States ” and each individual “State”. It was published by Harper and Rowe with the title, Encyclopedia of American History by Richard B Morris, Professor of History at Columbia University.

Every colony was a corporation of the Vatican, and continued as a corporation, under the direction of the Ecclesiastical Law, which was invoked by the man behind the scenes, The Black Pope of the Vatican.

Do you remember the Treaty of 1215? In that treaty the King of England turned over all of his British Empire and all of his English subjects to the Vatican, and the contractual agreement remains to this day. The people became Vassals to the White Pope. All of the land claimed before 1500 belonged to the King, who was owned by the Vatican. The Black Pope came on the scene 1541 as the military Jesuit leader of the Vatican.

The biggest corporation in the world is the Vatican, and it owns all of the America State citizens and United States citizens. These are facts of history that your public school never told you, in order that the corporations of the Vatican, States and United States, could control you. That control works so much better with the fairytale myth, as long as you believe it. The common man and woman are taught that they created the States and United States, and that their linage wrote the Constitution to protect your God given rights. It is false, but you love it.

It was the same as the Bait and Switch, which I posted about the Bill of Rights. You have all been corporation members throughout your entire lives. You are subject to all of the Pope’s corporate laws, which he heaps on you.

The Courts are cannon law courts. They are private corporation courts made up of attorneys. Their job is to turn everything over to the Pope.The Pope is so powerful that he created all the alphabet agencies under FDR with but one exception. That was his IRS. Yes, the way he did it was to own all banking in the world, and even includes the Rothschilds.

You see, corporations are actually FICTIONS run by real people. Corporations live in perpetuity, while the humans die. In other words, if heirs can be found, only an heir can take control of a corporation. Such is the case of the corporations of the States and United States.

Ok, so you ask, “How can the Pope control me? I don’t believe in him. He can’t control me.”

Well, do you not claim to be a “US citizen or a State citizen”? Are they all still corporations? Do you answer to “Resident”? Do you call yourself a “Person”? Do you call yourself an “individual”? Do you say “IT”S MY CONSTITUTION”? “I HAVE GOD GIVEN RIGHTS”?

Well, if the above is true, then you gave up God Given Rights for PRIVILEGES ONLY in a corporation. You see, Persons are artificial and you gave up man and woman status for corporate personhood, and then the corporation created what is called a straw man, so they can better control you, making you think they are one in the same Then the Pope controls you under his Ecclesiastical law by using his attorneys, who are sworn to obey the B.A.R..

You see, readers, you thought that I was using simple WORDS. No, I was doing the same as the Vatican ’s ecclesiastical courts would ask you. Since everyone in court or by letter, admits to one or more of the LEGAL TERMS, which I mentioned in quotes, you are a subject of the corporation. You are the taxpayer. You have privileges ONLY when joining the corporation of your free will. It was all “Voluntary”. No one can claim slavery when they voluntarily join a corporation.

Now you might ask, “How can the Pope change the laws or make laws that pertain to me, such as the Second Amendment to bear arms? How can he take it away?”

Good question. Well, not so good an answer. The very detailed answer is explained in my book, The Myth and the Reality. When Obama said he would sign a treaty with another nation or nations, which would allow them to take your guns, he was following international laws. Remember, the attorneys apply the Law of Nations to anyone that is a member of the Vatican ’s corporation. Yes, the Vatican owns 95 percent of all nations. HOWEVER, a fine point brought up by James Wilson and cited in my new book, which I will insert here for you to read. ( For those who do not know James Wilson, please learn that he was a signer of the Declaration of Independence, as well as a delegate from Pennsylvania to the Constitutional Convention.) Here is the excerpt from his book, Study of Law in the United States 1790-1791:

“Puffendorf thought that the Law of Nature and the Law of Nations were precisely the same, he has not, in his book on these subjects, treated of the Law of Nations separately, but has everywhere joined it with the law of nature, properly, so called. His example has been followed by the greatest part of succeeding writers. But the imitation of it has produced a confusion of two objects, which ought to have been viewed and studied distinctly and apart. Through the Law of Nations, properly so called, be a part of the law of nature; through it spring from the same source; and through it is attended with the same obligatory power; yet it must be remembered that its application is made to very different objects. The law of nature is applied to individuals; the law of nations is applied to states.”

Are you aware that the word “individual” in those days was NOT a legal term? The task masters of deceit (i.e., attorneys), took that WORD and made it a TERM, then they gave it their own definition.

Remember, all attorneys world wide are owned by the Pope. In 1355 he created the attorneys and the private B A R. He rules over all Ecclesiastical Private courts in America, and that is why you have no real representation when an attorney offers to help you. It’s all in Vol 7 of Corpus Juris Secundum, Section 14, page 707. You are considered bottom feeders and not worth spit.

True, individuals are called Man and Woman, and the quote of Wilson was correct in that the Law of Nations did not apply to them. Unfortunately, the term Individual applies now, as you are a voluntary member of the Private Corporation of Nations.

There can be no peonage claim when slavery is voluntary. They are all Private corporations and you are one of them. They are all owned by the Vatican, including you.

Unbeknownst to all Americans, the WORD Republic means simply a corporation. Yes, and this can be proven in the entomology of the word and in many court cases. If one follows the Terms Rabbit Trail, from “commonwealth” in Blacks 4th Law Dictionary, and every term in between where it leads, then you will discover that you belong to a Private JURAL SOCIETY. I will let you in on a secrete. Take the term “Commonwealth” read all the terms in that definition describing “Commonwealth.” Take each term and read that legal definition. If it’s not a term don’t bother to look it up in a standard Word Dictionary. That is the way professional researchers research. It is tedious and time consuming.

You will never find the word Jural Society in a word dictionary. You will find Jural. But the enemy switches words and terms to get you where he wants you to be, and that is to lose any legal setting, be it court or on paper from any agency. Such as the Case of RESPUBLICA v. SWEERS. Yes, RESPUBLICA was the Corporation of the United States suing Mr. Sweers in 1799, and the very first words of the court were, “THE UNITED STATES BECAME A BODY CORPORATE FROM THE PERIOD OF THEIR ASSOCIATION.”

So, if one takes a small trip through Volume One of Cannon law, in just three pages look at what the Pope can do. You see, in all law they have to leave a way out. I wrote about how you could use that way out in 1990, 1996 and in the other books of mine. But true to Form, the Lies and myths that were fed to you, the reader, over 223 years, are now your core belief. God forbid should anyone attack the Constitution, because you think your predecessors wrote to protect you and anyone wanting to destroy the republic. You would brand him as a traitor and a heathen. That is knee jerk gut reaction of emotion. Not a well thought out response.

I think even if you wake up the day you read this information, it is already too late. The axe is set to fall probably this year in the fall, and there is nothing you can do about it legally.

You see, the word “legally” does have a meaning. You are still under the control of the Vatican. Everything described above was done lawfully. Maybe next time I will tell you what Common Canon law the Ecclesiastical Courts of America are using against you for jurisdiction.

The Informer
April 8, 2010

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