What the Pope thought about his corporation in 1891

This was from a newspaper dated 1891 that a friend found and tried copying it. But it was too big and at that time there was no reducers to copy everything. Over 30 years ago. Note in 1891 the Pope said the US school system was the worst in the world. If it was that bad then, what would he say about it now? Today not even Phd’s could pass the 8 th grade Selerna Kansas test of 1895. Of which I took the test and got a C. In 1993 schools were churning out 5 th grade imbeciles. In 2009 it dropped to 4 th grade at best. Contact the Newspaper Guild in Washington DC and ask them what your favorite newspaper is printed at by grade level. This newspaper article was put in plain sight. And I believe it came from a New York or Philadelphia paper. It was so long ago I forgot. But of Course the people then knew nothing of the fact that the Constitution was drafted by the Vatican and the founding fathers only ADOPTED it. No one knows what adopted means. Everyone thinks of kids being adopted. Well laws, statutes and policy are also adopted. So read what you can of it. You can take it or leave it.. It’s your choice. But the fact remains the Pope authorizes all Statutes written by Congress. After all it’s his 51 corporations, and that’s why he got mad at the corporations in 1891 and let it all hang out. Quite unbecoming a Pope, eh?

Note at the end, that the Pope owns all property in the world. That’s why no one in America will ever own outright the house or land you think you own. This is history never taught you. This is why I wrote the Myth and the Reality in 2008 to show how the Vatican Controls this country and every country in the world. Little do you know the truth how this country was created. This gives you a little hint why you are controlled slaves. And own nothing. Not even yourselves or your kids. You listen to what they tell you are and even who you are and the reason for that is found in this quote,

“Reason and Ignorance, the opposites of each other, influence the great bulk of mankind. If either of these can be rendered sufficiently extensive in a country, the machinery of Government goes easily on. Reason obeys itself, and Ignorance submits to whatever is dictated to it.” “The Rights of Man,” Thomas Paine.

This is why the education system has neutered the mind so it has no reasoning power to tell a myth from the Truth.

The Pope lied. O' my gosh the Pope lied? It wasn’t Christopher Columbus that discovered America. It was John Caboto, an Englishman
working for the King in 1500. Columbus discovered the Caribbean
Islands, Florida and part of Louisiana for Spain. The History Channel
said Caboto discovered America. The Pope covered his ass when saying Columbus discovered, so the tie between England and him would be to hide this fact in history. Shrewed huh?

The Informer
July 24, 2010