What is the United States? Is it a person, place, a thing or what? It is a noun.

Hopefully what is to follow will get you to thinking. In 1990 I described this in my book Which One Are You? Now that “new blood” has come on the scene you may not have even heard of the book or me. For the old timers that know me, this is a slant that you never thought about. And since no one has won any case that the Courts have decided in our favor, despite all the array of arguments used this is the reason, in my opinion, why we have not won. It is the root of the dilemma.

United States is not the same as united States as you all know from 5th grade English. Have you ever wondered why the phraseology of 26 USC 7701 (a) (9):

“The term “United States” when used in a GEOGRAPHICAL sense includes only the States and the District of Columbia.”
1. of or pertaining to geography.
2. of or pertaining to the natural features, population, industries, etc., of a region or regions.”

Remembering that a Noun “United States” can be any of three things and the above took it as one thing strictly in a geographical sense, a place, then there is another sense to it. That other would be people. Yes, the United States originally meant person or group of persons called Congress Assembled. That is how they refer to themselves. You will see in all history and law books and congressional records that when they convene they call themselves The United States in Congress Assembled.

Now what is so complicated about that. All along you were thinking it is a place when it is not. When the suit against you states United States vs. John Jones it means the 535 criminals are filing suit against you and not a place called United States. That would be the fiction of all fictions of law. You can’t be sued by a thing or place. A Ford car (United States) cannot sue you, the owner (Congress Assembled) does. Think about this very hard and you will have to agree. So the Suit is a fraud because how do you know that the United States in the caption is a person, place or thing? You don’t, so how can one defend against any of the three without knowing how to defend? Brings up some interesting questions, does it not? Ever hear the phrase “I don’t understand the charges.” The correct statement would be I do not understand WHO is bringing the charges. I think by now you can figure out on your own as to what is happening when any agency is coming after you in the name of the United States. It really is Congress Assembled. Now can it be all 535 members or just a select group, say 20 members? Would not discovery in a civil case be on order to find out who those member of Congress are that you have damaged and how if the others were not damaged by your actions can the caption say United States? How about criminal case. What did you do criminally that any one of Congress Assembled can claim a crime? Did you damage Trent Lott and Ted Kennedy and not Ron Paul and the others?

In Hooven & Allison Co. v Evatt, did not the Court state that the term United States can be any one of three things? It sure did but carefully skirted that it could also be Congress Assembled in just those words. But in a round about way they did when they said, “It may designate the territory over which the sovereignty of the United States extends.” The word OF in the above sentence of the court is used as a function word to indicate belonging or a possessive relationship. Sure, Congress Assembled has a claim over the territory that has been ceded to Congress A.K.A. United States.

So when the term United States of America is used, look at it this way. Congress Assembled of America. Does not the word OF mean belonging to? Does not Congress Assembled belong to America? Just what is America? A place on the North American Continent separate from Mexico and Canada, correct. It has a mis-nomer of being called The United States. How many times in all the old writings and in old movies has the saying, We are going to America or he went to America? Never did you hear we are going to the United States. How about America the Beautiful song. It is not United States the beautiful is it? Do you now understand what they said in 26 USC 7701 (a) (9) a little better?

So since Congress Assembled had to have a place to set up shop they were given an area called District of Columbia. After they were there, they incorporated. Yes those 535 criminals incorporated and called it the United States in Washington D.C.. So it must have its own definition of State since it and all the territories Congress Assembled owned was NOT formed under the Constitution.

“The corporation which the Act of Feb. 21, 1871, c. 62, 16 Stat. 419, created by the name of the District of Columbia succeeded to the property and liabilities of the corporations which were thereby abolished.
District of Columbia v. Cluss, 103 U.S. 705, 26 L. Ed. 445

These corporations that Congress Assembled, that corporate group of criminals you call your representatives, abolished and took over, February 3rd, 1836, was Washington, Alexandria and Georgetown. In House Report No. 269, 24th Congress 1st Session, parts are quoted to show that Congress IS called United States.

“The committee, not deeming it necessary to enter into an investigation of the merits of the claims urged on Congress by the corporations of Washington, recognise, as by far the most prominent cause of the pecuniary involvement … The Government was aware of the incapacity of the subscribers to meet the payment of their subscriptions without contracting a loan; and to enable them to do so, it gave the most unquestioned pledge that the loan and all interest which might accrue on it should be paid. … The Government of the United States is the superintending power, bound to watch over his interest, to see that he is paid and paid punctually.”

What they are talking about is that a Mr. Rush, the Secretary of Congress Assembled’s treasury, loaned the corporations money and they had to pay it back and they could not. That’s why the Congress Assembled, whom you know as the United States, took over the corporations by default on the loans. Today that would be one corporation buying out other corporations, like corporate raiders. Georgetown owed $405,148.49, Alexandria owed $477,776.96 and Washington owed $1,886,079.50

Yes Congress Assembled IS a CORPORATION. The CEO is the President. You join that CORPORATION as an “individual” the minute you register to vote or if you don’t vote you claim that your representative of that CORPORATION will not do as you want him or her to do. That is a presumption that drags you into their corporate domain. Now when you file a claim against that corporation you belong, can you see that you are suing your corporation to which you are a member of the “body politic” and they 12 (b) (6) you because you can’t make a claim against yourself, now can you? Say this three times people, Think corporate law. Can a stockholder sue GM and win and take all the profits for just himself when all the other stockholders lose and have to pay you? No can do as all stockholders are to get a piece of the pie if you do. Can you sue the other stockholders? No! Then what makes you think you can get money back that other stockholders can’t get back?

BUT the corporation can sue and take to its court a stockholder that refuses to pay the share of the corporation expenses when all the other stockholders pay, now can’t it?

Are you starting to see what Montgomery and I have been talking about that the CONtract (CONstitution) never belonged to you in the first place unless you wanted to join in that “joint venture.” Isn’t the case of Padleford and Fay that I brought to you in The New History of America, evidence enough when the court stated that the private man was not a party to the CONstitution and he could not complain of a breach of it and only the States could? Isn’t that proof enough that the States are corporations as much as Georgetown, Alexandria and Washington were? And you want to be a State citizen? A Congress Assembled (United States) citizen is nothing but a controlled stockholder and as a surety is responsible for the debt the same as a State citizen is. Hey, all the States are listed as a political subdivision of Congress Assembled. That means the parent corporation, Congress Assembled owns the State corporations that joined its union. Who are the States? Simply another group of men called “Legislators” or “General Assembly” the exact same as Congress Assembled only in miniature.

Is it time to wake up people or are you going to sleep another 224 years?

The Informer