Bait and Switch


Have you ever heard of corporations using bait and switch tactics in advertising, where they promise something and you go to buy it and things changed from the ad? Like maybe they are all out of it and they offer something else, or you buy it and get it home and it’s not what they said it was or would do? Well the United States corporation did the same thing to you, or rather the first people that bought into the Bill of Rights. Evidence John Barron when he tried using the Bill of Rights to protect himself from the taking of his dock area in Maryland in 1822. You are about to learn this the hard way that the corporation lied to you and You can’t use the Bill of Rights. As to the Bill of Rights, it plain out sucks. It’s a fraud from the start. You know about the John Barron case? You’d better. The anti- federalists were dead set against it.

Here is why. Rights are from God under natural law. Don’t all people say that? They are Natural law rights.

Now, you have a corporation formed by the elite of the Pope, for themselves with the Pope way in the background owning that corporation.

A Story way back when, to prove my point: You think of joining the corporation like John Barron did and they say, “we give you a Bill of Rights.” Come, join us.

Oh really? If it is a natural law right to own a sword, didn’t the Lord say turn your Plows into Swords? How about a gun, a cannon even, or travel in your car or any conveyance of means, under natural law RIGHTS. All the Lord said was GO. And People went without license as it was a natural law command from the Law giver, the Only true natural law giver. Then how come the body of the Contract, read that as Constitution, it only says PRIVILEGES? Now if it is natural law rights, the only way around the PRIVILEGES is to write a Bill.., What is a bill? Think and read the definition of a Bill in Webster’s 1828 American Dictionary. Oh there are many descriptions of a Bill. Like 16 definitions. So you can read for yourself, but I picked #14.

It reads, “A bill of rights is a summary of rights and privileges, claimed by a people. Such was the declaration presented by the lords and commons of England to the prince and princess of Orange in 1688. In America, a bill or declaration of rights is prefixed to most of the constitutions of the several states.

Did it say “a” or “the” people. It said a, which is singular. Minor point? Mistake in English grammar by a man that wrote a dictionary with the Rules of Grammar? You tell me after reading this.

Now we know a bill is nothing more than a mere declaration. As Lysander Spooner said, declarations mean only what who declaring it is saying.

Good point, as we all should know that from the John Barron case. That Bill of Rights or declaration was only for the United States corporation. It was NOT for the State corporation or the persons of those corporation. It was for the Men and Women that merely lived in that geographical area who were NOT yet Citizens of the United States corporation. Oh, you say prove it, I don’t believe it. The Bill of Rights had it’s own preamble. Legally it was not part of the constitution’s bylaws at all. It could not legally be so, because it would have amended the bylaws of that corporation wherein it is stated only Privileges and Immunities are enjoyed. It would have to say RIGHTS, Privileges and Immunities. Judge Bork, at his confirmation hearing, asked of the committee, words to this effect. Sirs, please tell me where Rights are in the Constitution, because I can’t find a one? You know they never answered his question? You know why don’t you? Is “a people” and “the people” beginning to come to light, if they as a group cannot answer that question?

Now remember the United States had no citizens. That’s right and true. Because if you read the Memorial of January 26, 1824 of the TWO HUNDRED AND SEVEN, INHABITANTS of the District of Columbia, praying for relief, does make for proof. Proof they were Not Citizens praying for Relief. So that means they were still aliens to the corporation of the District of Columbia. Can it be any other way? Read 18 th Congress, 1st session, House Document # 49. You will now read history like you never knew it existed and leads to the following. Who are these INHABITANTS? They have no contract with the United States, wherein they are called CITIZENS Of the UNITED States corporation. Yes it was a corporation way back in 1799 when in the Case of the Supreme Court April Term, 1779, in RESPUBLICA v Sweers. This appeared as the first utterance out of the Chief Justice’s mouth. This statement, which today is called a “head note” of important saying of the court “The United States became a body corporate from the period of their association.” Now you can show this to all the ignorant patriots that claim the United States became a corporation in any year but this one. What is this ONE? Read the new book the MYTH and The Reality as to when the UNITED STATES CORPORATION was internationally recognized. Many say 1870’s or 1948 or some such silly statement. That’s in 1 Dallas 1830. The next one in the same book is Penman Et al. v Wayne, page 261, 263, 264, and 265, if you think you know what the legal term of resident is. Was it a technical or literal constructive residence in meaning? Do you know that You cannot swear to anything of a technical nature, as TERMS, used in statutory Law, But you can only swear to WORDS used in Common Usage? It says so by the court in this case. What does the IRC read? ALL TECHNICAL TERMS. You don’t have to believe me, just look in 26 U.S.C. 7701 (a) all they way into (b). Does not TERM appear in every definition i.e., “The TERM “Person “ shall be * * *. The TERM “taxpayer” means * * * all throughout the definitions. The second thing in every sentence is TERM. So the whole book of TERMS does NOT mean what the WORD would mean if used. Use the WORD meaning for the TERM and you are screwed. Big time screwed, and why all your arguments are deemed Frivolous. Why? Because as a citizen Person, by THEIR DEFINITION OF TERMS, NOT YOURS. Your WORDS ARE DEEMED FRIVOLOUS. Because YOU cannot argue Terms. It’s technical and they won’t allow you to argue terms at all. Neat trap they got you in when you gave up Alien status to become a citizen/ Person of artificial Character, Huh? Where did you say that Contract is that you and they signed to become a member??

Hmm, do the words Bait and Switch have any meaning now once exposed to what they are doing?

“If they not be in contract they are non residents in that contract in corporate TERMS, what you call law. So if they are not resident in the corporation’s contract, who might they be? OK, do you have a contract with the corporation known as General Motors or is it Obama Motors now? If you said NO, then you have nothing to say because you are not residing in Obama Motors corporations contract to complain. Right? What did the Padleford Court say in my book The New History of America? “The private person, (you) are not a party to the compact to complain of a breach of the contract”. Read it all. So it was, with the Inhabitants of the District of Columbia. Ok, so both are the same. Now in law you are “not Privy” to that contract. Want to know what that means? Buy Which One Are You. Therefore, neither bylaws of the corporation of Obama Motors nor the bylaws of the United States corporation apply to you, Correct? Then what you must be, if looking from the outside looking in? ALIENS. Read my Which One Are You book for a total explanation in minute detail.

Ok, so what have we deduced from these facts. They were not Citizens of either corporation. They were not persons of those corporations. What are they? Man and Woman. So the alien was man and woman, The Physical beings that the statute law of the corporation is being applied in error, through deceit, fraud misrepresentation and down right criminal for not fully disclosing the contract parameters. Read Person. They could not be persons as they did not join the corporation. To whom does the corporations bylaws impact? Their citizens and persons. Their citizens and persons as The Solicitor General says are subjects that once were man and women, NOT IN CONTRACT with the corporation known as the United States known in tax law as NON RESIDENT ALIENS. See, isn’t that simple logic? Why does the tax code and regulations spend so much time on non resident alien? Read Which One Are You and you will have your answer.

These corporations write the rules the Citizen/subject/Person, must abide by and they write regulations the person must abide by. YOU, the alien, if you were an alien, do you have to abide by those by- laws and the rules and regulations? No, not at all. Why? Are you not alien to that corporation’s bylaws because you are not a member of that corporation? Ok, what if those two corporations say come on in and join our corporation and we give you a Bill of Rights to join? You look at the Natural Law Rights God gave you as Man and Woman. Looks pretty good, they said.. You can keep all your rights as the Alien that you are and join as a citizen of the corporation called United States. Beats Ford or Chrysler corporation, where there are no bill of rights and beats Canada and Mexico, where there are no Bill of Rights. Good deal, they say. So the Bill of Rights were placed as bait, to lure more men and woman, the Aliens, having all God given rights to join the corporations. Then, they tell you to be able to vote for the boards (Congress) and the CEO, you must register to Vote. So you say, ok, give me the form. So in the Form it says you must be a US citizen to Vote for board members and The CEO. AND, it asks for your Place of Residence or Business address. Yes, in becoming a Citizen Member your address is considered a BUSINESS. You don’t have to believe me, just Look up Address in a LEGAL Dictionary as what the TERM address Means in legal corporate Law. Totally different from the common NON TECHNICAL Law? There is your implied consent you signed that they use to prove a contact. Whoa, not so. The implied contract was not fully disclosed and even the most solemn contract is voided, in the Throckmorton decision. Ok, in the US corporation the board members are listed as Congress. Board members are there to represent the Corporation, NOT YOU, to make sure the corporation makes a profit. That’s all. In Obama Motors corporation the Boards are usually voted by Proxy or you go to the board meeting and vote, in Dearborn, Michigan, or maybe a NY City office. Can you go to the United States corporation in Washington, D.C. to vote. No, they make it easy to go to where you reside in contract, where you registered, Right. Did you go to Washington, DC to sign the contract? NO. The State of the Form is where you signed the contract. That’s a legal term explained in Which One Are You book which has been out there since 1990. You are no longer the Alien, but the Citizen of that corporation voting for the board members that are going to make the most profit for the corporation they can. Just like the Board of Obama Motors do. Ever try telling a board member of Ford Motor Company not to vote for something that will not make money for the corporation? What does he say, if anything at all? Nope, the corporation will fail and you don’t get dividends and I won the Vote, so screw you, stock holder, I vote for the corporation I don’t represent you. Just like Congress does. You better Read Spooner’s entire book, the Constitution of No Authority, right quick. So you attempt to read the highly technical bylaws, called the Constitution as if they were words. Yes, it is highly technical, not the Myths fed you that it was written in plain WORDS, so anyone can understand it. Proof you say? Ok, read the Solicitor General of the United States book or go and read his Quotes in the three War Power articles, as to how highly technical the Constitution is, so that even attorneys do not know this. All you see is Privileges and Immunities. So the smart ones asked, hey what happened to all my natural Law rights I had as an Alien? They only say, you are a US citizen and must abide by all our statutes as we give Privileges. What they don’t tell you is, “Oh that was for the Alien that we can’t negate, as a private corporation, any of their God given Rights of Natural Law. You voluntarily joined our corporation to receive our Privileges, whatever we deem a Privilege by calling it a right, a corporate right. You lost those God given rights. They, the Bill of Rights, are the Alien’s protection that our corporation cannot violate any of their natural law rights. They do not apply to you since you joined our corporation we created, so we could have a tax base to pay off all our bills to the Pope and his other Kings he controlled that we owe. And you are privileged to be a UNITED STATES citizen, to do your Law of Nations obligation so we can pay off those Nations. Bait and switch fully at work. Thanks for coming aboard citizen, person. Just because you were a subject of the King of England means squat to the real owner, the Vatican ’s Black Pope. All he did was create the United States corporation and you thought you were free, when all he did was change subject to citizen as it sounded better. Got the real story now or should I take down to a 2nd grade level? If No, then let’s move on.

Man gave up All natural law RIGHTS for a Bill of PRIVILEGES, touted as a Bill of Rights, that the corporation calls rights. REMEMBER, corporations or a group of men, cannot give RIGHTS where RIGHTS are Natural Law RIGHTS given by God. Think about it and the John Barron Case.

Man = Rights; PERSON = Privileges.

What Statute has MAN in it that says The Right to own or carry a gun as a corporate member? There are none. But what Statute says, for a PERSON to own or carry a gun they must first get a permit, a corporation check of back ground, etc., etc?. What is a license definition. That to do what is un LAWFUL. Did God‘s Law become somehow UN Lawful? YES, for the person who can only have Privileges? As he is the artificial creation of the Corporation. Remember the “a people” in the beginning that I said was maybe a misprint? What was unlawful when God said GO? And people traveled without license? What was unlawful when God said turn your plows into swords for protection? What was unlawful when God gave the natural law right to get married? Did he require a License? Ok, What is law and what is legal? Law is natural law. What is legal? That is corporation legal law of Privileges. Issued by what? Statutes and regulations. Does it sound like FREE? Not to me it doesn’t. So you see why the Bill of Rights sucks. And is a bait and switch corporate come on? Was the Bill of corporate Rights created by GOD? YES. What God? THEIR GOD Lucifer of course, as the Pope’s Minions are all under Lucifer. My new book has the Organizational structure of the Black Pope of the Vatican that created the constitution, you all swoon over, that you would die for it no matter how much it made you a slave. How many times have patriots said, the “government” is run by Satan?” As far back as 1976 I have heard this. Anyone not reading my book, The Myth and The Reality, is missing the meat of what happened to you and why you are no longer man and woman, the Physical being, in statutory law of the corporation. Lucifer is the great deceiver, as the Lord Almighty stated. People wonder why we are in such a state we are in and lost all freedoms? Simple. To understand this, you have to go back to the foundation this sorry state we are in was built from. Now you ask how far back? The answer is 1213 AD. Yes, that far and further to 382AD, to be specifically technical, as a Professional Researcher would do.

And that’s why the Bill of Rights was written to deceive the Man and Woman into joining the United States corporation ruled by Lucifer. A point; did not Lucifer deceive Eve and then Adam into eating what the Lord Almighty said not to eat?

North Carolina man and woman would not sign off until the Bill of Rights was written, way after the bylaws were written. Why didn’t the bylaws of the corporation say RIGHTS? Because artificial paper corporations cannot give any Rights. They thought it was for them, AFTER they joined the corporation called the United States.

Man and woman reading this, if any are left, don’t you want to be recognized as a non resident to their contract and become the alien you are supposed to be, meaning a MAN having all these natural law rights. Now can you see why Whiting said “our laws and Constitution do not pertain to the Alien?” It’s all in my new book. The Alien is Man, not the corporate subject person, that he talks about that is subject to legal corporate statutes Yes, there were Man and Woman Aliens in 1864, when he wrote his book, that did not become citizens of the corporation. What do all corporation have to work off of to be Legal and not Lawful? Think! It’s plain as Day. CONTRACT. PURE AND SIMPLE WRITTEN CONTRACT. DO YOU HAVE THAT WRITTEN CONTRACT where in they gave full disclosure, as the UCC states on contract? That would be describing the Alien Status, where you were giving up all Natural Law Rights to gain Privileges ONLY as a person of artificial character. READ PERSON, to see how they screwed all of you to the wall with information they knew and never told you, That dear reader is this; FRAUD. An intentional perversion of truth for the purpose of inducing another in reliance upon it to part with some valuable thing belonging to him or to surrender a legal right.

The definition of FRAUD given in 37 AM JUR 2nd, 144, 146:

144: “Unquestionably, the concealment of material facts that one, under the circumstance, is bound to disclose may constitute fraud. Indeed, one of the fundamental tenets of the Anglo-Saxon law of fraud is that fraud may be committed by a suppression of the truth, (suppressio veri) as well as by the suggestion of falsehood. (suggestio falsi).”

146: “The principle in the law of fraud as it relates to nondisclosure, that a charge of fraud is maintainable where a party knows material facts, is under the duty, under the circumstances, to speak and disclose his information, but remains silent.”

You have to go no further than this to state your claim back to Man status and give up your person/citizen character. Can you imagine 300 million US citizens reverting back to The Lord Almighty as men and women, the NONRESIDENT ALIENS they once were? That’s why I have always said that there are no Christians, the Lord followers, as they all forsook the Lord Almighty and become an artificial person of another master called Lucifer. Yes the United States and every State is controlled by Lucifer. Get used to it. You have lived and are living under Lucifer’s Rule all your lives. And you wonder where everything went to hell in a hand basket? You all failed to research past history to find out. You can’t call yourselves Christians when you pay taxes, on property and labor, given you freely by the only true law giver in the Universe, and have to get permits to do everything the Lord Almighty gave you under Natural Law? Yes it’s a religious war of Biblical proportions.

So it is a bill of Privileges that, they say, if you get our permits and licenses to do what the Natural Law says, you can have. We will grant that Privilege to receive that corporate right, which you gave up Natural rights to become an incompetent person called citizen, where we take from you the natural law RIGHTS. AND we can take that privilege right back anytime we want. A single Man wrote the Bill to have rights, corporate rights, which are Privileges. You have to have brains to think this out. I have a man that used my works to become a non resident alien in IRS matters. There are near 12 men and women, in Canada, that just became non resident aliens from my works and the corporate Statute enforcement officers stay completely away from them when traveling in their truck and cars with none of the Big Three. I have been in touch with them in the past few weeks. They did this in 2007 and did not tell me because they wanted to see how long it would last. Almost three years and they are completely left alone by the corporation of Canada. They told me Canada Corporation was created from the Hudson Bay Corporation, the same as the States were created from the Virginia Land company. All states were corporate way before they confederated. Which is what a group of corporations are called, when they join together. That, dear reader is real factual History you are never told. Yes, I know I am the lunatic as many patriots who simply can’t think outside the box say, for what I see as three distinct reasons as quoted by three separate authors, and if you continue on your ways you never will be free as Aliens are.

#1 “When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.” Dresden James

The reason why the corporation has run so smoothly so far for 223 years is your ignorance.

#2 “Reason and Ignorance, the opposites of each other, influence the great bulk of mankind. If either of these can be rendered sufficiently extensive in a country, the machinery of Government goes easily on. Reason obeys itself, and Ignorance submits to whatever is dictated to it.” The Rights of Man by Thomas Paine

Now, where does this ignorance come from that you are so fond of, that you submit fully without question to pretend rulers? Lies and more Lies and therefore, #3 comes into play:

TCD theory of Cognitive Dissonance Leon Festinger Stanford University Press (1957) Holds that the mind involuntarily rejects information not in line with previous thoughts/or actions. Festinger observed; A person can deal with the pressure generated by changing the dissonance the old behavior to harmonize with information. But if the person is committed to the old behavior and way of thinking, he simply rejects the new information. A simple “I don’t believe it” thought or word is the easy cop out. For if you are unaware, you are unaware of being unaware.

Is ignorant a bad word? No. It just means the mentality is un changeable when one believes lies as truth. And the Truth is then a Lie when presented to them. And we go right back to #1 don’t we? And it becomes a very vicious cycle of a merry go round you just can’t seem to get off.

Oh Yes, I forgot you are all wondering why is this lunatic is talking about Aliens. Well here it is, right from the highest legal mind in the Judiciary of the United States, the Solicitor General:

An alien owes no allegiance or obedience to our government, or to our constitution, laws, or proclama tions. A citizen subject is bound to obey them all. In refusing such obedience, he is guilty of crime against his country, and finds in the law of nations no justification for disobedience. An alien, being under no such obligation, is justified in refusing such obedience. Over an alien enemy, our government can make no constitution, law, or proclamation of obligatory force, because our laws bind only our own subjects, and have no extra-territorial jurisdiction.

Over citizens who are subjects of this government, even if they have so far repudiated their duties as to become enemies, our constitution, statutes, and proclamations are the supreme law of the land. The fact that their enforcement is resisted does not make them void. It is not in the power of armed subjects of the Union to repeal or legally nullify our constitution, laws, or other governmental acts.

SOURCE: The Legal Classics Library War Powers under The Constitution of the United States 1864 tenth Ed Entered by Act of Congress In the Clerk’s Office of the District Court of the District of Massachusetts. Special Edition 1997.

Now let’s put this into perspective and why they come after an insurgent, hell bent on destroying their corporation and why all patriots are dead wrong when saying the system is corrupt and Judges are corrupt. They are NOT corrupt. They are just protecting the corporation from losing money from the likes of malcontents that are US citizens. You chose Mammon over The Lord Almighty, just as he said in the Bible. You choose me or mammon, but don’t come running to me when Mammon screws you royally; in making you give up all the natural law rights I gave you, to receive privileges from your Kings, Presidents and the like. These citizens claim it’s their constitution. They claim they wrote it. They claim they are residents of such and such State. They claim they have representatives. And yet they don’t want to follow the corporate statutes all subjects have to abide by, when asking permission to buy a gun, drive a car with out license and insurance and some don’t want to register the cars we provide them through our Obama Motors corporation we created to obtain money. All our subjects' statutes clearly say a person is required, which their actions are frivolous. They are a US person subject to our corporate by laws. The citizens even claim they wrote the bylaws are even theirs. And somehow the Bill of Rights pertain to them, as if they are still Aliens. They voluntarily agreed to Vote and lost Alien Status of Men and Women and as persons now, they say their reps they put in office are corrupt?” We just can’t understand why they want to destroy the corporation. After all Mr. Lieber wrote General Orders 100 way back in 1864, based on the fact that Mr. Lincoln made us all enemies of the State by 12 Stat 319, to quell any one questioning these insane thoughts that they have rights. Why, in article 149 of the Lieber Code it clearly states;

149. Insurrection is the rising of people in arms against their government, or portion of it, or against one or more of its laws, or against an officer or officers of the government. It may be confined to mere armed resistance, or it may have greater ends in view.

And they dare question the authority when we collect our debts from them or dare challenge the right to travel when it’s a privilege as a person and corporate citizen? They really are nuts to deny and question the 4th clause of the 14th Amendment where they can not question the Public debt, the Ingrates. Can’t they read the 14th Amendment where it says in clause one, PRIVILEGES and IMMUNITIES and never said RIGHTS, privileges and Immunities? Lucifer, are they Dumb. Oh well, guess with our education system, we did dumb them down so they don’t even know who they are.

Well people, the corporation had one huge problem after the civil war was created by the Black Pope’s Jesuits, so the Pope could control the South and suck up the Banking system he did not yet control. See the quote of Lincoln, as to who created the so-called civil war in my new book. The Problem was the slaves. All of a sudden they had these ex Slaves that were ALIENS. They were never citizens of the United States corporation. Oh wow, we can’t have all these Aliens around so the Citizen will wonder how they have all God given Natural Law Rights and our subjects don’t? Why do you think Whiting wrote what he did in his book in 1864?

Ok, simple solution. Give the Blacks the same privileged rights as the White man had. Take the 1866 Civil Rights act that failed, make it into the 14 th Amendment and claim all Citizens will be bound by that Act. Problem solved and they, white and blacks, will be occupied fighting over this for decades. That’s called divide and conquer. Oh, we will include sweetening the pie of our Bait and Switch scam to say Due Process is involved in the Bill of Rights to place the people like John Barron, from finding out it was all a fraud in the first place and there is no signed corporate contract to be a citizen. We just presume they are and so do they, by blind ignorance of the unaware. After all they believe in the Myths the Pope created so they never would find out, because we did create a public fool education system that will feed them what Mushrooms thrive on and they will believe it. That way the Vatican, the Mother corporation, will be further protected from them finding out the real history that they are a member of the “daughter corporation.” They will be dancing and Rah Rah-ing at Presidents' fund raising, waving flags in a frenzy celebrating their slave character for centuries to come, when I install him as my CEO, so says Adolfo Nicholas the new Black Pope.

The Black Pope, whether you know it or not, has placed all Presidents in this country in office and you citizens think you do it? My new book exposes this whole scam. Right down to where the corporation, you call US government, actually has documents stating the first eight presidents fit Obama’s condition. Hell, with the requirements of the by-laws, a corporation can do what it wants when it’s a private foreign controlled sub corporation.

OK, so you just love being a US corporate citizen that only knows how to gripe? Guess so, for I have laid this out for 20 years and only now, people from another country are smart enough to know what to do, even though their country is much different than this one here called America. This country, where 51 private corporations reside. Hey, look at Dun and Brad Street from England. It lists every state as a private corporation and all courts as Private corporations and even The Senate as a private corporation, claiming its sub corporation home for the biggest corporation in the world called the Vatican. After all the Vatican owned all of the British empire called the Virginia Land Company, and the Hudson Bay Company in strife with the East India company that finally lost in 1873, that all the individual corporate states came from after the 1213 Treaty, where he claimed all of the British empire in the world and took all the Kings subjects and feigned a war in 1776 that the British never won, cause it was not theirs to lose.

Oh well, these citizen subjects will never learn the ways of the corporation, thinking they are still aliens having natural law rights, they gave up to become our slaves, so says the corporation officers; laughing all the way to bail out the foreign banking, also controlled by the Black Pope, with your money or really your labor paid to you in worthless paper. The original constitution that went into the Convention in Philadelphia WAS NOT the same one when it came out of the convention. So throw away the entire federalist papers, as they were written for the Original constitution to entice people, the common man to support it. Logically that says the common man never wrote the Constitution. The Black Pope says, as did J.P. Coltrain in the Dukes of Hazard said, wringing his hands and twitching with Glee, “Oh I love it, I love it.” They fell for it.

The Informer
Jan 4, 2010