America's Real History Not Taught

When one wants to engage in a money discussion on the why and how gold and silver came to being used as money in the United States, one has to go back in time and obtain documents you never were taught existed.

The 1776 war was a costly battle. The people running the corporations called colonies had no means to pay back the King for the war. Why would anyone have to pay back the King if he lost the war? Good question because he did not lose the war. You see way back in 1751 the British Parliament and the British Board of trade, operated by none other than the so-called freedom lover John Locke, forced the colonies into accepting Gold and silver in their commerce. After all they all were corporations of the Vatican through a previous treaty of 1213 between the King and the Vatican’s Pope. The King turned over all his property in the world and all his subjects also, to the Vatican. Which, by the way, was the biggest and most powerful corporation in the world. Here is the Currency Act of 1764 that set the way for the United States to be formed and use gold and silver. It was decided way before 1787. There was also one in 1751 that said basically the same thing. The Vatican sees centuries ahead what it wants to control. The how is at that time it arises Note they refer to America; America is the country. The United States of America is not a country. It is a place within America. People have no clue and believe the Myths that the United States is a country. Not ever is it a country. It always was America and will always be America. The myth shows how gullible and ignorant the people really are. The education system of the corporation has seen to that.

Great Britain : Parliament - The Currency Act; April 19, 1764

WHEREAS great quantities of paper bills of credit have been created and issued in his Majesty’s colonies or plantations in America, by virtue of acts, orders, resolutions, or votes of assembly, making and declaring such bills of credit to be legal tender in payment of money: and whereas such bills of credit have greatly depreciated in their value, by means whereof debts have been discharged with a much less value than was contracted for, to the great discouragement and prejudice of the trade and commerce of his Majesty’s subjects, by occasioning confusion in dealings, and lessening credit in the said colonies or plantations: for remedy whereof, may it please your most excellent Majesty, that it may be enacted; and be it enacted by the King’s most excellent majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the lords spiritual and temporal, and commons, in this present parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, That from and after the first day of September, one thousand seven hundred and sixty four, no act, order, resolution, or vote of assembly, in any of his Majesty’s colonies or plantations in America, shall be made, for creating or issuing any paper bills, or bills of credit of any kind or denomination whatsoever, declaring such paper bills, or bills of credit, to be legal tender in payment of any bargains, contracts, debts, dues, or demands whatsoever; and every clause or provision which shall hereafter be inserted in any act, order, resolution, or vote of assembly, contrary to this act, shall be null and void.

II. And whereas the great quantities of paper bills, or bills of credit, which are now actually in circulation and currency in several colonies or plantations in America, emitted in pursuance of acts of assembly declaring such bills a legal tender, make it highly expedient that the conditions and terms, upon which such bills have been emitted, should not be varied or prolonged, so as to continue the legal tender thereof beyond the terms respectively fixed by such acts for calling in and discharging such bills; be it therefore enacted by the authority aforesaid, That every act, order, resolution, or vote of assembly, in any of the said colonies or plantations, which shall be made to prolong the legal tender of any paper bills, or bills of credit, which are now subsisting and current in any of the said colonies or plantations in America, beyond the times fixed for the calling in, sinking, and discharging of such paper bills, or bills of credit, shall be null and void.

III. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, That if any governor or commander in chief for the time being, in all or any of the said colonies or plantations, shall, from and after the said first day of September, one thousand seven hundred and sixty four, give his assent to any act or order of assembly contrary to the true intent and meaning of this act, every such governor or commander in chief shall, for every such offence, forfeit and pay the sum of one thousand pounds, and shall be immediately dismissed from his government, and for ever after rendered incapable of any public office or place of trust.

IV. Provided always, That nothing in this act shall extend to alter or repeal an act passed in the twenty fourth year of the reign of his late majesty King George the Second, intituled, An act to regulate and restrain paper bills of credit in his Majesty’s colonies or plantations of Rhode Island and Providence plantations, Connecticut, the Massachuset’s Bay, and New Hampshire, in America, and to prevent the same being legal tenders in payments of money.

V. Provided also, That nothing herein contained shall extend, or be construed to extend, to make any of the bills now subsisting in any of the said colonies a legal tender.

The corporate colonies supposedly won the war of 1776. As the fable goes. They did no such thing because the King, the front man for the Vatican did not own the Colonies, the Vatican did and owned all the subjects in America. They did well in spite of the Currency Act forced on them, as they refused it. They were working off the Mass. Bay Note of the Massachusetts Corporation. You see all things like the Connecticut Colony, the Mayflower Compact were all commercial corporations. That Mass. Bay Note was the main stay of all the corporate colonies. It was the only paper money not inflatable in American history. It out shown gold and silver that was in short supply and hard to get, as Europe had most of it.

[Here are the Mass. Bay Note contents.]

The Mass. Bay Note that was used cannot be copied but this described what backed the un-inflatable Note (Commodity Based)

This is the only currency note in American history redeemed at the same purchasing power as when used. Its value was defined in terms of Beef, Corn, Sheeps wool, and Sole Leather, raw materials of the necessities of life, purchasable for the sum at the time of issue. Not like the federal reserve note of today that has no backing whatsoever. The Mass. Bay Note is of sound, un-inflatable money of stable purchasing power that the King and Crown did not like. That’s why they forced the colonies to use gold and silver, That contrary to opinion of the best of the best money gurus out there, can be reduced or raised at will because the powers that be can and have done that by declaring 3/4 ounce of silver is a dollar. They already changed that to be now one ounce of silver to be a dollar. If they wanted to obtain more silver they could say two ounces of silver be a dollar. Then as the King did he went to the silver standard and the gold standard was screwed. Little do people know that Gold was traded as a commodity solely on its availability in the market place, much like copper is today. However it was not until the 19th Century it was fixed You have no idea and the Constitution lovers are so ignorant, because the Constitution denies Congress the right to issue money. Congress is controlled by the owner of the corporation called the United States, to coin money only and set the price to whatever they want, based on the dollar. You might gloss over this but right here is the crux of the thing called money and the Note of today that the corporations Department of Treasury calls money, The Private Federal Reserve Note. Reason and think. If the basis in everything is the “ DOLLAR” on what is the dollar that gold and silver is based ? No patriot has a clue and that means the best writers of paper, so called money. If everyone says a dollar of silver is so many grains of silver or gold content of a coin, what is the dollar? Dear people, the dollar is what all nations have agreed. T. Cushing Daniel said to Congress when they called him to explain to them, what is a dollar; I am not going into this, Daniel stated that ‘the dollar is 100 cents’. Now people who can reason, What is a cent? What is a cent made from? What are 100 pennies worth? Can you see how you and our families were lied to and controlled by the owner of the corporation called The United States and the corporate states that were controlled by it also? If anyone had doubts then obtain T. Cushing Daniel’s papers when he appeared before The Banking and Currency Committee of the Sixtieth Congress September 25, 1913 Senate on HR 7837 ( S. 2639). I have them in a format on my computer of various pages from the hard copy to prove what I said here. Daniel said gold and silver are fallacies when he said, “Our whole system on money and currency is built upon this absolutely false foundation, which has and is now costing the people untold millions.” He then said, in reference to James C. Hallock’s statement; “ It can be seen that Congress and the United States Treasury no longer represent the people. The greatest standing reflection upon the Boasted intelligence of our people is their thoughtless submission to the present infamous currency system— money based on debts, Banks of Issue, and gold redemption.

People, the Constitution was not of your making. Only the states are bound to make payment in gold and silver, NOT YOU. You are not in the contract to be bound by payment in gold and silver, Are YOU? Oh, I see you call yourself a US citizen. Ok, so you are in contract then and lost your non resident status as man. Therefore, yes I see you are not alien to any contract, in fact you are in contract and that’s why you must get a DL, gun permits, building permits and pay the corporate income tax, payed back to those who gave you those funny pieces of valueless paper based on a confidence scam. I think it’s called the Private Federal Reserve? As stated in the Treasury sited here.

Now we go back to right after the 1776 war.

When the make believe war was over, the King went to the Treaty of Peace with the King in complete control dictating the terms in 1783. That was only a front, because the King could not give freedom to anyone because he did not own the land. He did not own his subjects. He had neither land nor subjects. They were owned by the Vatican. So you see he could give no freedom to subjects not his, nor turn over land that was not his in any treaty what so ever. This is one of many myths people have believed for centuries. This is when the United States was accepted, internationally, as a corporation. Remember that date well. It was not 1776 or any time in between. What happened immediately after the 1783 treaty was the contract between the colonies called States and the King, since the corporate states supposedly created the United States. Not the people. That is Myth #2. People cannot create a corporation that already existed. What happened was the elite corporate heads as in Washington, Adams, Hamilton, Jefferson and others created what? Nothing. Why? Because how can they create a corporation already created and owned by the Vatican ? They can’t. So the Vatican, with his controlled Illuminati, created the United States Corporation. Anyone can see this on the History Channel aired the end of August 2009, I believe. It was called The Secrets of the Founding Fathers. Now this Contract between the thirteen united colony corporations is shown here

Contract between the King and the Thirteen United States of North America February 25, 1783

The reestablished peace between the belligerent powers, the advantages of a free commerce to all parts of the globe, and the independence of the thirteen United States of North America, acknowledged and founded on a solid and honorable basis, rendered it probable that the said States would be in a condition to provide hereafter for their necessities, by means of the resources within themselves, without being compelled to implore the continuation of the succors which the King has so liberally granted during the war; but the Minister Plenipotentiary of the said United States to His Majesty having represented to him the exhausted state to which they have been reduced by a long and disastrous war, His Majesty has condescended to take into consideration the request made by the aforesaid Minister in the name of the Congress of the said States for a new advance of money to answer numerous purposes of urgent and indispensable expenses in the course of the present year; His Majesty has, in consequence, determined, notwithstanding the no less pressing necessities of his own service, to grant to Congress a new pecuniary assistance, which he has fixed at the sum of six millions livres tournois, under the title of loan and under the guaranty of the whole thirteen United States, which the Minister of Congress has declared his acceptance of, with the liveliest acknowledgments in the name of the said States.

And as it is necessary to the good order of His Majesty’s finances, and also useful to the operations of the finances of the United States, to assign periods for payment of the six millions Iivres in question, and to regulate the conditions and terms of reimbursement, which should be made at His Majesty’s royal treasury at Paris after the manner of what has been stipulated for the preceding advances by former contract of the 16th July, 1782-

We, Charles Gravier, Count de Vergennes, etc., Counselor of the King in his Councils, Commander of his Orders, Chief of the Royal Council of Finances, Counselor of State, etc., Minister and Secretary of State and of his Commands and Finances, invested with full powers by His Majesty, given to us for the purpose of these presents- -

And we, Benjamin Franklin, Minister and Plenipotentiary of the United States of North America, likewise invested with powers by the Congress of said States for the same purpose of these presents, after having compared and duly communicated to each other our respective powers, have agreed upon the following articles:


The payment of the six millions livres, French money, above mentioned, shall be made from the funds of the royal treasury, in proportions of five hundred thousand livres during each of the twelve months of the present year, under the acknowledgments of the Minister of the said United States, promising, in the name of Congress and in behalf of the thirteen United States, to reimburse and refund the said six million livres in ready money at His Majesty’s royal treasury, at the house of the Sieur Grand, banker at Paris, with interest at five per cent per annum, at periods hereafter stipulated in the third and fourth articles. The advances which His Majesty has been pleased to allow to be made on account of the six millions in question, shall be deducted in the payments of the first month of this year.


For better understanding the fixing of periods for the reimbursement of the six millions at the royal treasury, and to prevent all ambiguity on this head, it has been found proper to recapitulate here the amount of the preceding aids granted by the King to the United States, and to distinguish them according to their different classes. The first is composed of funds lent successively by His Majesty, amounting in the whole to the sum of eighteen million livres, reimbursable in specie at the royal treasury in twelve equal portions of a million five hundred thousand livres each, besides the interest, and in twelve years, to commence from the third year after the date of the peace, the interest, beginning to reckon at the date of the peace, to be discharged annually, shall diminish in proportion to the reimbursement of the capital, the last payment of which shall expire in the year 1798.

The second class comprehends the loan of five million Dutch florins, amounting, by a moderate valuation, to ten million livres tournois, the said loan made in Holland in 1781 for the service of the United States of North America, under the engagement of the King to refund the capital, with interest at four per cent per annum, at the general counter of the States General of the United Provinces of the Netherlands in ten equal portions, reckoning from the sixth year of the date of said loan; and under the like engagement on the part of the Minister of Congress and in behalf of the thirteen United States, to reimburse the ten millions of said loan in ready money at the royal treasury, with interest at four per cent per annum, in ten equal portions of a million each, and in ten periods from year to year, the first of which shall take place in the month of November, 1787, and the last in the same month, 1796; the whole conformable to the conditions expressed in the contract of 16th July, 1782.

In the third class are comprehended the aids and subsidies furnished to the Congress of the United States under the title of gratuitous assistance from the pure generosity of the King, three millions of which were granted before the treaty of February, 1778, and six millions in 1781; which aids and subsidies amount in the whole to nine million livres tournois. His Majesty here confirms, in case of need, the gratuitous gift to the Congress of the said thirteen United States.


The new loan of six millions livres tournois, the subject of the present contract, shall be re- funded and reimbursed in ready money at His Majesty’s royal treasury in six equal portions of a million each, with interest at five per cent per annum, and in six periods, the first of which shall take place in the year 1797, and so on from year to year until 1802, when the last reimbursement shall be completed.


The interest of five per cent per annum of the capital of the six millions mentioned in the preceding article shall begin to be reckoned from the 1st of January of the year 1784 and shall be paid in ready money at His Majesty’s royal treasury at Paris on the same day of each year, the first of which shall take place the 1st of January, 1785, and so on from year to year until the definitive reimbursement of the capital; His Majesty being pleased, by a new act of generosity, to present and remit to the thirteen United States the partial interest of the present year, which the underwritten Minister of Congress has declared to accept with acknowledgment in the name of the said United States.


The interest of the capital of the six millions shall diminish in proportion to the reimbursements at the periods fixed in the preceding article, Congress and the United States reserving, however, the liberty of freeing themselves by anticipated payments, should the state of their finances admit.


The contracting parties will reciprocally guarantee the faithful observation of the foregoing articles, the ratifications of which shall be exchanged in the space of nine months from the date of this present contract, or sooner if possible.

In faith whereof we, the Ministers Plenipotentiary of His Majesty and the Congress of the thirteen United States of North America, in virtue of our respective full powers, have signed the present contract and thereunto affixed the seal of our arms.

Done at Versailles the twenty-fifth day of February, one thousand seven hundred and eighty-three.





As you can see the King, that supposedly LOST the war, is in contract as he did in the Treaty of Peace a pay back to him. Say what? Didn’t he lose the war? When Japan lost the war did they demand payment like the King wants, by contract nonetheless? Is something smelling real fishy here. Why didn’t they teach this in school? Because the fraud would be shown for what it is? Corporate power take over. As I said the King did not own anything in America. He was the front man for the Pope who owned the land and people. We now come to why this was not to be known. The contract was a tidy sum to be paid back to the King as you can see. Oh, my what to do, said the corporate heads. They needed a tax base. Hmm… enter the non resident to any contract, for he had no contract and therefore, in law, was Alien to that contract with the King and the Thirteen Colonies that formed the United States in 1783. How to get a tax base to pay the debt? Cajole the man called non resident alien into becoming a corporate citizen (United States citizen). Hard sell, but they did it out of the Man’s ignorance. You see the man had a contract with the Lord at one time, as a citizen of the Household of the Lord, Eph 2:19. Gee, at that time he had natural law God given rights. That was way before the King called him subject. Now that the King’s hold was gone, over what were his subjects, the Subjects never realized they were owned by the corporation of the Vatican. So the Vatican, winning anyway it goes, allowed the corporation he formed, the United States, to fraud the non resident alien, of course in law, as he had no contract with anyone, because he forsook the Lord when becoming the Kings subject, to become a US citizen. They used the term citizen, because the ignorant people didn’t like subject. Nothing changed but the corporation that owned them. They thought they were free at last. The Non resident alien now was in contract with the corporation and became a person in US law, an artificial entity and subject to its (the corporation’s) Jurisdiction. As a corporate member he must abide by all statute law of commercial undertakings. Since the law of nations and natural law apply to two different subjects, the person cannot get out of saying he cannot be bound by the corporation’s treaties with the UN for instance. Yes, they can. They gave up all natural law rights and became a corporate member in a Joint adventure. That is found in the New History of America book. Tax base solved without a whimper from ignorants. That’s why in law it states very clearly “Every person born or naturalized in the United States and subject to its jurisdiction is a c itizen.”

Note the” its”. IT, is a corporation. IT is not all the states united. It’s is singular, not plural in the English language. So the people became corporate citizens because they were fed MYTHS, that they created the United States; they created a corporate Constitution to protect them and all the myths that goes along with all the garbage they can feed the ignorant. The United States, as the corporation it is, is supported by persons, to all the Privileges it can give them, as no corporation can give man any rights. Being that man lost his status of the Physical being, with all natural law rights given him by God, he gave up the natural law right to bear arms, the natural law right to travel the roads any way he sees fit, the natural law right to marry and really be free and self governing in natural law, only to become an artificial entity having only privileges as a corporate entity and lacking the capacity to be under natural law. The Bill of Rights is an oxymoron. If they are natural law rights, there can be no conditions to use those rights. Why, if it is a natural law right, does the corporation dictate it must be licensed or permits issued and they say what the parameters are to be when exercising a natural law right? There can be none for the person, as he is in contract as a corporate member. When he gave up all natural law rights; For corporate PRIVILEGES. What he did give to the corporation is the right to take away all corporate privileges. The MAN gave up all natural law rights when he VOLUNTARILY joined the corporation. There is, in the Private IRS, tax code a way out. Yes, it too is a corporation of the Vatican to collect all the funny money you just use, as it’s not yours, because the Black Pope has seen to it that all notes, the minute they are issued, carries a lien on them and this is what his IRS collects in the form of an individual income tax. Yes, it is a tax on your doing business for the corporation as a corporate entity. All your taxes go to pay the Vatican through his controlled banking system. Not one penny goes to the operation of his corporation. He is still collecting on that contract way back in 1783 that you read in this article. BUT buried within the old tax code is the way out for the non resident alien. It’s all in my book ‘Which One Are You', published in 1990. The people in the 1990’s read it as a geographical place and not in the contract sense. Why would IRS spend so much time on the non resident alien in its tax code. Well over 100 pages. That is your way out of tax collection. Remember, Citizen is in contract. Person is the artificial character in contract. What does the Pope’s IRS work on? Citizen, person, contract. Find me one statute that uses man and woman in it’s make up. Find me the hundreds of thousands of statutes where person is used? Read Person to understand. One quick reading will not find what you want. This is a read where you ask yourself questions and continue reading and the answer will pop up like a 100 watt light bulb going on. The other book on how the Pope runs this country is my newest, The Myth and the Reality. It explains how the black Pope installs every president into his CEO office. The MYTH that your vote counts is just that, a myth. The book shows the first eight presidents were the same as Obama. None were born on United States soil. The parents were not born on US soil. And none were ever US citizens for the length of time needed to be president. Forget about time, they were not born on US soil and that is found in the Corporations own documents. Stop calling it a wonderful “government”. It was always a corporation and a foreign controlled one at that.

The Informer
December 12, 2009