The Real 1930 Geneva Convention Books

Just a teaser for you readers:

I am in the process of reading the three volumes of the 1930 Geneva Convention which includes the League of Nations. Of course you know the League of Nations was broken up but the UN is really the old League of Nations with a reorganization, that’s all. The United States and Great Britain appear to be running the whole deal.

So far there is no hint of US bankruptcy at all. In fact the United States forgave the German War debt among other debts and was loaning Germany over $100 million through American Banks. Now get this, they were going to loan $300 million to Germany for their post offices and rail system but in a letter from the Governor of the Federal Reserve Bank he advised the United States to back off to $100 million because of Congress McFadden’s speech that stirred up too much controversy.

From what I am reading the whole patriot theory of the bankruptcy taking place in the Geneva Convention is pure myth. It appears that with all the loans the United States was making it was rolling in money; and, it was the banks that claimed they had no money in 1933, three years later, because of all the loans the United States was making to all the countries. J.P. Morgan was very instrumental in giving away the people’s money. Not only that; but big business such as Firestone Rubber co. was dictating that it would redeem the Liberian outstanding indebtedness, and, make a further loan to Liberian government to grow Rubber in that country in 1925. How was Firestone writing off the debt it was absorbing? Why – through tax write-offs that YOU or your parents were paying the pickup on while they were rolling in dough. Does this sound like pure fascism?

Noooo…. couldn’t be, here in America? And what about J.P Morgan and all his enterprises. Why are they involved in the treaty convention? I thought only YOUR elected officials were to do that.

Not only that but you should see what and how the IRS was addressed. There are letters in here that prove what I have been saying that the IRS employees are not considered government employees. Of course they are tied directly to the Federal reserve.

In fact The Finance Corporation of America in a letter dated June 14, 1930, to the National City Bank of New York, told them they were not giving the loan to Liberia because of 20 deficiencies. One being, now read this closely,

“The Government has refused to make payment of the salaries of the employees of the revenue service, both customs and internal from the funds available and due such employees, in violation of the express terms of Section 1 of Article XIII of the Loan Agreement, and has notified the Financial Adviser that it proposes to continue to refuse to make such payments out of the SPECIFICALLY ASSIGNED revenues of the Government in priority to payment of salaries to OTHER employees of the Government not entitled to such priority under the express terms of ARTICLE XIII of the Loan Agreement.”

There you have only a part of the proof that the IRS employees are not paid directly by the US Government but by the Loan Agreement. Now for more proof why the IRS is all over the world, and are private, is this other reason they were not giving the loan. Read and weep.

“In derogation of the express terms on intent of the Loan Agreement, the Government addressed a communication from its Solicitor General to the Financial Adviser in writing, asserting that the Supervisor of the Internal Revenue is a member of the Treasury Department of Liberia and is subject to the Secretary of the Treasury.”

Now, who runs the really hires and runs the IRS? Read the next stipulation of the Finance Corporation.

“From time to time the Government has appointed to the Customs and Internal Revenue Service Officials and employees WITHOUT the previous advice of the Financial Adviser as contemplated in Article IX; and without previous consultation with or the information to the Financial Adviser.”

Every treaty has a tax agreement that concerns the IRS. Also in these treaties you see that only Nationals are subject to the United States income taxes.. Oh yeah, it is spelled out in spades. Like this treaty with France in letter from the Secretary of State to the Ambassador of France where he states;

“This draft treaty is only applicable in this country to the Federal Government. The OMISSION of the WORD “national” in the second line of the first paragraph would seemingly make it applicable to the several States. …”

There is more - but pressed for time.

Here, reading the rest of the letter, is the fact that the term National ONLY means the UNITED STATES and NOT the several States – shoots those in the foot that claim they are a National. Guess what? Further on it states that it is the National that is subject to the Income tax, NOT the people in the several States. I’m telling – you this Geneva Stuff is a killer. Vol. I is 564 pages, Vol. II is 797 pages and Vol. III is 904 pages.

This is a lot of reading so I can’t tell you any more. I will be scanning some, very little of the pages, and be posting it at a much later date because of the time consuming reading every word after scanning because it misses whole words in scanning, and I have access to a pretty good scanner. It just might be 3 months down the road. You people are going to have a very rude awakening after reading how you have been screwed by the bankers, the big businesses and “your congressmen?” They run you, not the other way around. And treaties galore abound because they have to bring in treaties from 1833 and earlier to amend them for this 1930 treaty at Geneva. This, people, was the beginning of your further screwing and loss of all your property that was pledged as the backing for all these loans the US was handing out. McFadden was killed over this and he was crying in the wilderness. Just like Montgomery, Big Al and I and maybe a handful at best, that have been trying to tell you, we have never been in control of any Congress since the country was formed and this Geneva Convention proves it in spades.

Contrary to what most people think the Geneva Convention was not a group of nations getting together in one place and an orderly recording of minutes taken. Rather it was a series of letters and telegrams over the course of a few months between all interested nations and private concerns, and also including banking. These are found in Foreign Relations books that were loaned me. There are no books titled Convention in Geneva.

See ya all later.

The Informer
January 13, 2001