So You Really Want a Republic?

Since I got into this movement back in 1976 I had always heard they destroyed the Republic. They went to a Democracy. Who was I to know but what I was taught in school. All patriots cried and clamored for a Republic in all sorts of ways. I fell into the trap being I was new. The Patriots said the Pledge says we are a Republic and by golly we have to be Republic. As the years went along I said let’s see what is so good about this Republic that all Patriots clamor for and would fight to the death over to get it back. So I said, let’s look at what the Law books say and Black’s was the most used, so why not.

Following the rabbit trail I started with republic and took each word used to describe Republic and looked those up; went to the end where it said it was a Jural Society. So further research led me to the fact it was a corporate society. I said wait a minute; is this what they really want? Someone came up with the Army War Manual that gave the difference between the two. Sure enough, it looked good at first blush, but being that I was on to something it left a sour taste in my mouth. Here we are in the 80’s when Patriots despised corporations and here they clamor for a Republic, which up to now meant a corporation in my findings. Wow!

Further research turned up and I stuck what I found in my Which One Are You book in 1990. But it was a short paragraph, thinking the movement would pick up on it and do some more research. But as usual they had a brain malfunction when they are told something outside their box they live in. But after I found the Manta site, and after seeing a lot of people found the Manta site that proves all governments are corporations, and they still don’t get it, I said serves the movement people right. They got a corporation (republic) and why are they bitching. Well I now place before the movement again the document I found way back some 30 years ago that no one to date has looked up and has done no work on it. These same people still insist they want a Republic. Whether you have a brain malfunction or not, I could care less. Here for your edification is the Republic the movement clamored for 30 years ago and still to this day clamors for it. I direct your attention to the second page, and the first full paragraph. You decide.

The Informer

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