History of the British Subjects

Your ancestors were British subjects and now you are a subject of another that took over all British subjects. All that changed was new Kings. You remained the same, a subject, but in modern words, it changed to a citizen.

Citizen = subject = serf = slave, take your pick,it doesn’t matter.

A very brief overview and not in detail, as that can be found on this site in other articles by the Informer, articles by James Montgomery and in the Informer’s books. If you have questions read the sites and books, I just mentioned. The web owners will not answer any questions nor will Montgomery and I, as they are already answered in their works.

Time line abridged;

Pre 1066: King had subjects of his own called British subjects. Many did not pay land tax to the King.

1066: William the Conqueror took over England and British subjects came under his Rule. This changed, as land was taxed for the first time on all British subjects.

1213: The Vatican took over the King and his subjects at the request of the King to save his soul and those of his subjects. For the King, in denying the Pope’s Church of England caused this take over. In return, all his subjects would come under the corporation of the Vatican and all the King’s Land would go to the Vatican in the entire world, thereby ousting William.

1215: The final signing of the contract with the Pope in August, whereby the corporation known as the British Empire was converted to the Vatican corporation and all subjects became subjects of the Pope’s corporation. The King stayed on as the Vatican ’s front man to run the show.

America discovered and laid claim by the King. The Vatican is still owning land anywhere the King owned in the world. He also owned all British subjects. They had no idea this had taken place in 1215. They thought they were still ruled by the King.

Pre 1600: The area in America, from Georgia in the south, to Maine in the north and up to the west border that is now Ohio, became a corporation known as the Virginia Land Company. It was in competition with the East India Company and a few other corporations. They all were under the Rule of Admiralty law as they were all international companies that were ruled by the big corporation called the Vatican. It used the Catholic Church that it took over in circa 382 BC when it went belly up and the Pope bought them out, as its front to start ruling the world. This was the Vicar of Christ’s goal from the very beginning. He really doesn’t exist but what people believed him to be as he said he was. This way he could use the church doctrine that “no man can own any possessions,” to rule the King he made believe that he alone could save the King and his subjects from eternal damnation in hell. This was his concocted story to gain control in the world, because the Lord gave man possession of land and the church just went against the Lord’s wishes? Yea right, let the delusional Pope think he alone can be the only one that owns the land.

1609: The Virginia Land Company, owned by the Vatican corporation was ruled by the King. He was the front man for the Pope, so people would not know that he turned them over to their new Ruler back in 1215 when he signed the contract. Just like you reading this have no clue you are a corporate member and by their private corporate law, YOU can’t question the public debt. Did they?

1609 to 1650: There were many conflicts and without going into detail they were The Plymouth Company founding a corporation, The Mayflower compact, another corporation. It was “set up as a civil body politic” yet another corporation using Roman “civil law”. The Liquidation of the corporations Debt called “the Liquidation of London Adventurers”. The Massachusetts Bay Company, The Dorchestor Company, The New England Company, which was the successor to the Mass Bay Company. So all in all, everything and everybody in the Virginia Land Company were all corporations. In the fall of 1632 Connecticut was formed as a corporation. Then Rhode Island in 1636 to 1656 became a corporation. Then the Founding of New Haven Company, established Mosaic law as its basis for its legal system. No, there has been NO LAWFUL system of law under God’s Natural Law ever set up. It’s all legal corporation law.

1660 to 1689: All the New England state corporations went through what was called The Restoration Acts under the Dictates of the King. This is where, for the most part the Vatican shows its authority to rule its corporation within his Virginia land company in the fact that “Christians had the right to form churches, provided they be in orthodox in judgment and not scandalous in life.” They came down hard on Baptists and Quakers and imposed the death penalty for those not conforming to the Vatican’s dictates. In the restored New Haven Corporation of 1662, freemen were ousted from their independence. The Crown, not the King, dispatched four Commissioners to New England to secure aid in the war with the Dutch. In 1675, The New England Confederation, was all corporation, my dear people. Not some wonderful confederation you were lied to death about and into subjection as you believe, declared war which spilled over to the other corporate confederated States. That’s when all the seven Proprietors started selling their corporate rights. This is why the Pope/King cabal called in all those rights and all but one turned them in. That man was Lord Granville, which the county I live in was named after him. This is where the New Jersey Company of East and West Jersey got its power. It was in 2003, I believe, that West Jersey finally sold out and was in the papers as the oldest company left to do so.

Fast forward to the 1776 war. Mind you. The Vatican owns all the Virginia Land Company via that 1215 signing of the Contract with the King. I am not going into detail as what the Vatican was doing all this time. It’s in the book, as they say. The Pope was in a quandary as to his corporations when they all broke from the Virginia land company as to what to do. Well, the so-called war of the independent corporations happened as you all know well from ‘Myths’ designed to keep all the British corporate subjects from finding out the truth as they still thought the King was ruling them. Much the same as the People thinking Obama, Bush, Clinton, Lincoln, and Washington were ruling them. The Vatican went through changes back in 1541 when the Superior General of the Jesuits came into power. Then you had what people call the White Pope, but now the new Superior General became known as the Black Pope. He was to see the corporation of the Vatican ruled with an Iron fist and there have been about 54 Black Popes in power. They have killed many a White Pope when he faltered under the directives he has been given in the realm of Satan. They don’t call him Satan. They call him Lucifer.

1783: After the war the Pope saw his chance in the Treaty of Peace, to regain his control and still stay hidden in the background. You see the White Pope chartered the first BAR Association in 1355 and owns all attorneys worldwide. They are in his control to rule for the corporation so it does not go belly up if someone decides to challenge his corporation. The United States corporation became officially known, internationally by other nations, the day after 1783 as the United States. Therefore all the people that were incorporated in the confederate states and those in the States before the United States was created were still all corporate subjects. All they did in the contract known as the Treaty of Peace was call the old British subjects, United States citizens. There has been no change in the corporate character of the British Subjects as State corporate citizens. But now they are called State citizens. Both are owned by the Vatican corporation. So you see people, we never were ever some free people. Even in the 1600’s to present. We have all been fed myths that somehow, out of all these corporations, we became free and sovereign. It isn’t so. Because if a Christian really existed, and no, there is not one Christian in America, although you might believe the Myths they feed you, You can never be sovereign as long as there is a God or the good angel. You are his servant, so how could you ever be sovereign?

Think about this myth. Say everyone claims he is a sovereign. Are you sovereign over your brother, a sister, an aunt, uncle, me, your next door neighbors? Just who are you sovereign over if everyone I just mentioned is sovereign also? You have not even thought of that paradox. Ok, if the Lord made us all equal, why issue a directive that anyone is sovereign? Whoever issued that directive in the first place? Find it if you can in the thousands of Myths designed to keep you in the dark for all your life back to 1066 and before, if you want to go that far back. Take the delusional idiot who claimed he was the Vicar of Christ. He became sovereign over all his followers because they believed in what he said without any reasoning capabilities whatsoever. As I stated in my book The Myth and the Reality, Thomas Paine’s quote. It fits people then and fits the entire 300 million slaves to the corporate United States now when he said:

“Reason and Ignorance, the opposites of each other, influence the great bulk of mankind. If either of these can be rendered sufficiently extensive in a country, the machinery of Government goes easily on. Reason obeys itself, and Ignorance submits to whatever is dictated to it.” The Rights of Man, Thomas Paine

People, British subjects, why I will never know except for ignorance, never asked… ok, you crazy man, who put you in charge of me in the first place? You can’t show me one place in any directives given by the lord who claimed all men are free. Take your power and shove it where the sun don’t shine because I just declared I am the Vicar of Christ, so now prove who you say you are to me. You see people, we are all supposed to be under a rule of the Pope when he is not the Vicar of Christ. For the King believed him, and he turned your ancestors into his corporate subjects and now it has mushroomed exactly how that tyrant planned it to be more than 3000 years ago. You can see in the organizational structure of the Black Pope, which Lucifer is ruling the Vatican’s White and Black Popes. No, the original Catholic Church does not exist as the Pope took it over to hide his satanic power from the people and now it is estimated by knowledgeable folks he has 1 billion followers of a mad man.

I think the American, US and state corporate citizen came out of their ignorance and stopped following the dictates of Criminals in a RICO posture that claims you are their corporate State or United States citizen/subject/serf/slave. Take your pick they all mean the same.

The Informer
October 2009