Dear Men and Women of This Country

This is my Notice to all including the corporations of the United States and the 50 corporations known as the 50 States.

I have been informed by a follower of the Informer, that the Informer’s book The New History of America, has been used by a group that appears to me to be a scam. It is used to lure people into the group at $250 a pop to join in on a trust of nefarious character. The Group is called the Sovereign Earth Alliance with a David Williams and someone calling himself Magnus Regnant. Seemingly as the heads of this organization that talk like a ponzi scam. They claim to be associated with a man convicted of mail fraud back in 1998 that helped them set up this trust. This is data given to me by a woman that helped me track down the men involved so The Informer would know what he was dealing with and she said;

“The entire scheme is based on lies about the material and what he has said about The Informer. Very elaborately done………all based on common law ….that ‘ambassador’ is not ambassador to anything.”

Perhaps you old timers know this fellow that another friend of the Informer found out. He goes by a different name now and this is what we found on a search of this man.

“Ronald Arthur Alexander Augustus Griesacker (born June 14, 1956 as Ronald Laycock), is a former resident of Saint Mary’s, Kansas who was arrested March 20, 1998 in Shady Grove, Oregon on federal bank and mail fraud charges. He was released on May 30, 2002, and concluded his parole on Sept. 27, 2002.

Griesacker is known for his role in promoting common law court activity in the Midwest, and for affiliations with Christian Patriot groups, the Republic of Texas separatist group, Freemen’s advocates and the Washitaw Nation.[citation needed] Griesacker is a former employee of the Kansas Department of Corrections.

During the trial of Republic of Texas leader Richard McLaren, Dallas attorney Thomas Mills alleged Griesacker was “John Doe No. 3”, referring to an unidentified suspect who might have participated in the Oklahoma City bombing.[citation needed]

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[edit] References
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When the Informer finally contacted these people through a friend, as they did not want to talk to the Informer. They try to justify the using of the Informer’s material “because he uses other people’s books without giving credit; that he is a fiction; that is a US citizen; and all that the Informer is against. And will not talk to a fiction”

It is evident in watching the email exchange between the Informer using my computer they were sunk when the Informer asked; “then why take US or State citizens, who are also a fiction, just because you will take a fictions FRN’s?” There are more lies and they said they do not talk to fictions only to people who are not fictions. They claim that one can make 75,000 a year using their plan. I read what they sent and they talk about entities all over their game plan. One other that found out and doing a study on them had this to say;

“We are dealing with a true scam artist here. What I tried to send you was about 5 attachments - one of which was 12 pages titled Sovereign Earth Alliance created by the man below. Sent by DP Williams. Who calls himself an Ambassador. All created in the mind of a man who created common law courts in the west. You may go online and find the same stuff that was sent to you. There was a lot more. I wish you could get some of this mail. You would wonder on what planet these people are on. – L

A reader of the Informer sent me this that explains more.

Here is another website that links to that "get out of the system" website,
They have a toll-free number 1-800-845-6360 and email address
Now you can call toll-free and confront them.
I found it from this website:
Todd & Charae' Kynett
Members of the Sovereign Earth Alliance
Living in the Eastern Sierra Region, NV
They have a PayPal link set-up for their seminar. The cost is "only $250.00"

Sounds like these people are running a scam. And using your material to do it.
[name redacted]

I made the call to see who answered. All they do is let a recording go screening calls. They never picked up and said to try again. After three tries at their time 10am 2pm and 4 pm, same old recording. Imagine if you were a member and wanted questions? They never answered emails until one man got through that found this David Williams. I put that email here for all to see to make up your mind if all he says is true about the Informer, especially those that have the New History. You can see for yourself that the Informer always gives credit on source. And note the copyright law the Informer uses from the real Law giver, not Mammon as they say. They are so ignorant as to corporate law vs the Lord’s law it is pathetic.

The following was a email to a fellow asking questions of David Williams, which was all lies which he found out later.

Dear [name edacted]

The Informer has been contacted by the one that gave him the research from which “he stole” and put into a book without giving credit or compensation to the one that did the research.

I suggest that if you are trying to defend the Informer, and would like to get you, me, him and the person that gave the so-called Informer on a conference call to discuss this matter….then I will be happy to do so.

And, more to the point, I am an Ambassador with Variations by Agreement to “use the copyrights on their case law” since “their case law is copywritten”….and the only ones with the license to “use” their cases are their attorneys. The Informer is not an attorney and has no Agreement with “them” to use “their” case law, and is therefore trespassing across “their private intellectual property”, which makes him a “tort-feasor”.

Don’t write me again, unless you have something substantiative to say. I pulled out one page in a book…no different than the Informer does with “their” copyrighted Editions of Black’s law…and no different than I would do with Webster’s dictionary…and no different than you would do if you are showing someone a page out of Huckleberry Finn….which is copywritten by Mark Twain.

So, I have no deference to your “offense”. You have the offer on the table to “hash this out” in open forum.

So this goes out to all that should you run into this group that the Informer has not given them permission to use his book. The Informer does not want to be associated with this group and has seen enough scams to smell a dead fish a mile away. So this is why the email to all to be aware that the Informer denies any attachment to this group or knows what this group had done. The Informer wants to distance himself from this group for all to see and wants no part in their scheme. The Informer does not want credits and I saw him write the email where he does not want them to use the book in anyway, shape or Form to ply their game to lure people by using the Informer’s book. I personally know the Informer as do some of the helpers of this investigation and he has done all the work himself and never plagiarizes any ones works, ever.

So beware, it’s not only the corporation you call government that is out to steal your money; it is people like these that put you in jeopardy and slander the name of the researcher and his works.