Are You a Member of a Community

This is a re-post from my second Disc that I am working on and it is for those newcomers that had not seen it before.. Gives you something to think about.

To all.

The following is taken from Blackstone’s Commentary. It includes where the King owns all “public property” in America. But the following shows how and why they can do to you, what they do when claiming you are the States subject and the State is your sovereign. I don’t want to hear any arguments to the contrary because, to the State, they do not exist. All arm chair patriots who have not experienced for themselves, an actual battle in a tax case or driver license case, in which they set a precedent for all others to follow, is why this is written. Those that have actual experience of what actually goes on and why you could not enter any exculpatory evidence whatsoever, know exactly what I mean. That is a fact that you should all be made aware, and deal with reality. I can’t italicize all that is in here as it does not come across on Juno. I will Capitalize those words below that show the how and why. You can then take it from there. It is only one paragraph but states the whole ball of wax and why I, and several others, have preached that you never want to be a State or United States citizen claiming some god-awful piece of trash called the constitution.

Chap. 8
OF PERSONS. 299-300

XVI. The next branch of the king’s ordinary revenue consists in forfeitures of lands and goods for offences; bona confiscata, (‘49) as they are called by the civilians, because they belonged to the fiscus or imperial treasury; or, as our lawyers term them, forisfacta; that is, such whereof the property is gone away or departed from the owner. (50) The true reason and only substantial Found of any forfeiture for crimes consists in this; THAT ALL PROPERTY IS DERIVED FROM SOCIETY, being one of those civil rights which are conferred upon individuals, IN EXCHANGE FOR THAT DEGREE OF NATURAL FREEDOM WHICH EVERY MAN MUST SACRIFICE WHEN HE ENTERS INTO SOCIAL COMMUNITIES. If therefore a MEMBER OF ANY NATIONAL COMMUNITY violates the fundamental CONTRACT OF HIS ASSOCIATION, by transgressing the municipal law, HE FORFEITS HIS RIGHT to such privileges as he claims by that contract; and THE STATE MAY VERY JUSTLY RESUME THAT PORTION OF PROPERTY, OR ANY PART OF IT, WHICH THE LAWS HAVE BEFORE ASSIGNED HIM. Hence, in every offence of an atrocious kind, the laws of England have exacted a total confiscation of the movables or personal estate; and in many cases a perpetual, in others only a temporary, loss of the offender’s immovables or landed property, and have vested them both in the king, who is the person supposed to be offended, being the one visible magistrate in whom the majesty of the public resides. The particulars of these forfeitures will be more properly recited when we treat of crimes and misdemeanors. I therefore only mention them here, for *the sake of regularity, as a pan of the census regalis; and shall postpone for the present the further consideration of all forfeitures, excepting one species only, which arises from the misfortune rather than the crime of the owner, and is called a deodand.(51)

Oh! You all should read the footnote on this page. In part it states, “[Also concerning those things which are accounted waifs, as of beasts of the plough, where the owner does not appear, and which were formerly the property of the finder by natural right, belong now to the king by the law of nations].”

Ok people, the Treaty of 1783 was drafted under the law of nations which actually was the cause of the creation of the Constitution of the United States with the King still in the passenger seat telling the driver what, why, when, where and how to drive. Then all States that joined the Union were compelled to change their constitutions, which most drafted right at the year 1776, just before, and right after, the Declaration of Independence. And, the majority of the people then just loved it to know end, just like the stupid people of today. You see It was Patrick Henry and all those other anti-federalists that warned we were under a monarchy if the Constitution was passed, and they did not listen. Much is the same today with only a handful of us preaching the same as over 200 years ago. They all want to be a “member of a social community” and sit on the juries to convict you because, “Why were would we be if you didn’t pay taxes like I do or I got to have a license to drive, what makes you any different? And the court sits back smugly, under presumption, that you are a “member.”

Well I hope you see why we never win a major case and why, in a tax case, or for that matter a driver license case, you will never prevail. How many people out there have been before a traffic court claiming they won their case where they did not need a license? Now I dare that same man to go into any state, drive up to any road block or hail over a police officer and say, “You know what, I don’t need a driver license and here is my court case that proves it.” Now for those that have, have you ever traveled into nazi Jersey and tried that and got away with it? No! I dare you to do it. Just drive up to State police Headquarters in West Trenton and show them that you don’t need a driver license.

For Tax cases? Well, what are so many people in jail for if the people are sovereign? Please I would like to know the answer because I have researched and helped people since 1983 and I have not found one Sovereign yet. All I know is every argument that could be given has been given and they all lost. Reason? Re-read the above. The courts work on fiction and presumption that you are a “member” of the community because of “minimum contact” with the State. They always call you a person, resident, individual, or inhabitant don’t they? Whether you are registered to vote or not, to them it does not matter. Of course being registered to vote as a “member in a community” that gave up rights to join is your one way ticket to jail. Remember they can’t let the “enemy”/slaves–Ryot tenor win his case for then all slaves will try it.

Sincerely disgusted with all the powers to be, in any mode whatsoever and the stupid people who look up to them. Surely you all know of whom I speak.

The Informer