The Entire Patriot Community Is Deficient in Knowledge

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The income and all tax scams from property taxes to sales taxes, is a privilege tax.

There is not any argument put forth by patriots since 1976 when I got into this…based on this statement and proven, by a case I put forth on this site. I started an article with the question. Does this make you liable for an income tax? I did not say it was. I had no proof at that moment in time. I had deduced this on analytical reasoning, of facts in hand knowing the history of banking from 1791 and prior banking in the colonies back to the first currency act administered by the British board of trade, in 1751. Then a further search for that article after I wrote it provided the same information for anything else you pay from sales tax, property tax and the like. That is why it was posed as a question. Not one, so-called tax protester, even wrote questioning this or asking any question at all, even after I found the proof for my question. I posted that right under the question in banking. It was titled USE and TRANSFER. No attorney ever wrote, complaining it is wrong like they always do. So who is the creditor, the real creditor, when the private collecting corporation (IRS) of the Vatican collects income tax? IRS can NEVER be a Creditor and don’t let any agency of the corporation tell you any different as has FMS, in cases. There may be up to four very well defined creditors asking IRS to collect the debt from you. Taxes are a debt and can be found on various sites including U.S. government sites. It is so much debt that FDCPA and other corporation sites actually say an income tax is a debt, subject to FDCPA. I know for a fact as I have been there, done that, and won a case for a man on the matter. The courts know which one. But the people have no clue.

Here are those four: The Agency for International Development, the BATF, the United States employment agency, the Federal Reserve…. not in that order. Yes, they all have contracts with the private IRS. For example the A.I.D. in TDO 91 shows that contract.

Now let’s go to the States. They are basically tied to which of the four private corporations named above that have the most influence in state matters? If you said the Federal Reserve you would be correct. No one in America has ever thought of this. So I guess I am the first to show what many people believe about the Federal Reserve. They are owned and controlled by the Vatican’s Black Pope is why. Technically he is the Creditor. BUT his front organization, The Federal Reserve is the Creditor. When the Vatican created the States and United States as his corporations, he also had to create a collecting agency called IRS in 1861. Remember, the Pope was the first person in history that created the income tax. Proof is in James Montgomery’s articles posted here. He also had to lead, through his CEO, which are of course the Presidents he installed. And so it was that the Vatican’s Bank of England got its foot in the door when Hamilton and Washington created the first Bank of the United States in 1791, totally against the peace time Constitution. All Washington did was create the War Powers act to circumvent the peace time Constitution, which forbade the creation of Banks in the Corporation of the United States that you call “government”, that you seem to think was created for your protection. Not so.

But there was still a lot to be done. You see these international people plan 200 years ahead. Not like the Americans that plan two years in advance. So fast forward to the early 1890’s when the Private Federal Reserve was in operation on the side lines, issuing Federal Reserve Notes about mid 1890’s to “test the water” so to speak. Yes, history does show Federal Reserve note circulation in that time period. But history books do not show this. What? Do you think they are going to tell you of the impending scam to be laid on you? Most knowledgeable coin and money dealers will tell you this. They are few, but most other coin and paper money dealers know them. When the Vatican actually reinforced the civil war, when Lincoln is quoted, “The war [i.e., the American Civil War of 1861-1865] would never have been possible without the sinister influence of the Jesuits.": Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865; 16th President). It had in place, to now control all banking world wide. The Pope had not yet controlled the banks that helped the south and this was the real reason for the civil war that really wasn’t a civil war for black men to be free. They were his corporations so he could do anything he wanted. The people thought they created the States from the corporate colonies. He did create corporate states unbeknownst by the ignorant Americans. History books are controlled by the powerful elitists among you.

Now shall we proceed to the USE and TRANSFER of Federal Reserve notes? From a 1914 Supreme Court case, WHEELER v. SOHMER, when Federal Reserve notes, were gold and silver backed at PAR. The Federal Reserve operated right along side the independent sub treasury, with its U.S. Note…from what you all called the U.S. Treasury. Now after all that Gold was held by the Federal Reserve and Congress abdicated all their power to coin money and set the value. The Black Pope’s Vatican decided it was the time to put into place what the Black Pope Peter Beckx (1853-1887) of 1861 put into place for this event to take place…the IRS. Please read Going After The Wrong People for a detailed history of what has happened about which none of you are aware, right here.

A professional researcher tries not to leave any stone unturned. This is why this is written now to re-advise you, what with the international banking in shambles. Don’t ever expect to come back unless you keep plowing all their money back into the system by USING it. Whether checks or cash. Try using coined money and refuse paper scrip that is worthless as stated on the U.S. Department of Treasury site:

In the year 1921, as shown in Going After The Wrong People, the Independent U.S. Treasury, which all states also kept their money and which dealt in specie (Gold and Silver) was eliminated by the ACT of 1920. The Private Federal Reserve owners could not control the money as it had planned in 1791. See how long it takes, so people from one generation to the next have no clue as to what is going on? This is why Americans today, and yes that includes those of you reading this, are so deficient in knowledge and believe the Myths fostered on all Americans by the private corporate education system of the corporations that control you.

So please do read the 1914 case in USE and TRANSFER, where the Federal Reserve Note was money and met the Criteria in the Old Negotiable Instruments Law, (N.I.L.) which is now the UCC. That was 1914. And the tangible Note was tangible because it was at Par with silver and gold and the cent, which is what the DOLLAR is based on. Not the content of silver or gold in the coin. One must read the statements before the banking and currency committee of the 16 th Congress, Congressional hearings, where T. Cushing Daniel explained to a dumb Congress what a “DOLLAR” was. And it was disclosed that the Federal Reserve acts as a Sovereign, even over Congress, the States and the People of America.

What else is not told the people, who just love the banks to their own death, is this letter read to Congress at that hearing. I cannot key in the whole letter of Secretary H. Parker Willis dated December 30, 1916, to Daniel’s letter to him stating,

"The Bank of England was appointed by the Federal Reserve Board, in December, 1916, as its agent, through the influence of the Federal Reserve bank of New York, the central bank of the system, of which Benjamin Strong was, and is now, the Governor."

So you see people, the Bank of England controlled by the Vatican in the 1300s is now the owner of the United States and States. This is a complete turn around from when the make believe war of 1776 was fought…so that 200 years later you all are beholden to that Bank again…taxation without representation.

Today the Federal Note is worthless as stated on the US treasury website. They were at one time tangible property. They are now intangible property. I would strongly suggest you read that case in USE and TRANSFER. All your income taxes are based on the privilege of the USE of the Private trademarked FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE. It has a lien on everyone of them the minute they are issued; in favor of the Federal Reserve in Admiralty. That property your deed describes? It has a transfer tax applied. It has an excise tax stamp on it. In the case, in USE and TRANSFER, find that you are paying that excise tax for the USE of the Federal RESERVE Note, that is now not even a note under UCC as it was in 1914. It is not a tax on property at all. You are paying a tax for the Use of that funny money in transferring that payment in FRN’S to another U.S. citizen or State citizen having a presumed Character of the artificial person. Yes, it is the same as a sales tax I found in North Carolina. Read this direct quote from the court from the Case and find it, on why you pay a real estate tax.

"[30] The provision in the New York Inheritance Tax Statute, imposing a transfer tax on property within the State belonging to a non-resident at the time of his death, is not unconstitutional under the due process clause of the Fourteenth Amendment as applied to promissory notes the makers of which are non-residents of that State. Buck v. Beach, 206 U.S. 392, distinguished."

You are paying a sales tax for the same privilege of transferring that Federal Reserve Note when buying or selling a commodity. It’s not on what you buy, but the Privilege to use that private note to pay for what you buy. There never is a direct tax. You might think you pay a direct tax, but you never did. You pay a PRIVILEGE tax. An Excise tax that is equal for all. So throw away all the outdated and wrong income tax and Traffic arguments you ever used. That is why no patriot has ever won a precedent setting income tax case. Nor a property tax case. Your income tax liability statute is found on the comments in the USE and TRANSFER. NO attorney, patriot or other wise, knows this and why they, as persons are as incompetent as they say you are when going to court. By their own law they are incompetent. Now why is it called a Privilege tax. Well the con job you call the Constitution never addresses rights. It only specifies “Privileges and Immunities” and is NOT for you. You never created that compact. The Padleford case distinctly said the private common person, NEVER created that Constitution and had no right to complain of a breach of contract. That’s why all the common people were denied the opportunity to challenge Obama on Presidency. Only the States could challenge Obama. So all US citizens have no rights and only Privileges…which is why they call it a privilege to transfer property to another Citizen and that is a privilege that is taxed…not the Property. Same when you go to work and receive FRN’s it is a privilege for the company to transfer your wages in exchange for your tangible property, Labor, and are taxed on that Privilege of Transfer that just so happens to be your liability to USE those Private Notes that IRS collects a portion to return to the federal Reserve. BUT those FRNs are now worthless paper. As long as the people do not catch on and stop using Bills of exchange…FRN’s, that are debt obligations of promises to pay, they will continue to rape the people blind.

I have told Americans time and time again, if they want to correct the Problem, get the hell out of all banking. But, you are too comfortable using what taxes you to death and even after death in inheritances and estate taxes. Yes it is a privilege to die that your estate is taxed to other citizens for the Privilege of Transfer of the USE of those worthless pieces of Paper.

No patriot so far has ever figured this out. If they had they would have chimed in long ago when I posted the two articles on on this site. From the WHEELER v. SOHMER, Case

“[45] The question presented by the contention, this court said, was whether, under the statute as interpreted by the Supreme Court of the State, the properties were subject to taxation, and, if so subject, whether any rights secured by the Federal Constitution were thereby infringed.

The tax was sustained, but it will be observed that negotiable paper was not assessed at all or dealt with as an entity separate from what it represented. The notes which represented the credits taxed were, it is true, in New Orleans, but in possession of the agent of Stempel. Not they, but the rights of which they were the evidence were taxed. The broad declaration, therefore, that negotiable paper had such tangibility as to be of itself a taxable entity was not called for. The true value of the case and its application to the case at bar can be estimated when we consider the other cases.”


The Federal Reserve has the right to tax their notes that are the debt obligations of the United States. They had transferred them to you via the company you worked, or if you worked as yourself, they were transferred to you by a man for whom you did work. You in turn transfer them to others and no matter where the notes, their situs, as stated by the court, lies in the Federal Reserve system. This is the liability stated in the IRS CODE if you are a US citizen and a PERSON. It is NOT 6011, 6012 or 6001, or 26 USC 1.1-1. They are only supplements to the real liability statute found at the end of the USE and TRANSFER article. When you get a cancelled Check Back when paying income taxes, does it not say PAY TO ANY FEDERAL RESERVE BANK? THAT DEAR TAXPAYER IS THE REAL CREDITOR. IF The United States, was written on the back PAY TO THE UNITED STATES.

For Example: You would probably be a U.S. employee as stated in Title 27 CFR Section 70.161 (a) (4) (1) (A) (B) or (4) (ii) or (iii). Right from the Federal Register page 47623, Vol 55 No. 220 Wednesday November 14, 1990. This is where U.S. and State employees are dumped for collection purposes. See in the Federal Register page 47604, third column 27, CFR part 70, under List of subjects. That would be the Creditor.

Ok, on to the Federal Reserve…where is the contract you ask? Well for most Americans it is that bank signature contact card. It, in reality, is a 400 page contract. It is NOT to verify your signature. That can be done in many ways. The other way is simply the USE of Federal Reserve Notes and now in comes the supplements if you say, Hey I am not in banking! There is a back up. They have thought of everything. US citizen 26 CFR 1.1-1 for one. RESIDENT in a State for #2 and how about Person in 26 USC 7701 (a) (1).

Ok, let’s put the double whammy on you when you say I am not a US citizen. Ever read the words defining person in 7701 (a) (1)? Wow, Individual is a TERM defining the TERM person. How many times, unknowingly, have you stated you are an individual on any document? Even if it is a FOIA request? How about an “INDIVIDUAL” income tax Form? Read the TERM, as it is no longer a Word in law. In the Title 5 USC 552a (a) (2) what does the term “individual” mean? I rest my case. Try as you might to get out you seemingly cannot do it.

But as I have written extensively on the subject, there is a way out. Believe me I have used it to get out. It stares people in the face whenever you pick up a Title 26 Statute. The IRS spends 1/3rd of Title 26 on the term to use to get out. So much so I wrote a book on it in 1990. It is called Which One Are You. But alas, no one wanted to use it. It was a nasty word and so foreign no one wanted to touch it. See how the money changers dupe people into believing one set of Terms and then through WORDS of common meaning, demean the very way to legally get out of all control of the corporations you call States and United States? What are they operating? Have you ever heard of R.I.C.O.? That’s what they are plying on you. Due to your Deficiency in understanding you are the same as the people Elliot Ness was helping get free of the Mafia protection racket; now practiced by the corporation named United States and all its Private corporate agencies listed on Dun and Bradstreet as private corporations.

So, all, and I mean ALL patriot and tax protesters arguments are absolutely no good. They are so far off point that in less than 45 seconds reading any brief I trash it and tell them they will lose. Of course they get angry at me. But hey, it’s their ass in a sling, not mine. They can’t fathom the truth. They don’t want to know the truth. They already know the truth. That is the big lie that has become truth to them. Hey, I am talking to you. Why do you think you are so special when not having a letter from IRS saying you are no longer have a tax obligation and you no longer have a SSN, as you are a nontaxpayer? Yes, it is an EXCISE (PRIVILEGE) TAX. Yes, you voluntarily paid the Excise tax. Now can you see why they say it is a voluntary Tax? YOU voluntarily USE Federal Reserve Private trade-marked Notes, do you not? You transfer these notes when buying property, any property, from land to baby diapers, don’t you? So you voluntarily exercise the Privilege of Transfer do you not, as a citizen and artificial person who is resident in the state and do so every day of your life?

Get in your commercial vehicle with a wallet full of funny money or credit cards. You are transporting small articles of merchandise. End up at Walmart. Transfer those small articles of merchandise for food or a TV. Now for the privilege the state takes a sales tax based on the Privilege of buying NOT on the price but on the Privilege of the products you transferred the worthless FRN’s either directly or bank credit card. It’s all explained in that 1914 Case. All Terms now…No words used in law.

Now why did I obtain the status of Man, the non resident in contract and an Alien, NON TAXPAYER, where in the real Creditor that you might call the Federal Reserve comes after you with their private collection agency called IRS? They sent me a letter to that effect? I was NOT in Banking and Had No DL or cars registered to me, whereby I used that commercial vehicle to transfer those small articles (FRNS) in any transfer business. That Federal Reserve note is what has caused the mess we all are in today and why the Pope’s CEO, Obama was placed to protect the banking system and NOT to protect you, the Slave of the private banking system of the Black Pope.

I know anyone can read what appear to be WORDS in this article. But, do you know there are a mix of WORDS and TERMS? If you do not know that WORD and TERM are two different meanings I suggest you read TERMS not WORDS, to maybe understand what is said. If you do not understand, that shows how the education system has taken away understanding from you. The best thing to do to stay out of trouble is to understand or be a good slave to the system and pay everything the Private Corporation tells you to pay. All the Courts quotes are TERMS. They have no meaning resembling a WORD. They use “it”, “they”, “and” words like that but all the key TERMS like resident, person, nonresident are all TERMS. I think you all should read this Wheeler case 10 times because what they say is so foreign to your thought process, TCD will kick in quite rapidly. Then you give up and go back into slavery again thinking it’s hopeless. It’s only hopeless because of this quote.

“Reason and Ignorance, the opposites of each other, influence the great bulk of mankind. If either of these can be rendered sufficiently extensive in a country, the machinery of Government goes easily on. Reason obeys itself, and Ignorance submits to whatever is dictated to it.” The Rights of Man, Thomas Paine

What it means is you make it hopeless by your ignorance. You can turn that around as the Canadian people have done when they said this to me by mail after using my old stuff to get free from Canada ’s corporate governance.

[Note from Jackie:]

PERSON…..I read that probably 20 times….maybe more. I went through it with Bouvier Law 1856 in order to get the gist of what was said by the states' hired mercenaries. The states' acts and subsequent codes (Matrix) always leave a back door to escape. Most believe the answer is a too complicated affair to involve ones self. It is what you make it. I must admit that once one has got it…between the ears then, it just gets easier and easier from here on in. Who knows where it’s going to go but, I can assure you this…No one is going to pull the wool over my eyes, in or out of court. We must all look to renew our fundamentals for without them….nothing works.

So as he says it. You can make it as hard as you want or as easy as you want. Nothing is free and easy. It takes hard work and understanding as all statutes start at a minimum of 12th grade level of understanding, to some that are just so bad that Einstein can’t comprehend what it says. Just like the one 43 word sentence in the first income tax, 38 Stat 166, in the very first page. That does not make you liable nor does it apply to you as page 202 and 203 states. How many have read the first income tax… all 37 pages of it?

The Informer
March 6, 2010