So You Think the US Still Has a Treasury

The article you are about to read with the document, is what I had said in Going After the Wrong People, that there is no Secretary of the Treasury of the US. This is the actual document abolishing the real US Treasury in 1921. This also proves the Secretary was to transfer to the TREASURER many functions of the Treasury. The only thing that exists today is A DEPARTMENT of TREASURY, which IS NOT a Treasury. See Black’s Law 5th Ed page 393 for DEPARTMENT and Websters 1828 dictionary says;

DEPARTMENT (1) Literally, a separation or division; hence a separate part, or portion;

(2) A separate allotment or part of a business.

IRS is only a private corporate entity as listed on Manta and Dun & Bradstreet as the IRS. If you want to write to the Treasury that no longer exists, as you think it should be, try writing to the Federal Reserve as it is now the fiscal agent of the United States A.K.A. Congress when assembled. Fits right in with the government being a private corporation and the Department is not a treasury any longer just called a Department of Treasury when there is no treasury. Now ask yourself this, when they abolished the real US Treasury, how can a Department exist that calls itself “Department of Treasury” when Treasury no longer exists? Would you call that fraud? They created the GAO so all the Treasury people could go there, correct? So why not keep the Treasury as the Department and leave all the treasury people there? Because they had to abolish it completely so the private corporation called Federal Reserve could take completely the functions of the real US Treasury that dealt in real money and let the Federal Reserve flood the country with private worthless IOU’s called Federal Reserve Notes to pass as money. But fraud had to be created called the DEPARTMENT of Treasury to make people think there was still a treasury.

Now ask yourself this question, if all was abolished what became of the Treasurer that signs the Federal Reserve Note if they completely abolished the Treasury? Where did she/he go and who does she/he work for? Certainly not the United States Treasury as that’s eliminated. So whose treasury is she the Treasurer? Do you really understand the definition of fraud in 37 Am Jur 2nd, 144, 146?

144: “Unquestionably, the concealment of material facts that one, under the circumstance, is bound to disclose may constitute fraud. Indeed, one of the fundamental tenets of the Anglo-Saxon law of fraud is that fraud may be committed by a suppression of the truth, (suppressio veri) as well as by the suggestion of falsehood. (suggestio falsi).”

146: “The principle in the law of fraud as it relates to nondisclosure, that a charge of fraud is maintainable where a party knows material facts, is under the duty, under the circumstances, to speak and disclose his information, but remains silent.”

Don’t you think you should start asking questions in letters to find out?

The present day General Accounting Office houses all the old treasury people that was created exclusively for them when the private corporation (U.S) abolished it; see Going After the Wrong People. The PRIVATE Federal Reserve was given the job that Congress abdicated when they installed a private corporation to handle the money, counter to what they were commanded to do by their Constitution. And you say you created it? Bah Humbug!

This is why the IMF, really the UN because it created the IMF/ The Bank, now controls the country and has since 1945 when the Governor of the IMF was placed in the office of the Secretary of Treasury. They control all the private corporate courts also and is the reason why one cannot win going against these private corporations. The courts are nothing but controlled equity contract courts as there never has been an Article III Court, ever, in America or the United States courts belonging to the American soil.

The Governor, also known as the “Secretary of the Treasury”, who today is Henry Paulson [archivist note: Janet Yellen (2021)], is a total fraud. The people have no clue that the IRS takes all it’s orders from a private foreign organization (IMF) whose governors have been in charge since 1945. The real fraud is that they are NOT a real Secretary of the Treasury of the United States. Paulson used to be at 1111 Constitution Avenue and left to go to the Federal Reserve building, and now can only be reached at the IMF building in Washington. When you write to the Secretary of Treasury you are actually writing to an unoccupied office as The Governor receives all mail from that alter ego office. It’s a mere front for the IMF office as a front for the UN. The reason why the UN is headquartered in the US is the bylaws state that the controlling company (country to you), has to have the most amount of special drawing rights, and have the largest controlling vote. The US has the most money in it and controls, as of 1995, 19.6 percent of the voting stock. And you wonder why the US does not get out of the UN? Hell it is the UN. Why would it want to give up the IMF only to have it come down so hard that they would own what the IMF claims the US owes it in tax interest alone. The Federal Reserve has very little to do with it as you see in the News that the IMF is going to control the Federal Reserve private corporation.

That means Rubin [archivist note: Yellen (2021)] and all past Secretaries of the Treasury since 1945, are foreign entities. But people can’t think that the words United States do not appear after the phrase Secretary of the Treasury. So they are not lying as they know people will and have assumed he was and is the Secretary of the Treasury of the United States. It’s still fraud as they had a duty to tell but didn’t.

But to whom? YOU? Because the people did not create the con job! The Padleford case said the private person (men and woman) are not parties to that contract, so we can’t complain. If we can’t complain, then the Secretary has no duty to tell us he is the Governor of the IMF. Nor that only a DEPARTMENT of what was once the Treasury exists and is a private corporation. Do you now see how insidious this is and the myth that the common man created the Constitution that Patrick Henry said was a document of slavery? They started thinking of control centuries before, while the common American sees only to the end of his nose and that’s the future. The patriots don’t even see that far as they are always looking back in time to see what happened and can only see 50 years maybe in the past?

This is one reason why after the income tax was repealed back circa 1944/45 when the war ended, as it was strictly a war tax, like the phone tax you all pay today on the Spanish American war that was repealed completely back in 1965; the original was repealed 1903. So you people are being screwed again by the IMF when they refuse to take the Federal Excise tax off your phone billing. This is one tax the phone companies say you can refuse to pay.

The income war tax was kept alive by the IMF so it could better implement its plan to control and tax the people of America, as they are doing today. Remember they came into existence at the end of WWII and were fronting the money to both sides in the war and they wanted to make sure they got their money, since Roosevelt pledged all your property to pay the debts back in 1933. You have to read International Agreements Other than Treaties and in there at the opening page 1401 there is the Articles of agreement of the United States and the International Monetary Fund, 59 Stat 512, December 27, 1954. They are all criminals from the President on down as they all are private corporations. Not only are we controlled by private corporations called “government” but foreign corporations like IRS/IMF/Interpol. Yes, Interpol because little do you know that the Attorneys General of the United States, since 1938, have been the Top Interpol agents and they, like Paulson, are not paid by the corporate United States. They are both paid by the International banking the Fund and the Bank. If you want that info go to John Nelson’s article on the internet: It’s all under commerce as the world has been since the days of Hammurabi and that goes back to 1600 BC. Here from the 1990 United States Government’s on the Manual on page 390 it states and quoted exactly as you see it;

“United States participation in INTERPOL began in 1938 by Congressional authorization, designating the Attorney General as the official representative to the organization. INTERPOL operations were interrupted during World War II, but resumed in 1945. The Attorney General designated the Secretary of the Treasury as the U.S. representative to INTERPOL in 1958, and the U.S. National Central Bureau was established within the Treasury Department in 1969.”

If I posted all that follows you would think I was talking about a foreign government, not your so sweet United States that is to protect you the common man. No, it was to destroy you, the common man, when the Revolutionary war of 1776 was completed and didn’t. Kruschev, the Russian said, “You would be destroyed from within”. They are doing it right under your noses and you play with all your toys while they do it. Sort of like Caesar, when he fiddled while Rome was destroyed.

You never were free, people of America. You are controlled by private commercial establishments and I don’t care if they call themselves the individual States, like the STATE of NORTH CAROLINA, term i.e. “this state” or the UNITED STATES or the UNITED STATES belonging to (OF) America. They are all private corporations, the bane of all mankind. In case you are wondering where Interpol came from, it was from the Nazi SS and other fractions of the German army that broke free and created their own organization in 1923 to gather info for Hitler before he came into power. After the war they stayed as they are today, only presented themselves as protectors of crimes world wide, Yeah, right. You would have to obtain the GAO Briefing Report to the Chairman: A subcommittee on Civil and Constitutional Rights, Committee on the Judiciary, US House of Representatives June 1987. Yes, they all know they are dealing in powerful foreign organizations that rule you and everyone in this country. Forget about when the New World Odor is going to take over. They already have, starting in 1945 and they are putting the finishing touches on it as you read this. You might want to read the June 25, 1987 letter to Don Edwards Chairman of the Subcommittee on Interpol, by Arnold Jones, Senior Associate Director of GAO [link]. It’s very revealing.

All the GI’s in WWII that died was for the foreign powers to take over and this slimy government private corporation knows it, but pay lip service that they died for your freedom. There has never been a war or police action for your protection. Even the feigned Revolutionary war wasn’t for Freedom of the masses but slavery, no matter how they word it. You all love this wonderful government to your tax grave, including inheritance, estate and other death taxes, claiming the slavery document Constitution is yours so that you might control the private corporations. You must believe in this farce as many of you go vote in every election to put these slime balls back in office, in national as well as in state elections, allowing them to pile more dirt on you.

A Disgusted Informer
July 6, 2008

Abolition of the Independent Treasury Abolition of the Independent Treasury Abolition of the Independent Treasury