Recall Members of Congress



How does one begin the legal process to recall the federal representatives and senators from Congress?



YOU don’t. If people only knew Congress and all state legislators are running the black Pope’s corporations they could opt out rather than staying glued to their corporate character. But they remain slaves to this ungodly private corporation.

Every state has what North Carolina has put out in their state library for all to see, knowing very few people even reading it will know they belong to this private corporation of their free will to be “consent of the governed” controlled. Every statute is not law. But it does become law when you consent to the corporate structure.

I would like to read this from the Secretary of the State of NC published 1999/2000. You believe we created government? No, they the corporation created us by naming us artificial characters. They stole our status of man and woman when they made us the artificial person which all statutes are written. There can be no statute written where you will find man or woman. We all took privileges and gave up natural law right when consenting to be governed by the private corporation.

As I said it’s all in the Informer’s book that no one seems interested in and so they remain a corporate associated member suffering under all statutes of the political body believing the 221 year old myth that it’s a government they created and a document (Constitution) they created to protect them.

As you see body politic is corporation, not so-called government. And one man controls all of us. As they say in the comical skit “It’s in the Book”.

I am assuming you saw this already but if not watch it. After 700 years this English group still does not know who created the corporation of the Kingdom of England. I had to tell John Harris. You see how he approaches “statutes” same here. A friend called me last night and asked me how would you confirm Harris’s take on Police man and the corporate police officer? I said how?

He related that in Texas a man was driving his wife to the hospital as she was dying. The Police corporate officer did not listen wrote him a ticket only saying I am just doing my job, let him go after writing the ticket and she died by the time he got to the hospital. That’s how you determine if it’s a police man that would have said follow me to the hospital and keep up with me from the corporate officer called police officer interested in making money for the corporation and could care less about the woman dying. That’s why the corporate officers never do anything wrong when sued by the slave that only has privileges and no rights that man and woman have as they have given them all up. John Harris - It’s an Illusion.

It’s too bad that some patriots say the Informer is nuts before they ever read the book and have blacklisted me for trying to tell them. That’s their problem. They don’t want the truth but believe in myths and still gripe when they lose what ever they try. The Myths are what kills every argument they can dream up, they still lose and can’t figure they are they problem as Pogo said.

Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to pay the corporation property taxes on land and home? Wouldn’t it be nice to be a non taxpayer that I attained in 1998. Wouldn’t it be nice to not pay the phone excise tax as I attained in 2000 as I did when I wrote to this man that owns the IRS and the United States and State corporations? Yes, but they cling to myths and don’t want the truth cause it shatters their world.

The Informer