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With one exception, for the sake of conversation, that Our Lord, Created Man-Beings of White, Black, Red, Yellow, Brown, and may some others that are unknown unto me, Then He “Formed” Adam of the Ground And instilled His Spirit within Adam", according to some of the better “Bibles/word of Yah!” And out of Adam’s “Rib/S-Curve/DNA” As the so called scientest say!

This is not to take away with what We are trying to accomplish, and that is the doing away with this ignorance that is so prevalent in Our-Peoples-Minds, although we can’t help them all, but we can sure keep trying to help others down the Path that you and “I” have both taken!

What is your take on this?



This is also in reference to Question 6 explaining the man’s question as to contradiction in the Bible.

Yes when you read Genesis real close, he first created the beast of the forest and the being, see Chpt 1 vs 26 when They (plural), created Man in Their (plural) likeness on the 5th day.

How many gods were their? Now this is where all people get lost. Chpt 2 vs 2 ended the 7th day so everyone thinks that’s it. Not so.

Read Chpt 2 vs 5, if he made man why did he say there was “not a man to till the ground?” So what did this man in Their likeness look like that THEY created in Chpt 1 vs 26? An alien from another planet? What did he/they do after the 7th day in Chpt 2 vs 7? Read it. So now it’s one God, not many. And what did he do in vs 8?

After that read vs 15. Where did he put the MAN he just created from the dust of the ground that was not in his likeness in Chapter 2, not Chapter 1 vs 26 because man in Chpt 1 vs 26 did not come from the ground?

What happened to the man made in his likeness back on the 5th day in Chpt 1 vs 26?

Where is he? So which Man and Woman are we associated with, the Man and Woman created in his likeness on the 5th day NOT from the GROUND, or the Man from the Dust he Formed and did not say in his likeness in Chpt 2 vs 7 way after the 7th day?

Do you see how even the written word by man who put pen to paper changed a lot of things, Or did he?

This is why the Bible is so controversial as it starts right off on the first page with major errors I don’t see how we people that don’t read it right and think Adam was made in his Image when he wasn’t? Note the word us when they (plural) said in Chpt. 1 vs 26, “let US (plural) make man in OUR (more than one) image after OUR likeness” * * * meaning there was more than one God or being that made man in THEIR (more than one) likeness. So was Adam man made in His likeness?

I don’t see where he said in Chpt 2 vs 26 that He made Adam in his likeness, can you?

So which Man are we from, the 5th Day man in his likeness in Chpt 1 Vs 26 or the Adam man not in his likeness in Chpt 2 vs 7?

I think a whole lot of people have been mislead if they believe Adam, not made in His likeness was his past relative and not the man formed in his likeness on the 5th day. Could Adam be another biped we don’t know about? And read Chpt 2 vs 5 and 8 and 15 very carefully.

What did the Lord create in Chpt 2 vs 19. Now go back to Chpt 1 vs 20 and 21 and 24 and 25 read it.

Why did he have to create the same thing in Chpt 2 vs 19? They were not the same thing?

NO, because the first bunch of animals were not formed from the ground, where in vs 20 thru 24 Chpt 2 they were FORMED from the GROUND. WHY? Remember, All Bibles were written and rewritten when the Pope wanted to claim he was the Vicar of Emanuel, the real name of the Lord and not Jesus as the bibles stated.

I see by your writing me this question that even you were not aware of what I had just told you and even priests and preachers do not tell you this because even they do not see the contradiction here in the very beginning of the book of books called the Bible. Now take this to your priest, preacher, minister, whoever he might be and ask him this question. Bet he will look at you with a very puzzled stare trying to think of a way out of the paradox. He can’t when you show him in his own Bible he teaches from.

You have had very good questions and the first time in 20 years that I can let out what I know.

Now who can argue against what I said when it is in every Bible in black and white.

This corporation called government operates the same way as to control the people or should I say slaves? Could it be we came from people from another solar system that came here to plant us as an experiment?

The Lord said “no man shall know the truth” and they left us with word of mouth that a great God from the heavens came here? Why not? People of that time carved on walls and stone cliffs, beings that looked like spacemen with helmets and all It’s all over the world and not just in one place.

Now don’t stay up all night thinking about this or it will drive you crazy. This is why I never argue the Bible because people read into it what they want and that’s all.

Answer truthfully, Can you name me one man in all your life that made you look up what I just did or ever heard about this?

Now think about this:

The man and woman that was created in Chapter 1, where did they go if not to the garden of Eden?. Why not go there? Too far away perhaps in another part of the world? Where did Cain go? To the land of Nod, right?

So He met the men and women created in Chapter 1 vs 26 because that’s the only man and woman that the Lord or Lords (remember they said OUR and US in Chapter 1 vs 26) made according to all Bibles. So Cain mixed his seed with the woman from Nod who is the only viable people on the face of the earth.

Where they the same? No. One was made in his likeness and not of the Earth while Cain was not in their likeness and made from the Ground. Isn’t that the very law laid down by the Lord when he said thou shall not commit adultery? That’s mixing of the seed, not just having sex and besides that would be perfectly natural in the Lord’s Law. So now those claiming we are in his likeness and came from Adam, which one are we to say who we came from? Adam man made in Chapter 2 vs 7, or the man made in Chapter 1 vs 26.

You read it with your own eyes so how can it be disputed as not true? I think people had better really start saying they fully understand the Bible’s foundations instead of going by what past people have told them. There is nothing like reading it for yourself to truly understand. Two people can argue till they are dead and get absolutely no where. Neither can win. BUT they can both agree that they ain’t who they say they are when reading Chapter 1 v 26 and Chapter 2 vs 7.

What is interesting is the site on the net where they say our DNA comes from an alien place and mixed with ours as it we came from a race far in advanced than us, which could explain the Genesis Chapters screw up. Scientists find Extraterrestrial genes in Human DNA Do civilizations of advanced human beings exist scattered in the Galaxy?

by John Stokes: It starts out with

“A group of researchers working at the Human Genome Project indicate that they made an astonishing scientific discovery: They believe so-called 97% non-coding sequences in human DNA is no less than genetic code of extraterrestrial life forms.”

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