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This answer was generated by a you tube video sent to me from Glen Beck interviewing David Walker the US General Comptroller in which I sent this in response after watching the video.


David Walker is the man that I have been trying to get in touch with since December. No luck because the GAO would not answer my question as to who chartered the private IRS they know to be a private corporation through their audit that David Walker signed off on the 2000 audit of the IRS.

When Walker mentioned the compounding, that is usury. The Lord said it should never be. Usury means interest, nothing more. Take all the interest away and we are pretty much ok. But as a corporation under the Pope’s control playing the people for fools. We can’t tell his corporate officers, Congress, to stop anything or do anything the Pope does not want done with his corporation. It’s his corporation not ours. We have been labeled as associate members bound to what his corporation says and liable to all debt contracted and liable to pay any tax the corporation heaps on us through corporation law that is called statutes. Rather than go into great length to describe, I suggest you watch this link John Harris - It’s an Illusion.

So when his other corporation, China, yes he owns all nations as his corporations. Remember that organizational structure I sent you? That corporation can take over his other corporation and they will in eminent domain and own everything we have here. Also, as seen in the video of John Harris, all police officers are corporate officers as they lost being police-men. They now are strictly corporate officers for the Pope’s corporation. They do not know that they are because they are not taught anything about natural law. They actually believe the statutes are law when they are not law but only the force of law, IF the people consent to being governed by corporate statutes. Every one consented to a fraud. Just as the real words in the Bible that was translated where in Exodus 20 Vs 4 and 13 are not in the present day Bibles. To refresh your memory this is real Exodus 20 vs 4 says,

You shall not write your own “statutes” except that is after the heavenly. And those in the Land in place of, and which are made contrary to the Way by men, you shall not bow down to or appease, and you shall not obey them.

Exo, 20 vs 13 says,

“You shall not tolerate lies or deception in those who govern."

So, haven’t they been the most deceitful criminals in the state legislatures and in the Congress? They operate as a corporation and applying statute law on us rather than abiding by natural law that they dare not do? This is the reason the black Pope took the people over because they are included in the corporation where there was to be no standing army. The black Pope wanted a standing army that we always have had and the civil standing army are all the police officers there that we have today plying corporate commercial law on every one of us.

This is why the corporate state can take their children away from the parents. They are the commercial product that the Pope controls thru the marriage license in the corporate realm about which people have no clue. The Lord never said one had to get a marriage license nor record the birth with a certificate under his natural law. Yet under commercial law of the corporation you are bound because you chose Man over the Lord to Rule you.

We all got what we deserved for clinging to Mammon rather than follow the Lords natural law where police-MEN have authority to keep you safe and not the commercial police OFFICERS, a corporate term, they are today thru the same fault everyone else is bound by to actually deprive you of natural law rights at the behest of a commercial statute. Same with the ministers, priest or whatever you call them. They too are dumb to the Bible and don’t really care as they go by rote and tradition. They are a corporate officer also when they apply for a IRS 501(c)(3) character. You see in the John Harris film that he is totally wrong. Corporate entities called persons, which we all are deemed to be, are “characters”. Man is the only one that has” Status". You know this by reading person. The same when he wants “common law.”

No you don’t want common law just like the Americans want. The law common to what is the question? Any law can be common when the corporation says it’s law is common. What everyone wants is natural law. Isn’t natural Law common to everyone in the world? Yup, and so is commercial law that the Pope’s corporations use. That’s the Law of Hammurabi, which is international corporate law of Admiralty. We want the natural common law of the Lord. Or so we say we do, but do not practice it. People today have no concept what natural law is, judges included. Remember priests, Ministers and all are corporate officers whether they know or like it they are not of God the Lord over all, even Satan. They are under the Lord of Satan as you can see in the organizational structure of the Black Pope.

If we had chosen the Lord as our master as he said, we could side step all this corporate stuff and not be mortgaged on any thing and we would actually own everything outright and not pay property taxes, no income taxes, no licenses of any kind, and we would have to defend ourselves with guns we would own that no one could take away.

There would be no eminent domain unless the Lord wanted His property back. He did give it to all as we were to be stewards of his land so we really didn’t own it. This is what the original first ever Pope was doing for himself since no other human had thought of it, he did it and we have all suffered under it. The tenets of the Church he operates says that “Man has no rights to possession of any rights” See Pope Innocent III denial of the Declaration of Rights on Aug 24 and 25, 1215, as embodied in the Magna Charta, G.R.C. Davis, Trustees of the British Museum London, 1965. This goes directly against the word of Emanuel and smacks of Satanism, for Emanuel said He gave the land to all men, not some pharisaic delusionist claiming to be the vicar. Emanuel warned this type of man would try to gain control. We only have possession and are his ambassadors to care for it as His agents, so no group of men, STATE or UNITED STATES so called government, but a corporation of the Pope, can claim ownership of land that can be possessed by any MAN that claims he has the contract with Emanuel in Genesis 17 and as a citizen of the household of the Lord in Ephesians 2:19. We would not have to report or ask permission from anyone to do anything.

But men choose Mammon so we suffer the consequences when the corporate directors' Congress and Senate do what they want. We actually became slaves and that’s why they took the original 13th Amendment away so the titles of nobility of the Pope could better operate their corporation. It is so intertwined that the American is so dumbed down by the corporation’s education system, designed to keep the people in ignorance that it is sickening when you finally realize what is happening. But remember we, the people, did it to ourselves. We are to blame. Hard to fathom we are to blame, but we inherited the ignorance. But as I said there is absolutely no Christian living because we all did not follow The Lord Almighty. We may read his words in a Bible. But it is so messed up by man when he started changing every word in the Bible to his liking that none of us can be surely what is true and what is not. Maybe that is why the Lord said that “no one shall know the truth.”

I take all bibles printed as a lie because when Genesis is so screwed up in just the first two chapters then how many more of the stories are also screwed up? If I can’t believe the first two chapters, the foundation, how can I believe the rest of what the story tellers wrote? This is exactly how this corporation exists called the States and the United States. They were formed and created and written under the direction of one man; The Pope from his own corporation called the Vatican. He was a mere mortal man who laid a false claim he was the vicar of the Lord Almighty. We have been led to believe this by the screwed up bibles.

The white Pope was taken over by another man called the black Pope to separate the one called the white Pope in 1541. He actually was a Jesuit general of a group of criminals bent on controlling the world on the coat tails of the white Pope’s fraud. So the people, not knowing of this black Pope believe they had a government called States that somehow created the United States. Not knowing it was the black Pope that created them all as corporations. He created a bible called the Constitution and then generated myths that somehow the people themselves created this wonderful government that seemingly was devised by Divine province in the framers that were controlled by the black Pope.

The framers were mere man subject to the criminal conduct we see in the people like Bernecke, Geithner, Bush, Clinton, Maddox and all the others. They were no different and not the goody two shoes all are led to believe. The whole thing was devised by taking what was written in the Bible to apply to the people in the United States and the States. For if all these years the people did not question the Bible’s first two chapters why would they question the formation of the States and the United States? The English people still to this day, 700 years after the Vatican’s white pope took ownership of every British subject and all possessions of King John. Why would they question the Pope’s corporations? After all the Virginia company, a land mass owned by the Pope filled with his subjects from the 1213 contract of surrender the King gave the Pope. It ran from the St Lawrence sea way on the North to Georgia to the south and to the Mississippi River to the west. This was filled with what the history books that don’t tell the truth that the Pope owned them all and every possession they had under the treaty the Pope and King had in 1213.

So this Pope’s corporations, the so-called British colonies, separated from what they thought was Great Britain. They fought the revolutionary war with the wrong owner. Already do you see the fraud the people were operating under? They fought a war against a country and rulers that was not owned by them anymore and that’s when the black Pope took over and created the corporations we all know as States and United States. The subjects are now called citizens but still controlled by one parent corporation called the Vatican, actually run by the black Popes from 1541 to present day. The Americans are just as ignorant of this as they are of the first two chapters of the Bible that is posted in the questions and answers.

That is why no patriots understand the Treaty of Paris when they claim we won the war when we never did any such thing. They cannot read that the King, the front man for the Pope did all the dictating the terms so the black Pope is kept so far in the back ground so as not to expose who was actually writing the 1783 Paris Treaty. After all, were attorneys of the Pope sent there to sign the treaty of Peace that gave them all a monopoly over the legal system the Pope actually controlled? The rest of history to present day needs no explaining. This is why the American is so steeped in MYTH as is a tea bag that has all its tea leaves sucked dry of the tannin to make a cup of tea. So are the Americans brain sucked dry of any deductive reasoning or analytical thinking and kept ignorant by the corporate education system that was forced on all slaves in the 1800’s to make sure they were kept ignorant with doctored history books.

As Festinginer said “people are unaware of being unaware that they are unaware.”

The Informer