Can you provide confirmation of Hamilton’s marriage into the Rothchild family.

Also, Hamilton married Elizabeth Schuyler; I can find no connection from General Schuyler’s family to the Rothschild family; what is the link?


No, totally wrong. The Levine family father was a Jewish West Indies planter presumably related to Rothschild long before Alexander was born but Not proven unless one does a genealogy study, which I don’t have the time for mundane things. The Father changed his name to Hamilton before he moved from Europe to the Island of Nevis. When Alexander’s father, John Michael Levine, now Hamilton, met Rachel Faucitt, a mulatto, who was an unfaithful wife, Alexander was born.

There is no reference that Faucitt was Jewish. He became Alexander Hamilton. When he was 15 he was sent back to Europe to be trained by the Pope’s international banking cartel so he could be instrumental in setting up the banking system control for the Pope and King and banking cabal in the United States that was from the Virginia Land Company that you know as the United States. Hamilton was Jesuit trained. So does this say the Framers did as they were told to set up a corporation for the big three as I call them, to rule this country’s people, as slaves are controlled? Arron Burr chided Alexander every chance he could by calling him a black Jew and that’s what sparked the duel that killed Hamilton.

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