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I am currently reading The New History of America and I have a question. specifically pg 73:

“He Commands in Exodus 20:4, " You shall not write your own ‘statutes’ except in the pattern that is after the heavenly….”

This isn’t even close in the King James Version !?!? Is it possible that it is a typo?

I understand that he says in the prior sentence “transliteration from the ancient Hebrew,” but to me that is a vague statement, could you please provide me with a more specific reference?

Thank you for your time and your efforts in doing what you do, it is appreciated. Especially I enjoy the audio interviews with Vyz.



Yes that is the correct translation that Scott Vaught and R.G. Millar, two of only six translators in North America that can translate ancient Hebrew. The King James Version is just that, a bastardized version by the King from the Geneva Bible that he took all the side notes out explaining the passages. The KJV was translated from the Chaldean or Babylonian Hebrew and it’s totally worthless. Many things are totally wrong in the KJV. But many people have no clue. Men change even the Bible for their own use. Just as was done by King James. He was an avowed homosexual among other things like sadism and torture and a pedophile, and so he made his version so his subjects would not know. All his subjects had to have a license to have sex.

And that’s where the word FUCK came from we all use today. It meant Fornication Under Consent of the King. If it hung on the door of the house it was legal. If not and they caught them, well you know what happens today if you don’t have a license to drive or run a business? So if they did not have this FUCK license they were killed most of the time. You see people today are so ignorant because they have no reasoning and follow the dictates of people calling themselves government as I have stated in the New Book The Myth and the Reality, which contains this quote from Thomas Paine;

“Reason and Ignorance, the opposites of each other, influence the great bulk of mankind. If either of these can be rendered sufficiently extensive in a country, the machinery of Government goes easily on. Reason obeys itself, and Ignorance submits to whatever is dictated to it.” Thomas Paine

One has to remember back in the 1600’s most people could not read and those that could were protected from all sorts of things that the commoner could not get away with. That’s why I still use the Geneva and when I really want to know the truth go to the finding of Vaught and Millar. I believe both of these men are dead now as I have not been in touch with them in 12 years and they were in their 70’s 12 years ago. There are other sources I am privy to now that are the other apostles that no one ever hears about but they are there like Barnabas, Clement, Ignatius, Didache, and Polycarp. These are from

Athenaeum of Christian Antiquity
4648 East Saint Catherine Avenue
Phoenix, Arizona 85040-5369 USA

There were more than 12 apostles as most people never realized. So what is in the New History came directly from the two men mentioned. In Fact you will not find this in the KJA because the KJA is taken literally by people when it should not be. Here is what Barnabas said as to eating food and so forth that people take as gospel in the KJA and it is not. It is only one Chapter from Barnabas and is totally different from what we have all been taught. Compare this to the KJA version and there is a world of difference. It makes one question everything Man writes.


10:1 But in that Moses said, Thou shalt not eat the swine, nor the eagle, nor the hawk, nor the crow, nor any fish that hath not scales in itself, he had in his mind three doctrines.

10:2 For in the end he saith unto them in Deuteronomy, And I will arrange before this people my ordinances. The commandment of God is not, therefore, that they should not eat; but Moses spake in a spiritual sense.

10:3 He spake of the swine with this meaning: Thou shalt not cleave, he meaneth, unto men of this sort, who are like unto swine, for when they become wanton they forget their Lord, but when they are in want they think upon the Lord; even as the swine when it eateth knoweth not its lord, but when it is hungry it crieth, and when it hath received it is again silent.

10:4 Nor shalt thou eat of the eagle, nor of the hawk, nor of the kite, nor of the crow. Thou shalt not, he meaneth, cleave to, nor be like to men of this sort, who know not how to provide sustenance for themselves by labour and sweat, but in their iniquity seize the property of others, and, as though they walked in innocence, watch and observe whom they shall plunder, through their covetousness; even as these birds alone provide not sustenance for themselves by means of toil, but, sitting idle, seek out how they may eat the flesh of others, being destructive by reason of their wickedness.

10:5 And thou shalt not eat, he saith, of the lamprey, or the polypus, or the cuttle-fish. Thou shalt not, he meaneth, cleave to or become like unto men of this sort, who are impious unto the end, and have been already condemned to death, even as these accursed fish alone swim in the depth, not floating as the others do, but dwelling in the earth below the depth of the sea.

10:6 Thus, he saith, Thou shalt not eat the hare, meaning thou shalt not indulge in unnatural lusts;

10:7 nor shalt thou eat the hyaena, meaning thou shalt not be an adulterer;

10:8 nor shalt thou eat the weazel, meaning thou shalt not do uncleanness with thy mouth concerning food;

10:9 therefore Moses spake in the spirit these three doctrines. But they, according to the lusts of their flesh, received them as being about meat.

10:10 And David receiveth knowledge concerning the same three doctrines, and saith in like manner, Blessed is the man who hath not walked in the counsel of the ungodly, even as the fish walk in darkness into the depths of the sea, and hath not stood in the way of sinners, even as they who pretend to fear the Lord sin as doth the swine, and hath not sat in the seat of the destroyers, even as the birds that sit for prey. Ye have also in the end a commandment concerning food;

10:11 but Moses said, Eat ye everything that is cloven-footed and that cheweth the cud. What meaneth he? He that taketh food knoweth him that feedeth him, and, resting upon him, seemeth to be glad. He therefore saith well, having regard to the commandment. What then meaneth he? Cleave ye unto them that fear the Lord, who walk in his commandments, which they have received in their hearts; unto them that speak of the ordinances of the Lord, and observe them, unto them who know that the practice of them is a work of gladness, and who meditate on the word of the Lord. But what meaneth that which cleaveth the hoof? It meaneth that the just walketh even in this world, and expecteth the holy life. Behold how well Moses hath made these laws;

10:12 but how was it possible for them to perceive or understand these things? But we, having rightly understood the commandments, speak them even as the Lord hath willed. On this account hath he circumcised our ears and hearts, that we should understand these things.

I hope this explains what you want. For had I put everything in the New History no one could afford the book. The same that is with this new book The Myth and the Reality. Had I put everything needed so no questions would be asked, the book would cost 2600 bucks and I am sure nobody but the rich could afford it. This is what happened in the 1600’s only the rich could afford Bibles the King created. The commoner was left to go by word of mouth as to what they had learned about The Lord Almighty for they had no silver to buy the KJA. I hope you learned a lot from the Vyz radio show and am glad you asked a question. If you think you know the Bible I would say you don’t. I have had so many questions I am reserving that posting till they are all in and I get one that is on point to what I have to answer all in one post.

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