Didn’t the Dentist win his case in admiralty? Why hasn’t anyone done this since then?

E.C. of NC


This is a two part question which I will address separately.

Part 1

NO. If you mean did he win against IRS that they did not prevail? Yes, to a point. The reason for a NO answer is that IRS withdrew the case after three years of battle in the courts. Withdrawing the case is not a win in a precedent setting situation where the court made a determination ruling. The IRS was smart enough to know if they continued there would have to be a precedent setting ruling at the appellate level. The Point being the IRS refiled a criminal case against the dentist within 9 months and he went to jail. The reason he went to jail were many things.

#1. He obtained a Vatican attorney,

#2. The attorney never filed in Admiralty. They are just as dumb when it comes to revenue as the man on the street and are told to play dumb if they know.

#3. The attorney put the Dentist on the stand. This he never should have done because the prosecutor made mincemeat of the dentist and got him to admit he was in a revenue taxable event listed on the IMF.

#4. The judge picked the one witness for the Dentist out of the four there, that was the weakest one there. After the judge destroyed this witnesses credibility, as he had patriot mythology arguments, he disqualified the other three witnesses without as much as a whimper from the defense attorney. Do you see how they are there to protect the Vatican’s property?

#5. And lastly they had a stacked jury of three people that the prosecution had put there. Two people saw three jurors give thumbs up to the prosecutor when they came out of deliberation. The two people filed affidavits to no avail. It was later seen that the so called expert witness for the Dr. was in conversation with the DOJ outside the courtroom when one of the other witnesses went out of the court room to obtain some documents saw this conversation taking place.

Part 2

No one has the knowledge to correctly file and prosecute a case of Revenue in Admiralty. For a basic understanding why, it is simply that no one has ever filed the mandatory counterclaim in revenue cases in Admiralty to begin with and demurrer to the charges. Everyone either obtains a black Pope’s attorney or goes right in arguing the IRS merits, when there are no merits in what they call common law.

The Informer