Dunn and Bradstreet


So this being the case that all courts have a Dunn & Bradstreet listing, what would be the implications of someone in the a court asking the judge or city attorney if the court had a Dunn &Bradstreet listing? I would think certainly they wouldn’t want to answer that question in public.


Not only that but the Pope was the incorporator of all attorneys, and attorneys are judges, they are not incorporated by the Secretary of the corporate state that would cause a shiver to go up their spines. The Secretary of State does not have the authority to license them to “practice law”. That is done by the Supreme court judges in each state through the Inns of the Courts located in each State. The license is a mere bar card of the private club we all think are courts set up by the common men, and that’s a 221 year old myth that has worked amazingly well. Since the Inns of Courts consist of the old Knights Templar it reverts right back to the Pope that incorporated them in the first place. That’s why all courts are Ecclesiastical Courts under the control of the Pope. They have to operate under Admiralty because they deal in international law; and the key is to ask for the assignment or contract with your signature and the opposing party as to where you breached that contract. It’s all in the Informer’s book and in James Montgomery’s works. Because you see the United States was created by the three entities as described in the Informer’s book NOT by the “Founding fathers”. They only ADOPTED the Con Job written by the Three entities. One has to start reading definitions in Black’s 4th for all terms otherwise they will be shot down again and again till they understand, and in doing so creates bad case law. One does not simply do as I say but must have a complete understanding. The book in invaluable to understanding all the corporations set up by the Three foreign entities from 1609 to present. Already there are questions that prove what I say about those few that have the book. They simply do not understand. It’s like they lit the fuse on a stick of dynamite, still holding it and say “what do I do now” and the fuse is two inches from the stick. One does not go into this until they are damn sure what they are talking about and doing. It can backfire so quick they will say from the jail cell what did I do wrong; the Book sucks? So no, they do not have the Dunn & Bradstreet listing and they will not acknowledge it and say as usual, that is frivolous.

The Informer