Get Out of Prison


The next two questions that logically follow are:

  1. “Is it possible for one already in prison who knows this to get himself out?”

  2. “If it is possible, does it apply to any prisoner regardless of the nature of the offense he was convicted of?”

If the answer to these two questions is “yes, it’s possible,” has the process been perfected? If so, how can I gain access to that process? Or, has the Informer presented in a new book (in one place) the information that was already available from many sources?


Question 1

Only when one spends years applying it to one in jail now.

Question 2

I don’t know. Too new to figure it out. Will take quite some time. This is totally not known by any patriot and no Americans and only a very few people in office. They are or will be just as flabbergasted as all people will be. It’s a whole new ball game. But one would say I do not consent to anything that does not have my signature on it and others that the people will not want to do. One is to renounce all so called government and claim citizenship of the Lord and give the Lord Almighty full allegiance and come out of all corporate activity of the corporations now formed by the Pope based on Fraud. But people will stay in slavery if not getting fully out of banking, no credit cards etc. They will put themselves fully into voluntary slavery to the owners of the system.

The Informer