1. Doesn’t the phrase and/or inhabitant take away the citizen, resident, taxpayer, voter issue?

  2. What difference does it make is the state is a private corporation?



Question 1

Absolutely not, Inhabitant means the same thing. Inhabitant is a denizen of the corporation.

Question 2

Because it operates as any corporation as it is not government and you claim that in your first statement of your brief that you are in contract with that corporation. So the corporation that is controlled by the Pope rules you and everyone that does not make the claim that they are not a US citizen or a state citizen that is resident in their corporate contract. It’s that simple but hard to do because all courts are there to protect the corporation from people like us and why no patriot has ever won a case on taxes in court that will set a precedent for all to follow.

It’s all in my new book I just published as to who owns you, the state, the US. You are a British subject still. We never won the Revolutionary war and the corporation called State of NJ is a foreign corporation that you are living on their land and accede to the corporation as a member subject to taxes of what ever they want to place on you. People have believed in Myths for 221 years that we created the Constitution to bind them down in chains and that the legislatures are our servants and they represent us. That’s the Myth.

The Reality is that the legislatures represent the corporation, not us in any way at all. Does the Board of GM listen to you when you want to change policy? Nope. Why? Because you are not a member of GM. Now apply that to the corporation state. If you are a member of the corporation you have to abide by what the reps say because their sole job is to protect the Pope’s property, that’s all. Read Lysander Spooner because I put it in my book and here is part of what Spooner said from my book to show you that no rep or officer of the State NJ corporation will listen to you. Evidence the Padleford case in 1854, where they say you can’t challenge the Constitution if you are a private man.

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