Black Pope and White Pope


Who or how is there a black pope and a white pope?



It’s always been this way since the 1500’s. It’s all explained in the book. It’s not a white man and a black man as two popes, both are white skinned.

Need I say more as to who controls America and all officials here and we are mere slaves. The founder of the Jesuits, the black Pope, owns the IRS and has chartered them in 1861, when he took control of the civil war. IRS is the Pope’s private collecting agency and the Pope actually now owns the Bank of England/Federal Reserve/U.S. treasury. That’s who we have been fighting all these years and that’s why they don’t have to answer any of our FOIA’s. Erk just got a letter back from a FOIA when he simply asked for a copy of a court judgement they used to take all his pension funds and they said they don’t have to answer any FOIA on the matter and will not answer any more of his FOIA’s. Of course not, they are private and not a government agency to which FOIA applies. But they play the game so the people won’t ever know except when you hit them with something they can’t get out of. Now you have an idea how I got non taxpayer status back in 1998. 15 people came here, including a well known IMF translator. They all read what I did, but not one of them understood what I did and these guys are the cream of the crop that came to see how I did it. Not one of them has ever attempted to duplicate what I did because they don’t understand. Even a Paralegal who is really sharp did not understand. Why? Because it is so foreign to the mind. Every one looks with the Constitution in mind and the Myth carried all these years and you can’t do that.

“TCD Theory of Cognitive Dissonance Leon Festinger Stanford University Press (1957) holds that the mind involuntarily rejects information not in line with previous thoughts/or actions. Festinger observed; A person can deal with the pressure generated by changing the dissonance the old behavior to harmonize with information. But if the person is committed to the old behavior and way of thinking, he simply rejects the new information. A simple “I don’t believe it” thought or word is the easy cop out. For if you are unaware, you are unaware of being unaware.”

So as I also said in my book using Thomas Paine was this:

“Reason and Ignorance, the opposites of each other, influence the great bulk of mankind. If either of these can be rendered sufficiently extensive in a country, the machinery of Government goes easily on. Reason obeys itself, and Ignorance submits to whatever is dictated to it.” The Rights of Man, Thomas Paine

Haven’t we all been led by the nose and follow myths all our lives? No patriot I know has reason. If they did those 15 people that came here, some from California, had no reasoning, no analytical thinking, no deductive reasoning and certainly are not researchers in any sense of the mind to look for the foundation. Look at me, it took me from 1981 to 1998 to find this and use it.

All court judges are controlled by the black Pope as they are all beholding to the Pope because in 1355 the White Pope chartered all attorneys and the courts are therefore all ecclesiastical courts. Now you know why they wear black robes as they are under the black Pope and no one wears white robes because they can’t abide by the Lord’s Law and give real justice. That’s why you found that IRC is private law of the Pope. I have a case in my book that shows the United States can’t be sued and why all have immunity and the 1999 case even sites an 1873 case where it says the US Constitution is a modification of the British Constitution. PLUS the letters I have from General Counsel from West Publishing telling me in Black’s Law in the back you will not see the presidents listed because they are meaningless because the laws are not under their control and that’s why the Royalty is listed as they are to whom all statutes are written.

Yup, it’s one big religion that everyone in America is unaware of being unaware that they are unaware. No one has ever challenged in ecclesiastical setting and they also operate in admiralty because they have to under maritime contract law. Do you know of a court case where the Plaintiff or defendant ever brought in the Principle (The Pope)? Nope it’s always been some flunky official that is not the Principle. In Admiralty law that is a must to set the case. No one ever files a counterclaim when IRS brings one into court. But I did in 1994 and won the case for the Dr. in South Carolina, even though I did not bring in the Pope. They knew I was on to them but at that time I did not have the data on the Pope. So that’s why IRS withdrew the case against the Dr., for to proceed they figured I would find out. I explain it all in my new book as to how they can operate this fraud of all frauds. Simply put the United States is a sub corporation of the Virginia company that the Pope, the Bank and the king owned. Why do you think the Pope kissed the Ground in NY when he got off the plane? It’s His property. The whole thing of this make believe government is based on myth. We have never had a “government” like people have been led to believe. We have been dealing with corporations all our lives, be they state or United States. I just drug out some books I have had since 1994 that I never read and lo and behold they back up my book to the hilt on the whole thing being a fraud. It mentions the Pope but not the way I do in my book. Even they didn’t know at the time just how powerful the Pope is here in America. They put just enough diversionary stuff there to placate us, like the IMF, the FOIA, etc., etc., that has no meat of who the Principle is. I, like all the rest, thought the Governor of the IMF was the principle. Not so, as even he is controlled by the black pope and the Vatican corporation. James found that the very first income tax in recorded history was when the Pope laid the tax on all Vatican employees. Now guess where the 1862 first income tax came from when the black pope got involved with the civil war to protect His property here? Here is what Lincoln said before the Jesuits killed him:

“The war [i.e., the American Civil War of 1861-1865] would never have been possible without the sinister influence of the Jesuits.” Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865; 16th President ).

The Income Tax IS NOT the making of Congress. The Pope wants it all because here is what happened in August 24th of 1215 as HE owns everything and we can’t own rights as it’s in my book.

Tenets of the Catholic Church.

tenet: noun - a central principle or belief. ORIGIN Latin, ‘he holds"

That tenet is stated in Josephson’s book, The “Federal” Reserve Conspiracy & Rockefellers: Their “Gold Corner”, on page 127 under the Papal Bulls.

“Pope Innocent III denied on behalf of the Church the Declaration of Human Rights as embodied in the Magna Carta, because possession of rights by anyone violates the tenets of the Church.”

This is the reason of late that they decided to eliminate all Rights the Lord Almighty gave us so they can better control us for their failing in the financial markets that they saw coming 20 years ago which defied the Law of Nations they were to abide by all those obligations placed on them, not you. Now Sean, don’t you think my book would help you in what you are doing? It’s just another diversion you fell into and it won’t help at all. Look how many years Pat and I worked on the IMF diversion when we lived near you in 1990.

The Informer