Question 1 - The Other Side


If you wish to throw out 100 percent of the other side of the story, then read the Informer’s book. In other words the book is only one side of the story and fails to include the “other side of the story”.

Dennis Craig.


Nope it’s all asides whatever is the “other side”. The Lombard’s are inconsequential in the mix and did not control America like the big three did to even mention. Besides how do you know it’s only one side when you did not even read it? The Knights Templars did all the dirty work of the White Pope before Ignatius Loyola. (1541-1556), came on the scene. And today Adolfo Nicolás [archivist note: Arturo Sosa (2021)] is the black pope that runs the Pentagon. Yup, that’s his baby to see the standing army does what the Pope wants them to do in the Middle east. Yeah, you should read up on him as I did. Besides the book is about from the Time period from 1774 to present and does not concern back to 1200 or 1300 when they were not instrumental in the forming of the United States. So you see, not reading the book leaves you outside the sphere on what the book is about and guessing is always a bad habit to get into. Try it and see it’s not what you think it’s about to make it “one sided” (sic).

The Informer