The Shetar's Effect on English Law

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A Law of the Jews Becomes the Law of the Land

I was sent this paper, it will stop many hearts, so to speak. Because of the format of the paper, it would be impossible to scan and save it in a usable document, however with Adobe Acrobat Reader you can read just as a hard copy, with the format unchanged. Also, to avoid any possible copyright problem, this format cannot be easily copied. I was not able to thread the document back together, after converting it to Acrobat, so you will have to view it in 5 seperate parts.

I wanted to make this an addendum to A Country Defeated In Victory, but done simply as a historical piece, by The Georgetown Law Journal, Vol. 71:1179, pages 1179-1200, written by Judith A. Shapiro (1983), not me of course. It is a link between A C D I V, and the British Colony paper I did, completely independent, by Georgetown Law University.

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