Answer 23

Things Are Not What They Seem

“Privileges only come from the master.” Privileges and immunities of right, which are those of the Constitution and not of the 14th amendment, are those which trace back to Magna Charta and the common law. For example, the immunity of the wife from testifying against her husband. It is more accurate to say these were concessions of the Sovereign than to say they were grants. After the concessions were made in perpetuity by the King, they became part of the inheritance of every freeman. The privileges and immunities of the 14th amendment are grants to people who have no inheritance of privileges and immunities. The privileges and immunities of the freeman in the English Constitution and the privileges and immunities guaranteed by the Constitution to the citizens in the several States are the inheritance which is cut off by the registration of birth and grant of the false title of citizen of the United States. Privileges and immunities of right come by inheritance not legislative grant.

Jay, I’m sending you this email to stimulate and challenge thought, I include only the above from your email, because it sums up what you had to say, and deals with the issues I wanted to draw attention to. There is however a subject I need to address before going any further. Jesus said, a house not built upon a foundation of truth, will not stand and a house divided against it self will not stand, I’m paraphrasing of course. Jesus was talking about good and evil, truth and deception, however this principle applies to almost every area of life. It certainly applies to government, this is the main reason our government and most governments in the World are in turmoil. This exists for the same reason, in society itself. We are living an illusion of reality, supplied to us, in contradiction to reality. We are taught that we have a Constitutional Republic, enumerated rights in the Bill Of Rights; guaranteed life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, in the Declaration of Independence. If this was reality, our government would not be dysfunctional and in turmoil. This same illusion causes the turmoil in society, people are told they are free, but suffer under a yoke of oppression, they know their is a problem, but can’t put their finger on the problem.

There is a name for the method used to cause this confusion, and turmoil, it is called Brain Washing (mind control). I don’t know if you have ever witnessed this taking place, it is very subtle, its effects complete. I am a former United States Marine, and have seen its effects on myself and my fellow Marines, first hand. A couple of years ago I saw the Commandant of the Marine Corps in front a Congressional hearing say Brain Washing was the method used on all Marines. I was already aware of this being done, but coming from the top, it removed any question or doubt. It took me several years to overcome.

You are no doubt saying what in the world does that have to do with what I wrote about in the above email? Everything. Let me give you an example of how the mind works. Brain washing deals with your core beliefs, not frivolous subject matter. If you have some knowledge of computers, you know that the operating system; I’ll use DOS as an example, is at the lowest level on the hard drive, it is the foundation on which the rest of the data is built and disseminated. The human mind is no different, your operating system is your core beliefs, God, parents teaching, school; with many in this country you can substitute government for God. Before your mind accepts any information, it is first disseminated by your core beliefs and rejected if the information coming in is in conflict with your core beliefs. Just as with hard drive, that is programmed with say DOS 5, all programs installed on the hard drive, have to be accepted by DOS 5 as compatible and not harmful to the operating system. If DOS 5 finds the program your trying to install is in conflict with the operating system, it will be rejected. Likewise, if you input certain information into the human mind during the programming years, you will have predictable behavior by that person, just as with the computer, from birth all the way to the grave.

The only way to change or modify the core beliefs of a human, is to override the existing information with new or modified information, that comes from such a reliable source, the human mind will allow itself to be reprogrammed, causing the belief structure to be changed. Just as the computer will not allow DOS 5 to be upgraded to Dos 6, unless it recognizes it as coming from its creator, microsoft, the most reliable and reputable source as far as the computer is concerned. With a human mind, it depends how far down you are going into the program, and what is the predominant core belief. The core beliefs in place will determine the level of reliability as well as the source of the information needed, before the information will be accepted.

As an example, when you accept Jesus Christ as the Son of God, our redeemer, you must first accept God’s Word as the ultimate authority, only then will the mind created by God Almighty allow itself to be so drastically rewritten. Of course the main change is in your spirit, the real you, however the program of your mind is also changed at its lowest level, changing your behavior and thinking in drastic ways. Once this change in the human program takes place at this lowest level, nothing can change it, because the mind recognizes its creator as the ultimate authority, just as the computer recognizes micosoft as its creator. When God Almighty gave the human mind this ability, it was for our protection, to protect it from outside influence. However, just as any hacker finds ways around the security of a computer program, satan found a back door to corrupt the mind of man, thereby corrupting his spirit. By saying: hath God said? Overriding the program, put in place by God Almighty, by challenging His authority, by placing doubt in the minds of Adam and Eve as to the reputability and ultimate authority of God Almighty. This should help you understand why you, or anyone acts certain ways when presented with new information, in contradiction to your core beliefs, whatever they may be. Patriots have been taught, as a matter of their core beliefs, that the Magna Charta, Declaration of Independence, or the Constitution defines their freedom, who they are, and will fight kicking and screaming, any information that challenges those core beliefs.

Keep in mind, I knew all this before I started writing my book, before I started swimming up stream so to speak. I knew the wall I had to climb and the reaction I would get from “Patriots”. I knew I would get even worse reactions from the average American, who only cares about the one week a year vacation he or she gets, and that they can buy what they want to make life more comfortable. If you will think about it, this is the difference between a patriot (someone questioning governments authority) and the average American. The patriot, because of their exposure to conflicting information, has had his or her program altered, allowing them to be receptive to data that would have earlier been in conflict with their core beliefs. You know yourself months or years before, the same information you now accept as truth would have been disseminated and rejected by your mind, because of your core beliefs your mind would have flagged the information as destructive. It would have been rejected, placed in short term memory, dismissed and forgotten.

Keep in mind I have had to travel this road myself, my beliefs of freedom and sovereignty were no different than yours. I had it drilled into me in school, and as I said earlier, I was completely brain washed in the Marine Corps with selective history. Which is necessary in that setting, you have to know when you tell a man to charge a machine gun nest, meaning certain death, that he will do it without thought, or regard for his life. For God and Country, ever heard that before, the ultimate program for a soldier, which cannot be changed or broken, even with torture, unless the person is painstakingly deprogrammed. What allowed and caused my deprogramming? A replacement of my god government, with God Almighty the highest authority, the author of all knowledge and truth, and quite a bit of time and study.

The correct belief structure is God, Country and family, it has been replaced with, government(god = humanism), money, Country (equals selective history), then family. With this program the taskmasters can expect specific human behavior.

This brings me to your email, not to single yours out, there are thousands out there that would read much the same. Patriots place great importance on the Magna Charta as did I, as an example of men declaring their freedom from the king. Did they have the freedom they presumed they had? Based on what we have been taught, yes. But is that reality? No. I went into this in my book, but again; in 1213 AD, the king of England ceded everything in England to the Pope, including the king’s subjects, making himself a trustee, and collector of a yearly tax (rent) to be paid to the Pope, forever. What did this do? Well it made the Pope a party to any Charter or Treaty entered into by England. Prove it, OK. Read the Magna Charta again, who was to confirm the Charta? Pope Innocent III, did he? Nope. On June 15, 1215 the Magna Charta was signed, on August 24, 1215, Pope Innocent III Declared that the Magna Charta was null and void, [(Geary) 49.3 August 24, 1215 parliamentary origins in England, Internet Medieval Source Book.] The king went back to his old ways shortly there after, believing the document void, to prove this the barons and lords, had to again place the sword to the king’s neck and re declared the Charta in 1297. Did this re-declaration carry any more weight? Well you also mention the British Constitution, since they don’t have a written Constitution, I am sure you are talking about what is referred to as their Constitution, the 1689 Bill of Rights. In that document, they were declaring their freedom from the Catholic Church and the Pope, changing over to Protestantism, also granted more personal freedoms. However, in the last section of that document, they declare that the Bill of Rights would not in anyway overturn any previous Charter or Grant. So the Magna Charta, does not carry the weight we were taught it did. Not that it was a bad document, to the contrary, but it was supposed to be a legal document, also, it cannot be denied it was signed under duress.

The Declaration of Independence, no need in going in to what it says we all know, but just months before, many of our fore fathers made declarations separately or collectively, concerning their loyalty to the king, and willingness to remain subject to him. Even during the War, it was only their desire to have their demands of no taxation without representation met.

The 1783 Paris Treaty, did not include the transfer of minerals claimed in the king’s Charters. Why would the king ceded land, even if he could, when he did not loose the War, his troops never surrendered their weapons, nor his flag; and his Crown and Throne were in no way ever threatened by conquest?

Our 1787 Constitution and Bill of Rights, bypassed by the emergency declaration in 1791 by George Washington and the ceding of power by Congress, to Washington. The Constitution was later conquered and replace by the 1870 Constitution, containing the 14th Amendment. The Conqueror allows the previous government to stay in place and operate under it original law, modified as needed by the Conqueror. The Conqueror allows the inhabitants to exercise rights not in contradiction to the Conquerors Public policy.

1933, bankruptcy of the Corporation, Congress, the elected representatives of the people, had entered into contracts with the Bankers and foreign corporations totaling more than 300 billion dollars, payable in gold, there was only 11 billion in gold in the World, the United States possessed 4 billion, the bankers foreclosed, the debt was passed on to the American people.

May 4, Executive Order 12803, President Bush places all Public property up for sell. The free independent Country, known as the United States is nothing but cannon fodder for the Bankers. Things are not as they seem, perceived realty is not reality, a house divided against itself cannot stand, that is why we are in such turmoil, and it will only get worse. When the illusion, Republican self representative government, in reality is a totalitarian government, turmoil, through political and social unrest are bred by the contradiction. The result is tyranny, via taxation with a police state as enforcer of the Conquerors laws. We have just what God Almighty warned we would have in 1 Samuel chapters 8:10-18, and far worse for God Almighty was speaking of the righteous kings of Israel, with their obvious human frailties.

The conquerors have created an illusion, that seems to be reality, that has no power, but is accepted by the American people as reality; a reality that is in control via. Conquest, and is never seen or understood by the public, remaining in the smoke and mirrors, unless its Public Policy is challenged. The reality maintains its power, through propaganda and mind control, enforcing the publics belief in the illusion. THINGS ARE NOT WHAT THEY SEEM.