Answer 16

Sovereign You Say?


Well, since you know where I have come from in Patriot knowledge and where I have arrived, I won’t be long. My Letter to the President, January 1, 1993, was based on several years of research. It was not so much for the secular world, but a declaration of subjection to Yh-Shua/Jesus Christ. It was also a declaration that I did not want to be a party to fraud, this has not changed. What changed was, five years of further study turning up a subject no one, to my knowledge had seen, or at least reported. The fact being, the United States is Still a British Colony, and that personal freedom never existed, except in the minds of Americans. When I wrote the President and Congress I believed I was free, based on what I had declared and had been taught in public school and what I had read.

If you have not read my research on our being a British Colony still today, you need to, also, the Informer has an excellent book called the New History of America, which you should also read. He and I have laid out the historical facts that prove we were never free, and that the king of England allowed us as a way of deception to believe we were free, in order to enslave us and use us as cannon fodder to help him colonize and make the world British. If you had read my paper I doubt you would be using the word waiver, you would have come to the same conclusions, and would instead use the words, change direction.

The only things that have changed from my letter to the President to this present day is, the fact that now I know no one is a sovereign in this country, and what to do about it. I used to claim I was a sovereign, because of what I now know, I stand corrected. You cannot be a subject, or an enemy under Military Occupation and claim you are a sovereign, not with any honesty and knowledge of the facts. Because we were never free from Britain, how can we be sovereigns? Because of what Yh-Shua did for me I am free in spirit, but the physical body and reality are much different. When Yh-Shua’s Kingdom is in place, those in His Kingdom will be able to say with a certainty we are free.

Let’s say for the sake of argument, you don’t except the fact that we are still subject to England. Let’s say you think this is so far back in time it does not matter, or your declaration to the contrary overcomes your subjection to Britain. Let’s look at a more resent event in history, say just after the Civil War. The Constitution came to an end when Congress re declared War on the South, and then imposed Martial rule, by Military Occupation on the South. Through Military Occupation the Military removed the Republican governments from the States that were lawfully voted into office. Was not a Republican form of government guaranteed to the States by the 1787 Constitution? The same de facto Congress removed the Southern States Representatives from Congress, denying the States suffrage/representation in Congress. Since the Southern States were high Contracting parties to the Trust/Constitution created in 1787, this voided the Corporate Charter. Just as it was not a lawful act for the South to secede from the Union, without the consent of all the State parties, it was not lawful for the Corporation to continue to do business, after removing lawful high Contracting parties from their seats in Congress.

Or, how about when Congress went out of session, without a date certain of reconvening, this is called Sine Die. If that is not enough to remove the 1787 Constitution as a valid document, including the attached Bill Rights, how about the Military Commanders/Generals under direction of the Congress putting in place puppet governments in the States, in order to pass a new federal and State Constitutions. I say Congress not the Commander-in-Chief, because the de facto Congress overrode a lawful Presidents veto, effectively removing and destroying the lawful 1787 Office of President. I say a new Constitution, because the 14th Amendment totally changed the 1787 Constitution. Don’t think so, excuse me, if you and I are sovereigns (I wish it were so), why can’t we challenge the debt the U. S. Congress creates, in the United States courts? I wonder; we can’t sue the government and we do not have the right to question the debt, lets see, sovereign or subject, sounds like a subject to me. Or, how about the fact the Military Occupation and declared Emergency have never come to an end. Military Occupation and its Martial Rule is not a democracy or a republic, it is a Military Dictatorship, with the Commander-in-Chief as the supreme authority of the provisional government.

I am going to send an old letter I sent to a local Sheriff; read the definitions included on Military Occupation, Conquest, Martial Law and Law of the Flag. Under Military Occupation and Conquest, it is defined to be the preferred method to change as few laws as possible so you do not alarm the conquered public. I guess they know most people are ignorant of what goes on around them. Under this condition you go and do as the Commander-in-Chief says, or you are locked up or killed. If as I used to believe God Almighty was standing ready to defeat the government on my or any other Christians behalf, I would say so be it, I’ll go. However, God Almighty said in 1 Samuel 8: “in that day when you cry out for me, I will not hear you”.

I am sure I am probably repeating some of what I said in the email to Rob, but maybe restating it will help.

So in closing I would say show me how as Americans we can win a War that has been waged against us without an Army? Without an Army the only other way is by gorilla warfare, which would not be possible without public support, which absolutely would not exist. If what took place after the Civil War was not bad enough, in 1933, Americans were declared enemies of the powers at be. Show me how to win this war in a Court system controlled by the occupying force, when in the new Constitution, according to the third section of the imposed 14th Amendment; judges, federal, State and local government officials, police officers, or anyone receiving benefits/paycheck from government, are prohibited from giving aid and comfort to the enemy of the Occupying government? How can a judge give you a remedy, when he would violate the public policy, when he has been told he will be removed from office, in the very Constitution he swore to uphold and protect?

So no, I do not waiver, I just do not choose to fight government and God Almighty, or at a minimum fight government without the aid of God Almighty. I also ask you this, do you not fight against God Almighty, when He has declared every jot and tittle of His Word will be fulfilled, and then fight a government that God Almighty is using to fulfill many of His later day Prophesies. We are told how Babylon and the Beast will be destroyed in the book of Revelations and by many of the minor Old Testament Prophets, that deal with this subject. If change were possible, because of the slumber most of America is under, it would have to be done by education, after a financial collapse etc.etc.. Just because the facts dictate this conclusion, does not mean I like it, but it is the hand we have been dealt If you have not read British Colony, Parts I, II and III let me know and I will send them to you.

James Montgomery