Answer 10

Constitutional Fraud

Hello Rob,

I am going to answer your questions, but first I must lay a few things out. I have been out of this system, as much as one can since 1992. I have caused myself a great deal of problems, thinking I was doing the Lord’s will, based on certain scriptures. Such as, you cannot serve two masters, you love one and hate the other, paraphrase, and come out of Babylon, lest you suffer her plagues, paraphrase, just to name a few.

Lets first look at why others and I have felt compelled to come out of this system. Others and I have discovered fraud and deception in our government. Not to mention oppression and great harm to many in this country, via. the IRS and the other alphabet agencies. The greatest problem that I have found is that, not only is the above true, but our history has been covered up, modified by unnamed individuals, to change the course of our government. This goes back to the founding of our country. I am talking about the Charters creating the commercial enterprise we now call the United States. I can prove that we were allowed and encouraged to believe we were free, and that the Declaration of Independence and the Revolutionary War were overturned by the Peace Treaty of 1783, Jay Treaty of 1795, and the Treaty of Ghent 1814.

I can prove our forefathers for the most part were mainly concerned with their holdings in England, and their fortunes that were tied to England, through trading in their businesses. Because of this they conceded to the wishes of the king and allowed him to retain control of his Colonies, but do it in a way that the Colonist would not be aware of. The United States Constitution was just a continuation of the earlier Charters, a continuation of the king’s corporate enterprise.

The states granted certain powers in the 1787 Constitution to the United States government (corporation) it created, and no more. Yet, I can prove as early as 1791 Congress violated the corporate Charter and gave unconstitutional powers to the President, whereby President Washington created District states, by “dividing the states”, his words. Since that time Congress has continued to ceded Congressional powers to the President completing the office of king. Congress is now going to give the President fast track authority to enter treaties, without prior Senate approval.

The biggest fraud and unconstitutional act to take place was during and after the Civil War. Namely the death of the 1787 Constitution, via Congress going out of session, Sine Die in 1861 and the passage of the Fourteenth Amendment. Congress then installed an unconstitutional de facto government, under the disguise of the 1787 Constitution, which forbid their actions. The re-declaration of War against the South, after the Civil War was over, and after they were granted a full pardon by President Johnson, was against the 1787 Constitution and American jurisprudence. Since that time we have had a military government, not a Constitutional government. As soon as Congress went Sine Die as a result of the Southern states removing their representatives from Congress, the United States government had to operate in its military capacity. President Lincoln had to act as Commander-in-Chief, it was the only position left, he could not act as President, all states were not represented in Congress, so the corporation was dissolved. After the Civil War and pardon, the Southern states retook their seats in Congress. The northern states decided they would rather remain a de facto government, because they had more power that way, so they kicked the southern states out of Congress again and demanded the new United States Constitution be ratified by the southern states, before they could be re admitted again for a second time.

The Fourteenth Amendment was not properly ratified, and this is very easy to prove. The Republican governments of the South were kicked out of office by the military district commanders, and puppet governments put in place to pass the Amendment. This is a matter of history, but hardly anyone is aware of it. The fraud has been kept from Americans, by selected history being taught to Americans in the public school system, colored to meet the purpose of the military government and those they work for.

If that weren’t enough, in 1933 all Americans were made enemies of the Bankers, to force us to pay their fraudulent debts, which they created. This brings us to the SS# problem you were asking about. This number has one purpose, to number and identify those responsible for the debt owed to the Bankers, making us chattel property, natural resources, or to be blunt, financial slaves. Even with all this, until recently I had not changed my opinion about coming out of this monetary system. However, because of the nature of our government and its laws, this is not possible. The use of FRN’S is just as binding in maritime contract law, see Law of the Flag, in Bouvier’s Law Dictionary. The physical presence of your body in this country brings you under their military jurisdiction. Remember under the rules of Conquest and military rule, see the same dictionary, you have only the rights granted by the Commander-in-Chief. So to give up a job you have had for 20 years, and violate your oath to your family, to provide for their needs would be wrong and foolish. Why? Because you would not change anything by declaring you do not have a SS# and losing your job.

But even with this knowledge I was willing to endure all, if it was the will of God Almighty that I stay out of this system. After a great deal of prayer and soul searching, the Lord showed me a verse that I had already been aware of years earlier. I had written a paper on the subject of Israel asking for another King, other than God Almighty, 1 Samuel 8.

Last year I was given a speeding ticket and was ready to go to jail if necessary. I believed God Almighty would be there with me to fight my battles, against my enemies, according to Psalms 91 and other verses. I asked the Lord to show me if it was His will for me to fight the system on THIS issue. The Lord brought to mind the verse out of Samuel 8, in that day when you cry out for me, I WILL NOT HEAR YOU. The truth of this blew me away, I was forced to reevaluate positions I have had for many years. God Almighty said, because we rejected Him as King, in that day when the earthly king oppress us He will not help us. If you fight the worldly king, you fight alone, this is suicide and utter futility, which is not the will of God.

We were never free from the yoke of subjection, in regards to the king and queen of England. This brings me to another verse of God’s Word that I based my separation on. If you are subject to a king remain there until the chance of freedom comes, paraphrase. Because I was taught we were freed from the king of England in 1776, I did not feel any obligation to a tyrannical government. However, what God Almighty said in 1 Samuel 8, is controlling so to speak. This is foundation for understanding all scripture on the subject of government, in relation to God Almighty’s children in their relationship to civil government. God’s Word makes it clear that the destruction of Babylon (this system) comes by His hand, not by ours, and not because of our being abused.

So the long and short of it is, we do not have a Constitutional government in which we could separate ourselves from. Because of Conquest and military rule and our later being declared enemies of the government and the Bankers, we are under force of arms. In this condition you will do as you are told or else, I will leave the or else up to your imagination. So to write a letter to the Social Security Administration and declare you no longer have a SS#, means nothing. The only way to retake our Country would be to re-educate our youth, and get them in as many government jobs as possible. At the same time educate as many of the mainstream public as you can. This would be the only way to change anything. It took years to get into this situation, it will take years to get out of it, left to our own doing, without intervention by God Almighty. A small group of people with this knowledge will be denied access to critical government positions, and labeled extremists. The facts are what they are, in the system, or out of the system, the facts of our internment remain the same. I suggest you stay where you are and learn what you can, then teach this information to anyone that will listen, pray and fast for direction.