Answer 9

Comments on the 14th Amendment

I can’t help but look at it in a humorous way. I think of what Curly of the Three Stooges used to say: “I’m trying to think, but nothing happens.” No offense to Mr. Ma….., because the majority of America is in the same condition. I was the same way, until, for the last several years I researched these subjects and had seen with my own eyes convincing proof, that I had not been taught complete history, but selected history. Information concerning our history has been withheld from Americans. Who would think such important facts would or could be withheld from the American People.

So, tell him the reason we are under Martial law/Executive rule is, because the 1787 Constitution was ripped to shreds, by the de facto Yankee Congress. Who, one, passed the 14th Amendment and the Reconstruction Acts without a lawful government, two, overrode the lawful veto of President Johnson, who declared the Acts unconstitutional, three, imposed the Reconstruction Acts and the 14th Amendment on the South, four, then re-declared war on the South after they had received a full pardon from President Johnson, five, removed the states constitutionally elected representatives from Congress, six, removed the lawful Republican governments of the southern states and put in place puppet governments controlled by the military governors, so the 14th Amendment would have the votes necessary to be ratified. Thereby, rendering the 1787 Constitution, which WAS the corporate Charter for the United States to do business, null and void, making it impossible for the United States to continue to do business under their Charter.

This is why a permanent state of Emergency had to be declared, because this was the only other way to rule the country, and keep commerce flowing and keep the public unaware of the change. We have been under a constant state of Emergency since that time. The declared Emergency would allow the President of the defunct corporation to appear to continue to be doing business under the same Charter, with no changes as far as the public knew.

This Emergency rule under the War Powers of the President, also demanded a change in the currency. The 1787 Constitution was voided, which included the burden of Congress to coin our money and remain on the Gold and Silver standard under the corporate Charter. They brought about the money changes over time so as not to alarm the public. Marshal law now ruled the country, the government had to conform to the Banks demands to use Military Script. The law and the money had to change in order for the Courts and government to continue to operate, because now they were governed by the Law of the Flag, maritime law, and the new 1870 Constitution.

Yes there is a new Constitution, thanks to just one of the many unlawful acts of the de facto Congress, which passed the 14th Amendment without the required 2/3 majority in Congress, or the ¾ majority of the lawful states ratifying it. Also, the changes in the law brought about by the 14th Amendment, were directly opposed to the 1787 Constitution it replaced.

Don’t think so. Show me in the 1787 Constitution where the American people and states could not question the debt, in Congress or in the courts. After a few 14th Amendment cases came up, Congress removed this subject matter from the purview of the courts, to keep them from rendering a decision on this matter. The courts will tell you it is a question for Congress and they cannot render a decision for lack of jurisdiction. Congress will tell you there is nothing they can do, it has been the law to long, and it can’t be changed. So as a matter of fact, the 1787 Constitution is dead.

You could also tell him, this could not have happened except for the Bank funding this fiasco to gain control of the country. The Bank could not have come into existence without Washington violating the Constitution and dividing the states into District states, to be legislated over by Congress, under the direction of the President, the CEO and commander-in-chief. This allowed the Insular cases to come about after the packing of the courts. By the Bank loaning large sums of money to any government official they could; they completed their control of the confirmation process of our judges and the electoral process of Congress and the President, giving complete control of our government to the Bank and the foreign interest it represents.

Washington declared a state of Emergency to put down the Whiskey Rebellion, or so he said, in realty it was the only way the Bank could operate in the states. Read your Constitution, Congress already had authority to put down a domestic rebellion, and use the Militias, there was no reason for Congress to give this power to the President, beyond his Constitutional authority. The Bank was chartered in D.C., Congress had exclusive jurisdiction in the District, not the Constitution. Remember, after the second bank Charter ended and could not be re-chartered, in 1837 Biddle obtained a Charter for the Bank in Pennsylvania. This would not have been possible except for President Washington having created District states, which were extensions of D.C..

So technically, you could argue the Constitution was bypassed before the 1870 Constitution was put in place, and administrative law as Mr. Ma….. claims is the law today, was overruled. By the time 1867 rolled around everything was in place, the war and Emergency powers of the President had been tried and upheld by the packed courts, Congress' legislative power over the states in the name of public policy was made complete by the 14th Amendment. As the Tulane Law School said: “The decisions wherein grounds were found for avoiding a ruling on the constitutionality of the Reconstruction Act leave the impression that our highest tribunal failed in these cases to measure up to the standard of the judiciary in the constitutional democracy. If the Reconstruction Act was unconstitutional, the people oppressed by it were entitled to protection by the judiciary against such unconstitutional oppression.” The Dubious Origin of the Fourteenth Amendment, Tulane Law Review, 1953.

You bet your a.. they failed the American people, the judges failed to uphold their Constitutional duty in exchange for paying a debt they owed to those that gave them their rank and privileges. President Johnson failed, because after his veto was overruled, because he was aware the government was being overthrown; he should have cried out to America, informing them of their plight, so Americans of that day could have, while there was still time, thrown out those that would dare commit treason against them.

Is big money and their foreign interest still in control of our system today? Anyone with an ounce of sense sees that the government is permeated with big money, and as recent events have shown also by foreign interest. Our electoral process has been corrupt since the Bank was allowed to contribute to the President, members of Congress and our judges, obligating them to foreign interest. Only those that will do as the big money says will be elected. Only candidates with such credentials are backed, so it does not matter to them what party wins, although, now they can shape public opinion on anyone, to have them elected or defeated, via the press and government propaganda. The people in this country have been lied to and kept in the dark in regards to the true history of the present government.

Tell him everything said above can be proven beyond any doubt, conclusively, it cannot be disputed, we have the documentation. See, The New History of America, written by the Informer which can be purchased from him; and The United States is Still a British Colony, Parts I, II and III.