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No Proof You Say?

James Montgomery wrote: I am not going to waste much time in responding to what has been forwarded to me by a man to cowardly to use his real name. I have included a couple of paragraphs of your email to respond to.


Hello Everyone,

For those of you who know me you know from where I am about to speak for those of you who do not know me, whether you accept what I have to say I can only ask that you check me out.

For the last few weeks I have been receiving this E-mail train trying to explain why we are in such a pickle. While I agree this nation is in a pickle I have found your solutions to be lacking in substance and to be without historical support.

I have sat back and watched, but I believe it is time to chime in and let you all know what I have discovered that the government itself knows and understands.

Unfortunately the ideas you have been is discussing is what has made the so-called patriot movement the laughing stock within the government itself. They know that you are all off base and virtually clueless. And this applies to both James Montgomery and the Informer. I do not know James, but I do know the Informer.

Rebuttal by James Montgomery

I wonder if you would believe substance or historical fact? I can wall paper my walls with historical fact, since that is what the Informer and I base our facts on.

The united states is still a British colony and the 1787 Constitution does not exist. You obviously have not studied our English and American history, because my friend, “I” did not write it.

You, like other Americans will deny anything that challenges the party line or would upset your world. You make a FOOL OF YOURSELF by your misguided admonishment of the informer and myself. We have clear un-refutable proof of the facts we have presented to America, knowing so-called patriots like yourself would be quick to attack us personally. I wasn’t born very long ago, but it wasn’t yesterday. Do you think we woke up one day and said: “lets see how we can make everybody in the U.S. mad at us, or lets make up this incredible story, that will make people respond as you have.”

Wake up, the sun does not rotate around your world, what about truth and as you say historical fact, proven by documents, not just talking the party line, because that was what I was taught, so I will look no further.

Let’s look at some facts, I am not going to deal with the British issue, since you have not excepted a more recent historical fact, the death of the 1787 Constitution.

  1. The Constitution is a contract/charter between the states, creating a corporation called the united States government.

  2. This contract/charter contains the bylaws of the united States, concerning its powers or lack or power, if any part of a contract between the creating parties is broken it dissolves the contract/charter.

  3. The Constitution states clearly enough, that even you could not question its intent; Article IV section 4, The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of government.

  4. If you had studied history you would know, the state governments of the southern states were booted out and un-elected governments put in their place, so the 14th Amendment would be ratified. The U.S. government not only denied a Republican form of government to the southern states, it removed a Republican form of government from them. From this act alone the 1787 Constitution was dead and a new Constitution forced on the southern states.

  5. Article V section 1, and that no state , without its Consent, shall be deprived of its equal Suffrage in the Senate. The Senators of all southern states were kicked out of the Senate, along with the New Jersey Senator.

  6. Not only was the Constitution ripped to shreds by the above unlawful acts but this was a political/military take over. All of the southern states were Democrat and the northern states Republican, the action of the northern states destroyed a two party system, and said you will not only vote as we say, you will also change your state constitutions to read as we dictate.

  7. If this was not enough to destroy the Constitution, these same renegade northern states passed the Reconstruction Acts. These Acts were declared un-Constitutional by President Johnson, a lawful President. His veto was overridden by an unlawful congress, an un-represented government, because 12 lawful Constitutional states were removed by force. A government that no longer had any lawful form as proven above, was trying to do business outside of the charter that gave it life.

  8. I mentioned the Senator from New Jersey, he had taken his seat in the Senate and was properly voted in by his state, he was then removed by an unlawful U.S. government, only represented by the northern states.

  9. The southern states just before the political take over, retook their seats in the House and the Senate, voted and ratified the 13th Amendment, proving they were once again lawful parties to oversee the 1787 Constitution, which also proves they had Republican forms of government, and that these governments were militarily overthrown.

  10. By the above facts a 1787 Constitutional government DOES NOT EXIST, NOR CAN IT, the contract and charter were broken and a new form of government installed by military force, different from the approved 1787 government. This de facto government still exists today only by its military powers and martial rule. The action taken by the northern states was a military coup d’etat. I know you want some historical proof so here it is. If you are man enough to admit that you are wrong, email me with your real name and I will send you all the historical proof you can handle. Don’t accuse the Informer or myself in front of others in an assumed name, of not having proof of what we are saying, or I will assume, as will others that you are a government employee, doing damage control, trying to protect your spineless backside. (paycheck)


Furthermore; on April 2, 1866, President Andrew Johnson issued a “Proclamation” that: “The insurrection which heretofore existed in the States of Georgia, South Carolina, Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi and Florida is at an end, and is henceforth to be so regarded.”

Veto Message of President Johnson, March 2, 1867 “It is plain that the authority here given to the military officer amounts to absolute despotism. But to make it still more unendurable, the bill provides that it may be delegated to as many subordinates as he chooses to appoint, for it declares that he shall ‘punish or cause to be punished’. Such a power has not been wielded by any Monarch in England for more than five hundred years. In all that time no people who speak the English language have borne such servitude. It reduces the whole population of the ten States- all persons, of every color, sex and condition, and every stranger within their limits- to the most abject and degrading slavery. No master ever had a control so absolute over the slaves as this bill gives to the military officers over both white and colored persons….”

“I come now to a question which is, if possible, still more important. Have we the power to establish and carry into execution a measure like this? I answer, ‘Certainly not’, if we derive our authority from the Constitution and if we are bound by the limitations which is imposes.”….

“The United States are bound to guarantee to each State a republican form of government. Can it be pretended that this obligation is not palpably broken if we carry out a measure like this, which wipes away every vestige of republican government in ten States and puts the life, property, and honor of all people in each of them under domination of a single person clothed with unlimited authority?”

“….,here is a bill of attainder against 9,000,000 people at once. It is based upon an accusation so vague as to be scarcely intelligible and found to be true upon no credible evidence. Not one of the 9,000,000 was heard in his own defense. The representatives of the doomed parties were excluded from all participation in the trial. The conviction is to be followed by the most ignominious punishment ever inflicted on large messes of men. It disfranchises them by hundreds of thousands and degrades them all, even those who are admitted to be guiltless, from the rank of freeman to the condition of slaves.”

Veto Message of President Johnson, March 2, 1867 “As a result of these decisions, enforcement of the Reconstruction Act against the Southern States, helpless to resist military rule without aid of the judiciary, went forward unhampered. Puppet governments were founded in these various States under military auspices. Through these means the adoption of new state constitutions, conforming to the requirements of Congress, was accomplished. Likewise, one by one, these puppet state governments ratified the Fourteenth Amendment, which their more independent predecessors had rejected. Finally, in July 1868, the ratifications of this amendment by the puppet governments of seven of the ten Southern States, including Louisiana, gave more than the required ratification by three-fourths of the States, and resulted in a Joint Resolution adopted by Congress and a Proclamation by the Secretary of State, both declaring the Amendment ratified and in force.” Tulane Law Review, The Dubious Origin Of The Fourteenth Amendment. page 36

“Despite the fact that the southern States had been functioning peacefully for two years and had been counted to secure ratification of the Thirteenth Amendment , Congress passed the Reconstruction Act, which provided for the military occupation of 10 of the 11 southern States. It excluded Tennessee from military occupation and one must suspect it was because Tennessee had ratified the Fourteenth Amendment on July 7, 1866. The Act further disfranchised practically all white voters and provided that no Senator or Congressman from the occupied approved by C d States could be seated in Congress until a new Constitution was adopted by each State which would be Congress.

The Act further provided that each of the 10 States was required to ratify the proposed Fourteenth Amendment and the Fourteenth Amendment must become a part of the Constitution of the United States before the military occupancy would cease and the States be allowed to have seats in Congress.” Dyett v. Turner 439 p2d 266 @ 269, 20 U2d 403 “The decisions wherein grounds were found for avoiding a ruling on the constitutionality of the Reconstruction Act leave the impression that our highest tribunal failed in these cases to measure up to the standard of the judiciary in a constitutional democracy. If the Reconstruction Act was unconstitutional, the people oppressed by it were entitled to protection by the judiciary against such unconstitutional oppression.” Tulane Law Review, The Dubious Origin Of The Fourteenth Amendment. page 34 “The adversary or the skeptic might assert that, after a lapse of more than eighty years, it is too late to question the constitutionality or validity of the coerced ratifications of the Fourteenth Amendment even on substantial and serious grounds. The ready answer is that there is no statute of limitations that will cure a gross violation of the amendment procedure laid down by Article V of the Constitution.” Tulane Law Review, The Dubious Origin Of The Fourteenth Amendment. page 43

The following, is an excerpt from Joint Resolution No.1 of the State of New Jersey of March 24, 1868, when they rescinded their prior ratification and rejected:

“It being necessary, by the Constitution, that every amendment to the same, should be proposed by two thirds of both Houses of Congress, the authors of said proposition, for the purpose of securing the assent of the requisite majority, determined to, and did, exclude from the said two Houses eighty representatives form eleven States of the Union, upon the pretence that there were no such States in the Union; but, finding that two-thirds of the remainder of said Houses could not be brought to assent to the said proposition, they deliberately formed and carried out the design of mutilating the integrity of the United States Senate, and without any pretext or justification, other than the possession of power, without the right and in palpable violation of the Constitution, ejected a member of their own body, representing this State, and thus practically denied to New Jersey its equal suffrage in the Senate and thereby nominally secured the vote of two-thirds of the said Houses.”

“The object of dismembering the highest representative assembly in the Nation, and humiliating a State of the Union, faithful at all times to all of its obligations, and the object of said amendment were one- to place new and unheard of powers in the hands of a faction, that it might absorb to itself all executive, judicial and legislative power, necessary to secure to itself immunity for the unconstitutional acts it had already committed, and those it has since inflicted on a too patient people.”

“The subsequent usurpation of these once national assemblies, in passing pretended laws for the establishment, in ten States, of martial law, which is nothing but the will of the military commander, and therefore inconsistent with the very nature of all law, for the purpose reducing to slavery men of their own race to those States, or compelling them, contrary to their own convictions, to exercise the elective franchise in obedience to dictation of a fraction in those assemblies; the attempt to commit to one man arbitrary and uncontrolled power, which they have found necessary to exercise to force the people of those States into compliance with their will; the authority given to the Secretary of War to use the name of the President, to countermand its President’s order, and to certify military orders to be by the direction of the President’ when they are notoriously known to be contrary to the President’s direction, thus keeping up the forms of the Constitution to which the people are accustomed, but practically deposing the President from his office of Commander-in-Chief, and suppressing one of the great departments of the Government, that of the executive; the attempt to withdraw from the supreme judicial tribunal of the Nation the jurisdiction to examine and decide upon the conformity of their pretended laws to the Constitution, which was the Chief function of that August tribunal, as organized by the fathers of the republic: all are but amplified explanations of the power they hope to acquire by the adoption of the said amendment.”

“To conceal from the people the immense alteration of the fundamental law they intended to accomplish by the said amendment, they gilded the same with propositions of justice…”

“It imposes new prohibitions upon the power of the State to pass laws, and interdicts the execution of such part of the common law as the national judiciary may esteem inconsistent with the vague provisions of the said amendment; made vague for the purpose of facilitating encroachment upon the lives, liberties and property of the people.”

“It enlarges the judicial power of the United States so as to bring every law passed by the State, and every principle of the common law relating to life, liberty, or property, within the jurisdiction of the Federal tribunals, and charges those tribunals with duties, to the due performance of which they, from their nature and organization, and their distance from the people, are unequal.”

“It makes a new apportionment of representatives in the National courts, for no other reason than thereby to secure to a faction a sufficient number of votes of a servile and ignorant race to outweigh the intelligent voices of their own.”

“This Legislature, feeling conscious of the support of the largest majority of the people that has ever been given expression to the public will, declare that the said proposed amendment being designed to confer, or to compel the States to confer, the sovereign right of elective franchise upon a race which has never given the slightest evidence, at any time, or in any quarter of the globe, of its capacity of self-government, and erect an impracticable standard of suffrage, which will render the right valueless to any portion of the people was intended to overthrow the system of self-government under which the people of the United States have for eighty years enjoyed their liberties, and is unfit, from its origin, its object and its matter, to be incorporated with the fundamental law of a free people.” (The 14th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States and the threat that it poses to our democratic government, Pinckney G. McElwee, South Carolina Law Quarterly 1959)