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[1] The MYTH and The REALITY who owns UNITED STATES corp55.00
[2] The New History of America – Addendum to New History of America include in price45.00
[3] The Big Lie III68.00
[4] Which One Are You? – The definitive guide to understanding the IRC as it relates to you68.00
[5] Vol. I and I-A – Response to Which One Are You?22.00
[6] Vol. II – Response to Which One Are You?20.00
[7] Would You Like the Constitution as a Source of Rights?15.00
[8] The Big Lie15.00
[9] Works of the Informer10.00
[10] Reality8.00
New Books Compliment Book #1 on Importance
[11] The Little Book – How to get out of being a person / CITIZEN using their statute24.00
[12] Terms Not Words are used in law45.00
[13] Why do you want to be a U.S. National After reading this, do you?15.00
[14] Admiralty and where you least expect it6.00
[15] Admiralty - Why? – Addendum to 14 above4.00

Total for all books 420.00
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