Jury Trials a Myth

Jury trials are a waste of time. There is this Myth that everyone believes a Jury trial is what they want. This is not the case. I would suggest reading Spooner on Jury Trials to see why it is a myth fed the people of America.

Today, Jury Trials are the Courts best choice because they do not have to make a decision and that lets them off the hook where they do not have to address the law of the case. The Jury today are of the mind set that if one comes before them they are forbidden to know the law. In fact they don’t know the corporate statutes, even those under which they come. Their mentality is that they believe Myths all their lives and when a man comes before them, that knows the truth, the Jury Mentality says, “If I gotta pay a tax, so does he. Who does he think he is claiming he is not required to pay the same tax I am paying.“ We find him Guilty because the judge knows the law. We don’t have to concern ourselves with tax law. And he admits he is a US citizen.

The facts of the man contradicts what the judge tells us that the law says everyone has to pay the tax. This is why it does not pay to have a Jury so steeped in myths, the same as You are. All the prosecutor has to do is find another Jury of dumbed down citizens that will convict. Where as, with a Bench Trial, without a attorney, [your worst enemy], the judge would have to make the ruling and there could never be another trial. However, all Judges are bound by their corporate statutes of Private law. And they too will find you guilty UNLESS you present the same argument with conviction and don’t let him sway you one bit.

They, the Judges, are a part of the corporation that is coming after you in tax law. They must protect the corporation at all costs. That is the Myth that The American believes in; that Judges, somehow are there to protect YOUR Natural Rights, that YOU voluntarily gave away when you claimed citizenship of the corporations and went gleefully down to give the appearance of Voting them as Board members of the corporation. Well let me tell you once and for all, You have no Natural Law Rights as a citizen of these private corporations You only have “Privileges and Immunities” that the corporation says you can have when you left the status of MAN for the slave ship of PERSON. I suggest you read the article of mine on PERSON.

Evidence the Bob Kahre case in Nevada. The Prosecutor went after him again even though the first jury “acquitted” him before of 107 counts, knowing he could get another Jury to convict and they did just convict him in August of 2009.

The same thing happened in the Whitey Harrell case in Ohio. After having juries not convict him more than once, the Corporation of Ohio kept on seeking a jury and finally got one to convict him. You see a Jury Trial does not insure you will never be convicted later, as it does not set a “legal” precedent as it would with a judge making the decision. So you would save attorney fees when putting yourself in jail. Let me say this, even though I might sound like a Broken Record. There are no neutral Courts in America that adjudicate Natural Law. They are all private corporate courts of the private corporation that is charging you, the member of that corporation, for violating the private statutes you agreed to be bound by when taking on the Character of a citizen of that corporation and reside in that contract you agreed to.

Many people, believing they can create the so called “Common Law Courts” are sadly mistaken. How can a member of the corporation, who agreed to all the private law statutes of Title 26, Create a common law court, that will rule against that private law statute. Just because the people creating this Private common law court are still the US citizens and do not like to pay taxes? That is why the corporation has every right to take down all the private “common law courts” they can destroy, as that upsets the corporation to no end. “How dare these corporate citizens create a court on their own that has no legal status whatsoever and try to circumvent the statutes they agreed to follow when they became a member by association of the corporation,” is what races through the minds of the system officers and partly through the minds of all brainwashed juries.

Let me put it to you this way so you can understand. You go to work for GM corporation. You accept the GM Policy of a pay you agreed to, lunch time, and all the times of starting work and stopping work, agree to wear hard hats or safety glasses, etc, etc. You are locked into corporate policy. You are an employee of GM. Ok, you and a bunch of other GM employees decide you don’t like one aspect of the policy so you create your own court. The GM, being a corporation allowed to operate by the State, another corporation, uses the state courts as the place to settle disputes. Your group does not like the courts because they always seem to side with GM so you create a common law court of your own making, so you will get what you want and claim they can’t do what they are doing to you because you have Rights. So can you see that GM can ignore anything that issues from the Common Law court? You and other employees created the court and then the parent corporation called the State steps in and charges you all with a crime of creating a court when you were still an employee of GM and your original contract with GM binds you and nullifies the common law court you created.

You, in legal TERMS are a Resident and a GM citizen in contract and you are trying to break that contract. However let’s put the shoe on the other side. If you were not in contract with GM; you were not a employee of GM in contract: Then what would you be to GM? You would be NOT a “RESIDENT” in contract with GM therefore you would be a Alien. Now can GM tell you what time to go to work and what time to quit? Can they say you can take your lunch at 12 to 1? Can they say you have to wear a hard hat or glasses? No! because you are a non-resident Alien to their contract. Are you starting to see why the Corporation of the United States went at length to use Non Resident Alien so copiously in their Private corporate Statute or 26 USC and in their regulations? It is so in sight that all so-called patriots miss it totally. I have written a book called, Which One Are You, back in 1990 explaining this. Only three people used what was in the book and all three are free from the IRS. Imagine that of all the 1000 books sold and the three thousand pirated copies only three people besides me, took what was in the book and applied it. This is how uneducated the American is. They still believe in MYTHS galore, and this, and their ignorance, allows the Private corporations to exist and glide smoothly along. My new book explains the private corporate structure and includes these quotes to explain the Mentality of the American, and yes those of you that read this. The quotes in The Myth and the Reality are;

“When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.” Dresden James

“Reason and Ignorance, the opposites of each other, influence the great bulk of mankind. If either of these can be rendered sufficiently extensive in a country, the machinery of Government goes easily on. Reason obeys itself, and Ignorance submits to whatever is dictated to it.The Rights of Man by Thomas Paine

So now you know why the second quote allows the private corporation to exist and put everyone in jail for being a member of the corporation and bucking their own system they agreed to in the first place by claiming they (You) created the contract for the Private corporation called United States or State, to exist. Putting the cream on the cake is calling yourself a State or US citizen that the corporate Judge says, Yes, that you are and that’s why you are guilty as charged.

Who is required to file in 26 USC 6011? Why of course YOU. Wait a minute, you say, that’s not the liability statute. Sure enough it is not. So what is the liability applied to? To the US citizen called a PERSON of course. Then you lose status of Man and become the corporate artificial PERSON that makes himself liable under the 26 USC cites that are used against you because, You all agreed to abide by them as Citizens of the corporation. See 26 CFR 1.1-1

And what did the Judge tell this woman why she was guilty of a tax crime? He spells it out so clear that it is in plain sight, yet patriots to the last one never see it. I plead with this woman for three months not to claim US citizenship and even sent her a Which One Are You book free of charge. She would not listen and just had to be this US citizen that created “government” and she can’t be taxed as a sovereign. The decision of that case is posted in the book, The New History of America.

The Informer
August 2009