How the Government Got You in Its Clutches, Slave

You did it to yourself through citizenship that you claimed because you were told to be a citizen all your life by the public fools system, or what they call the public school system.

Little known to most people, but practiced every day in the public fool system by the children, till they knew it by heart is the pledge of allegiance. At all ceremonies outside the school people recite the pledge of allegiance by rote and frown on anyone near by that don’t. It is so ingrained in the people, I call them slaves, and rightly so. To be polite, you/they are servants of the Master no doubt about that.

I had written many articles on on why, but very few heed what is written and yet they still whine and complain and say how they (government) can do that to us because we have God given rights, that they can’t do that. MY and I cap MY, for a reason. It’s MY (your) constitution because I (past lineage) created government and we are the rulers. Well sadly that myth has been fostered on us by those in power and no “we” did not create any government nor did the people ever create any written document called a constitution and I do go into that in other articles. I made it more evident in my book called The New History of America. The last article I wrote on citizenship had reference to allegiance. I will wager that went right over peoples' heads whether educated or not. It’s not something people have in the back of their minds. Well let me say that it is a big deal and should be in the back of every ones minds. Here is an article that came across the Internet today that will bring into perspective what you are about to read from Black’s Law 2nd Ed. The small portion of the government propaganda from Statement of Nathan J. Hochman, Tax Division’s Assistant Attorney General, Announcing Creation of the National Tax Defier Initiative.

April 8, 2008
– are these few sentences –

130 million Americans voluntarily engage in this ritual every year. These individuals participate because they know that with the privileges (what privileges?) that the United States has given them come the responsibilities and obligations of citizenship. Former Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes' saying states it best: “Taxes are what we pay for a civilized society."

Now how did you get privileges and where did those God given rights go? Well we shall see below what you did to yourself. Now if you will, find the passage in the bible where the people wanted a King and the Lord, who was their King said; if you leave me and cling to a King I cannot help you. Or close to that. He said you can’t have two Masters, it’s Me or Mammon. What did the Lord Almighty want? He wanted Allegiance. That’s it, plain and simple. So let’s see why you no longer have any “God given rights” you claim to have, right from the government’s own Law book and if you don’t think so, you are sadly mistaken. I do highlight these words that enslave you and the god given rights you tossed out the window when taking away allegiance to the Lord and gave it to your new master, willingly I might add. And if this WAS REALLY a Christian Nation, why did we give up total allegiance to the Lord Almighty and let a bunch of Mammon creates a new religion, give it a constitution and say Join us as we are your new savior. Give us the allegiance when becoming a member of our church and we will give you all the privileges (because we can’t give you rights the Lord gave you, under their breath) that you will ever need and protect you, but it will bear a huge cost laid upon you. We will create so many laws you won’t know what to do when we attack you for wanting out of your slavery you so willing entered into that our con job which we wrote won’t help you out of your willing slavery in your total allegiance we request of you.

Blacks Law 2nd Edition

ALLEGIANCE. By allegiance is meant the obligation of fidelity and obedience which the individual owes to the government under which he lives, or to his sovereign in return for the protection he receives. It may be an absolute and permanent obligation, or it may be a qualified and temporary one. The citizen or subject owes an absolute and permanent allegiance to his government or sovereign, or at least until, by some open and distinct act, he renounces it and becomes a citizen or subject of another government or another sovereign. The alien, while domiciled in the country, owes a local and temporary allegiance, which continues during the period of his residence. Carlisle v. U.S., 16 Wall. 154, 21 L. Ed. 426; Jackson v. Goodell, 20 Johns. (N.Y.) 191; U.S. v. Wong Kim Ark, 169 U.S. 649, 18 Sup. Ct 456, 42 L. Ed. 890; Wallace v. Harmstad, 44 Pa. 501.

“The tie or ligamen which binds the subject [or citizen] to the king [or government in return for that protection which the king [or government] affords the subject, [or citizen."] 1 Bl. Comm. 366. It consists in “a true and faithful obedience of the subject due to his sovereign.” 7 Coke, 4&. Allegiance is the obligation of fidelity and obedience which every citizen owes to the state. Pol. Code Cal. § 55. In Norman French. Alleviation; relief; redress. Kelham.
Local allegiance. That measure of obedience which is due from a subject of one government to another government, within whose territory he is temporarily resident.
Natural allegiance. In English law. That kind of allegiance which is due from all men born within the king’s dominions, immediately upon their birth, which is intrinsic and perpetual, and cannot be divested by any act of their own. 1 Bl. Comm. 369; 2 Kent, Oomni. 42.

In American law. The allegiance due from citizens of the United States to their native country, and also from naturalized citizens, and which cannot be renounced without the permission of government, to be declared by law. 2 Kent, Comm. 43- 49. It differs from local allegiance, which is temporary only, being due from an alien or stranger born for so long a time as he continues within the sovereign’s dominions and protection. Fost. Cr. Law, 184.

Now do you all see how you are mere slaves, serfs, subjects, whatever you want to call yourselves? Your questions are all answered here. Now all the religions and their preachers are in on this because they all know we were supposed to owe complete allegiance to the Lord Almighty and none other. That’s why the preachers are serving the state and mammon with being false preachers that The Lord mentioned in the Bible. No one reading this is then a true Christian despite your rants and raves you are. If you have a Constitution, if you created government, if you are a citizen of the State or United States, then you are not a citizen of the household of the Lord Eph 2:19, and abide by His Laws, are you? To whom do you owe allegiance, The Lord or the master called the US or state? Don’t you say you are a citizen of so and so state even if you don’t claim US citizenship? Well let me tell you the states are mere territories of the United States and as such it makes no difference you owe no allegiance to the Lord Almighty. Don’t believe me? Try renouncing very publicly your allegiance to either State or United States and see what happens as stated in Black’s definitions above. Don’t they say “which cannot be renounced without the permission of government, to be declared by law.

The Informer
April 2008