Flawed Redemption Process

18 USC Sec. 514 [01/06/97]
Sec. 514. Fictitious Obligations Statute

Taking Section 514 you can turn it around and use it on any government official, employee or the employee of the IRS to charge them under this section for failing to list the contract with the signature obligating the American, when they file a lien on the American,

I draw an analogy that even an eighth grader can understand. You don’t have to go through a lot of gobble-de-gook of law to understand. You buy a 1500-dollar refrigerator from Sears under a contract to pay in 90-day cash. You sign the slip, they keep a copy, and you keep a copy. Sears delivers to your house. 90 days comes and you didn’t pay. Sears now sends you a notice, commercial law you know, same as IRS operates under. You either ignore the letter or respond saying you will pay. Step one is done. Sears sends you a second letter. Same thing happens as in step one. Sears now sends you a third notice and demand to pay. Now step three is satisfied. Just like IRS does. Sears now goes to the county where you live and files a UCC-1 Form. One of two processes is required.

#1 The UCC-1 must contain the debtors signature and the creditors signature. Well Sears knows you are not going to sign that Form.

#2 The Form states that a bill, contract, must be presented containing the debtors signature before filing can occur. Sears has that contract you signed 180 days ago so Sears attaches the evidence to the UCC-1 Form and it is filed. This VERIFYS Sears Claim. Now Sears, (United States) can take you to court anytime it wants or send a collection agency (IRS) to hound you. Sears (United States, AKA Congress) can get a court judgment against you without your having to appear in court because you have been given the due process afforded under contract law. Sears can show the contract bearing your signature. Can the United States? Sears can show evidence of a 30-day letter, the second 30-day letter and the final 30-day letter, all totaling 90 days past the 90 days you agreed, by contract you would pay.

No, you cannot claim lack of due process under contract law because you did not have a court hearing. Sears created it’s own court administratively and you failed to respond or responded incorrectly.

Now what does the IRS have to file with the county recorder if you won’t go and sign the UCC-1 Form? Has the IRS this VALIDATION document that allows the County Recorder to file the Notice of Lien? Hey, you are big people and can figure it out for yourself, can’t you? Ahhh, I see a lot of complicity with the IRS and County Recorders lighting up so that not only Section 514 can be used, but EXTORTION, FILING FALSE AND FRAUDULENT DOCUMENTS INTO THE PUBLIC RECORD, SLANDER OF TITLE, and any other cogent law that you can find in State law.

Now use this same principle in the Redemption scam. Yes, it is a scam. #1 You cannot contract with your self, is the maxim of law.

#2 Do you have a signed contract with the debtor, the alter ego you, that IRS says exists? Now you know why you can’t file a UCC-1 on the alter ego debtor.

#3. You “accept for value” the debt the IRS laid on this alter ego.

What you have just done is verify the IRS has a claim and in accepting for value you just made yourself a surety for that 1500 dollar refrigerator. Geeze, just look it up in the UCC – it’s right there. Now you must pay that and Sears (IRS) can make you pay it. IRS now has your signature verifying what they could not legally file, – remember the contract bearing your signature that you signed for at the Sears store? You, in doing this Redemption crap just helped the IRS overcome the illegality of their flawed Lien process. It is all in the UCC if you took the time to read it ALL, instead of blindly following the blind who did not research far enough.

Will people ever learn? No, because everyone is looking for that silver bullet that is handed to them on a silver platter. There ain’t no such two animals existing. No one wants to tax their brain, and as a result, for decades upon decades people go to jail, lose their property for failing to do their own research after we researchers have warned of such things. If it sounds to easy and too good to be true, 99 percent of the time it is nothing for nothing but heartache.

The Informer