To Make You Think Series #15

On everybody’s Individual Master File that we have checked there exists codes. Two codes in particular have been deciphered to mean that your money taken by IRS goes into either codes. These codes are for Trusts. Just what are these trusts, we wondered. Well, from a book printed in 1924 we find the answer.

We all have known that the international bankers control Congress, the Executive and have written in to the Federal Reserve Act a provision that protects these international bankers. Who are these International bankers and where did they come from? The book describes in detail the answers to these questions. The Bank of England, created in 1694, controls every bank in this country. Strangely enough the King or Crown has no control over this Bank of England. That is right, the Bank has control of the Crown also.

What was created in this country was a Money Trust. From the minutes of the Committee on Banking and Currency of the Senate, Saturday August 1,1914 comes these quotes:

From Mr. Warburg, who was nominated to the Federal Reserve Board, is his statement in answering a question put to him, “Well, the Aldrich bill brings the whole system into 1 unit while this deals with 12 units and unites them again into the Federal Reserve Board.”

Here Warburg is stating that the Aldrich bill and the Federal Reserve Act are fundamentally the same. Thus it is admitted before a committee of the U.S. Senate that Woodrow Wilson, as President of the U.S., adopted this despicable subterfuge of creating 12 Federal Reserve Banks in the place of one and then united them in the Federal Reserve Board, thus deceiving and betraying the American people into the hands of a legalized “Money Trust,” so said T. Daniel Cushing. In the same Senate Committee Mr. Warburg describes just who is this Money Trust.

Here is who ran the country in 1914; not the Congress or the President’s executive; they are

“This Committee reports that a Money Trust exists in this country composed of J.P. Morgan and Co., The First National Bank of New York, The National City Bank of New York, The First National Bank of New York, Lee Higginson and Co. Of Boston, New York, Kidder, Peabody and Co. Of Boston and New York, and New York, Kuhn, Loeb and Co. Of New York.”

Thus Mr. Cushing had read the Committee Reports which in essence stated that the Federal Reserve Act embodies and enlarges the Bank of England scheme of creating debts without lending money. The fact being that the Government cannot issue a dollar under this act, or even a federal reserve note, unless a bank borrows it on a debt already created against the borrower; and this note is itself a debt, not money, being redeemable at the United States Treasury, by the people in gold. Thus the Federal Reserve notes are issued for and entirely controlled by Banking Corporations organized for private gain, and are in no sense Government notes issued in the interest of the people.

Are you getting a better picture when I wrote The New History of America which sheds light on this fact? A hidden fact is that after Congress created this abomination called the Federal Reserve, which consisted of people tied with the Bank of England, the Bank of England was appointed by the Federal Reserve Board, in December, 1916, as its agent, through the influence of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, the central bank of the system, of which Benjamin Strong was the Governor.

So now what we have is that banks prefer Government bonds over all other forms of debts as they give a mortgage upon the government itself and the national taxing power collects the interest and guarantees the payment of the principal. You my dear friends are taxed because of these notes that are your promise to pay the mortgaged Congress, way before 1933 ever happened. To prove this, Mr. Cushing, who wrote this book I am quoting from, called Real Money vs False Money โ€“ Bank Credits, has the copy of the actual Contract between J.P. Morgan & Co., August Belmont & Co. And Messrs. N.M. Rothschild & Sons, London, England, and the United States Treasury, dated February 8, 1895. This contract goes all the way back to July 14, 1870 and takes control and changes every law made on money from that point on.

So you are asking why am I taxed by the United States through a private collection agency called the IRS and on the back of my canceled check it says pay to the Federal Reserve Bank to THE CREDIT of the United States?

Here is your answer quoted from Cushing’s book.

“The representatives of the American people in Congress assembled chartered national banks, virtually telling them (for the result demonstrated it), “We will issue to you millions of first mortgage bonds upon the property of the people of the United States and pledge the SERVICES and ASSETS OF ALL THE PEOPLE to redeem at par with interest, and in order that you may pay for them without inconvenience will allow you to deposit them in the United States Treasury, still draw your interest on them, and the Government will allow you to issue 90 percent of the money it will require YOU TO PAY FOR THEM, and we will make your national bank notes absolutely good, by agreeing to redeem them at par.” (Emphasis mine)

Here is your income tax for the privilege of using private debt notes. Reread the above quote and note that the “national bank notes” are not federal reserve notes but United States notes. Cushing states then,

“As a matter of fact, when you say that a bank note, a silver certificate, or any kind of promise to pay, has to be redeemed in something else โ€“ for instance gold โ€“ before it becomes a legal tender to pay a debt, it simply means that debts are issued as a circulating medium instead of real money.”

People, contrary to what you believe, gold and silver ARE NOT REAL MONEY, although they could be money.

Real money is the “DOLLAR.” And until you can understand this you will forever be lost. Money can be anything. It can be corn, sheepswool, gold, silver, acorns, water or anything of value. As Cushing states, “It is, as a matter of fact, a unit of merchandise. . .mere merchandise fixes the purchasing power of the dollar." As to gold being the dollar?

Cushing states,

“I will now show that this is an absolute fallacy and will first prove that the unit of value in the United States is the DOLLAR and not the 25.8 grains of gold in the dollar.” Cushing then goes into The Act of Congress April 2, 1792 and also into Section 20 which is to lengthy to put here. At the end of his dissertation on the subject he states, “This act establishes $1 as the legal unit of value in the United States and then says that when gold is coined into a dollar or money unit it shall contain 25.8 grains of gold, and this gold shall be weighed according to the standard weight used at the mints before being coined into money units or dollars. ….I will now prove that the dollar puts the value into gold and not the gold the value into the dollar. .

Fix the basic fact in mind, that value depends upon demand. . . . To make it more explicit and so plain that no man can refute it, the lawful money of the United States is created by the sovereign power of its people, each dollar of money unit is complete in itself; each has the same value, the same purchasing and debt-paying power; their equality or parity is necessarily the same, as each has its redemption alike in all the property and services of the people without discrimination. . . .In conclusion, I would impress upon the mind that a dollar is not a debt, but a redeemer of debt; therefore one dollar should not be redeemed in another dollar.

This is an invention of the money lender and manufacturer of debts: A reversal of all sound ideas of finance that ever existed. It is based on the absurdity that a dollar is a debt. A dollar has never been a debt. [REMEMBER PEOPLE HE IS NOT TALKING ABOUT A FRN HERE] A dollar has never been a debt. It is not made for redemption, but is made to be a redeemer.

If the paper dollar is treated as a debt, then the gold dollar must be treated as a debt, else the one dollar is not at a parity of function with the other dollar; then one has the quality that the other does not posses, and the two dollars are not treated on equal terms. There is no sound and stable money system unless every money unit in that system is legally equivalent to every other money unit.”

These you have but a small portion of this 338 page book. This proves that the FRN is not money in any sense of the word although it buys things of value it is a debt passed along. It has to be taxed to retake the over production of FRN’s that lead to inflation. It the reason the “Money Trust” must tax it’s notes for their use because the contract entered into by the Congress took away Congress’s right to remain sovereign. That is why they cannot audit or get rid of a private corporation based in London, England that controls every bank in America.

Now, Do You Know Who the Real Enemy Is?

I hope so. Those people in the background are the real movers and shakers and it is evident because in Cushing’s book he states quotes and documented evidence on how the Bank of England, through those in the Money Trust control the president of the U.S., the Congress because they got Congress to pass a section in the Federal Reserve Act that absolutely protects the bankers and destroys the people through their taxing power on their private notes.

If there is enough interest I will write more. But I don’t believe there is enough interest.

Why? Because there has been little interest in all the phone taxes that you pay that can amount from 15 to 75 dollars a month. A man in North Carolina was disgusted and is doing something about it, It is on a web page - Following the directions and writing to the Commission address and asking for the complaint and attendant exhibits is like handing to you on a silver platter all that is needed to institute a suit in your state against any phone company. All the taxes are non-constitutional and have no basis to exist. They are all administrative taxes and not authorized by Congress.

I have come to the conclusion that people like to be treated like slaves and chattel property of the corporations who are nothing but pawns of the banking cartel. It’s all in Cushing’s book how corporations and banking run American’s lives, over which Congress has no control.

One last dig into your mind is this quote from the book in which is a reply from the Bank of England.

“Reply of the governor of the Bank of England to our National Monetary Commission, 1910.

"The Bank of England regulates the conditions under which the trade of the country is carried on, and imposes a charge on the trade of the country for legitimate accommodations."

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