You have a fundamental misunderstanding of the appellate level of courts. The US Supreme Court and SC Supreme Court – and any other appellate court – does not sit as “judge, jury and interrogator alike.” The appellate courts simply hear the legal (not factual) issues before the court and determine whether the trial court properly applied the law to the facts found by the jurors.

It is a matter of fundamental fairness to all concerned that jurors sit and listen to the proceedings presented to them in open court. If a party failed to properly present the facts and relevant factual principals to the jury during the proceedings, that is their choice and it is the party’s own fault. As for whether the jurors know the persons involved in the case, each party to the suit has the opportunity and the right to question the potential jurors and thus weed them out before trial. You don’t see that process on TV or in the movies. Why? Because it is sure not exciting.



In reading his comments He has no clue whatsoever what a real jury of your peers is. They are not to be weeded out because that’s how the bar attorneys want it. They don’t want real juries as Spooner said. Real juries are people, MEN and WOMEN not persons, that know the defendant personally. Not from all over the county that are not your immediate neighbors and friends. That’s how brain washed people are to believe everything the criminal corporate system is because there are no judicial courts ever convened.

They are all commercial statute staple courts plying the international law of Hammurabi to you. There has never been a natural law court ever convened in America, ever. Therefore the appeals courts only look to statute corporate law and nary a one even knows what natural law is and being the lower courts are not natural law there can only be statutes of corporate nature that appeals courts look at and all juries are commercial corporate citizens. End of story as the appeals courts look at it that way. You are screwed by corporate law. The premise is you are a citizen, you act like a citizen, you use constitutional law as a citizen would.

You admit you are a person of commercial artificial character and not a man that you have never stated otherwise, so with all the latches attending you are a corporate citizen and then and only then the jury consisting of other corporate persons are your peers and they can come from all over the state in their corporate capacity to judge another corporate person.

Oh do they ever have the slaves brainwashed.

The Informer