What About George Gordon?


Thanks for the link. I started to look at it and I see where it is going, but I’ll watch in full later today. I appreciate that.

I just discovered a guy this week named George Gordon and was wondering if you have an opinion about his stuff. He doesn’t have a ss# or any of the other things to tie one to This State, but, unlike you, he thinks the Founding Fathers were great people. So I wonder if his material might be flawed? He practices the Mosic Law in its entirety he declares.

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This my opinion only as we all have opinions.

Yes he is way off base in a few areas and he does not know about the Pope controlling him. The CEO’s of the United States Corporation keep the fraud and myth’s going. I would venture to say that 99 percent of the Americans do not know the role the Vatican plays in their lives or even that it exists. I personally know Gordon and he is the problem. Because of his ignorance many people have suffered under him when following his lead. His beliefs in the con job is his Achilles heel and he does not know it. As the Cognitive Dissonance in him is so great he will never be free. He, like some other patriots I know can operate in their area alone. But step outside that area and they are dead meat. I asked one well known Patriot on the west cost to come back east, I would put him up at my place and he can then drive all over without registration licence and insurance and smoking his pot to show me how he does it in his tiny area. Without getting arrested. He refused and made so many excuses why he could not come back east, that it was very evident he did not trust his work outside that niche he carved out for himself. There are a lot, and I do mean a lot of totally ignorant Guru’s out there that believe in the con job and “government” that it sends them all to jail sooner or later and they still believe in the myth that they formed government, they are sovereign, they put congress there to protect their rights and there is common law. That’s what Gordon grew up believing all this crap. There are some people the corporations do not bother because it wastes their time to go after them because they have not suckered enough people to be a problem and they don’t preach The Lord Almighty’s words so that it threatens the Vatican. That’s why the Vatican took out the Waco clan as it went directly against the Vatican’s doctrine. Yes, Janet Reno is obligated to the black Pope because he controls all attorneys. You see the Vatican is Luicifer’s domain here on earth and they have the sole obligation to destroy the words of the Lord Almighty so they can remain in control. In their organizational structure Lucifer is listed at the top of the heap controlling them all. (see attachment)

This is where a lot of people that say the “government” is the works of the devil. But all they have to do is educate themselves, stop believing in myths fed them for 221 years and they can see how to stop the Vatican from ruling their lives and sucking their labor from them with their worthless debt notes that they believe is real money. Even the guy John Harris does not mention the Vatican ’s Black Pope. But Harris is right on point on the corporation of England. Same as here. But like Gordon he too believes in a King and Queen of England. They are so smart in some areas and so ignorant in others that are more important to understanding who owns you and all your possessions forever that it is mind boggling. Let this play out and you can pick up on John Harris’s ignorance. Near the end I think you see he is protecting the King, like Gordon and others protect the con job and do not know they are the myth that keeps them in slavery to the corporations. John Harris - It’s an Illusion. John mention’s Black’s Law not knowing it is a speciality law dictionary controlled by the Pope for this reason of the use of words and terms. John still does not know that there is a, as he puts it “a massive difference”. Go here to see what the Informer wrote that most patriots cannot understand. TERMS not WORDS. You see even they might read it but yet they cannot comprehend the written word and terms staring them right in the face saying “here we are dupe, don’t you see how we screw you, cause all you understand is words and no legalese of terms at all?”

As to Gordon declaring he lives under Moasic Law? No, he defied The Lord’s law in the past in his personal life that I will not go into. So he says The Law of Moses he follows and ignorant people think it’s the law of Moses and Gordon is safe, or so he thinks, in his declaration. Does he tell anyone this? Did you know what he meant, now that you see the definition here? Here is what Mosaic law is http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_is_the_Mosaic_Law_Covenant.

The Informer