Why No Borders


It becomes clearer & clearer, makes perfect sense with what you discovered concerning the presidents.

Nevermind defining now the kicker is the State, what State? N.C. could only come from the original “State” – Virginia Charter. Since this is a geographical reference should it say this State?

Since State means Estate there can only be one Estate.

Try this one: This State is what you found the administrative. How about The State is and has always been Virginia. So when they say the State of N.C. could they be saying the Estate of Virginia. Have to print this one out and think about it.



Well there are no borders in NC that’s for sure. In the archives we found no other states in the south had borders and it’s even in the NC Constitution. Here is what the Con job stated and direct quote:

Article XIV


Sec. 2 State Boundaries. The Limits and boundaries of the State shall be and remain as they are now.

So yes, they still are the same Virginia company boundaries that existed in the early 1600’s before they fractured and became British Colonies of 13 separate divisions of the Virginia company, a corporation. They still remained corporations. When they decided to break away from the mother corporation they were known as the “daughter corporation”. That phrase is right in the old history books I researched. So in order to stop this the big three decided to create a sub-corporation from the Virginia Company and called it the United States and all the corporate colonies that were Estates of the British Empire that the Pope actually owned, became known as States well after the 1776 drafting of the colonies first Constitution. In fact after the first Constitution was adopted by New Jersey, yes it said adopted because the people only adopted it; they did not create it. Right in the body of the Adopted July 3rd, 1776 Constitution of New Jersey, they stated on the second page which was page 600 this;

This Constitution was amended by the General Assembly September 20, 1777, by substituting the words “state” and “States” for “colony” and “Colonies”.

The Constitution of 1776 continued in force until superseded by the Constitution of 1844 which became effective on September 2, 1844, as provided in paragraph 4 of Article 8 thereof. Para. 4 Article 8 just says it will take effect Sept. 2, 1884.

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